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A family history from roots in the Isle of Axholme to places and events (some mythical) over time and across the globe. Free to Join to add to and update the tree. Please donate if you benefit from the site. We welcome all who feel an affinity to this site. Red1st has been growing for 10 years and administered by Adrian Oates.

THE ISLE OF AXHOLME at the heart of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire:
The Isle of Axholme before drainage by Vermuyden 1626

Legend records a Kingdom of Axholme as an independant state under King Ornulffsson during the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy before Alfred 'the Great' united the English against Viking invasions in about 880. After the Norman conquest of 1066, the Manors of Epworth, Belton, Haxey, Owston, Crowle, Althorpe, Luddington, Burnham and Lound,that is the whole of The Isle of Axholme were given to Geoffrey de la Guerche (Wirce), together with the Manors of Blyborough, Gainsborough and Somerby. The Pilgrim Fathers led by William Brewster left their roots in Axholme arriving in America aboard The Mayflower in 1621, and their marriages link to the first Presidents of the USA George Washington and John Adams. In 1626 Charles I contracted Dutch engineer Cornelius Vermuyden, later knighted, to drain the Isle so that todaywe find the Isle land-locked between the major towns of Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Gainsborough. From these ancestors many descendants and relatives now reside around the world. You will find many of them here on our site.

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