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Ethelred (Æthelred) II'the Unready', King of England

Ethelred (Æthelred) II'the Unready', King of England

Male Abt 967 - 1016  (~ 49 years)

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Edith, Princess of England Female
Edward'the Exile', Ætheling, Prince of England Male
Elflaed Female
Edgar'the Outlaw', Ætheling Male
Christina, Nun of Romsey Female
St. Margaret, Queen consort of Scots Female
Malcolm III'Big Head (Máel Coluim)''Canmore' MacDonnchada, King of Scots Male
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Agatha of Germany Female
Edmund, Prince of England Male
Hedwig, Princess of Hungary Female
Edmund II'Ironside', King of England Male
Ealdgyth (Edith), Queen consort of England Female
Gospatric, Lord of Carlile & Allendale Male
FitzEdmund Female
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Maldred Male
Eadgyth (Edith), Princess of Northumbria Female
Maldred MacCrínáin, King of Cumbria, Lord of Carlisle and Allerdale Male
Eadwulf, Earl of Bernicia Male
Ælfgifu, Princess of England Female
Uchtred'the Bold' of Northumbria, Earl of Northumbria Male
Æthelstan, Prince of England Male
Ecgbert, Prince of England Male
Eadgar, Prince of England Male
Wulfhild, Princess of England Female
Ulfcytel'Synlling', Earl of East Auglia Male
Ealdorman of East Anglia Male
Unknown, Queen of Ringmere Female
Athelstan, King of Ringmere Male
Eadward, Prince of England Male
Unknown, Princess, Abbess Female
Edwig, Prince of England Male
Eadgyth (Edith), Princess of England Female
Edric'Streora', Earl of Mercia Male
Eadred, Prince of England Male
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Ethelred (Æthelred) II'the Unready', King of England Male
Ælfgifu (Aelflaed) Gunnarsson, Queen consort of England Female
St. Edward'the Confessor', Last Cerdicingas King of England Male
Eadgyth (Edith), Queen consort of England Female
Alfred, Prince of England Male
Harold de Sudeley Male
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Ralph Male
Gertha Female
Goda (Godifu), Princess of England Female
Dreux (Drogo), Count of French Vexin and Mantes Male
Eustace II, Count of Boulogne Male
Emma of Normandy, Queen consort of England Female