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The Heart of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire

Descendants of Axholme, once an island within the sceptred British Isles, shaped western civilisation, from the Viking Sweyn Forkbeard, to the wife of Alfred 'the Great', through George Washington's Mayflower heritage, to John Wesley's 70 million Methodist followers.

"The past is like a story, where one thing leads to another and the world can be comprehended" (Ken Follett, The Pillars of the Earth).

The Isle of Axholme before drainage by Vermuyden 1626

Legend records a Kingdom of Axholme as an independant state under King Ornulffsson during the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy before Alfred 'the Great' who's wife was from Axholme, united the English against Viking invasions in about 880. After the Norman conquest of 1066, the Manors of Epworth, Belton, Haxey, Owston, Crowle, Althorpe, Luddington, Burnham and Lound, that is the whole of The Isle of Axholme were given to Geoffrey de la Guerche (Wirce), together with the Manors of Blyborough, Gainsborough and Somerby. The Pilgrim Fathers led by William Brewster left their roots in Axholme arriving in America aboard The Mayflower in 1621, and their marriages link to the first Presidents of the USA George Washington and John Adams. In 1626 Charles I contracted Dutch engineer Cornelius Vermuyden, later knighted, to drain the Isle so that today we find the Isle land-locked between the major towns of Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Gainsborough. From these ancestors many descendants and relatives now reside around the world. You will find many of them here on our site

Our timeline extends from living memories to photographs; headstones; census records; baptismal, marriage and death certificates; parish records; manorial rolls; medieval visitations; monastic gospels; The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles; to the fall of Rome, The Classics, folklore and biblical accounts.



Red1st is administered by Adrian Oates who made this family tree accessible for public research and collaboration. The tree branches from roots in the Isle of Axholme to people and events (some mythical) over time and across the globe. Thousands of Red1st members have added to and corrected its records, whilst we continuously aspire for accuracy it isn't always guaranteed. Unlike subscription sites, Red1st is free to view but donating any amount you wish allows you to join as members to add to and edit the tree and avoid the adverts which pay for the upkeep of the site. Members can upload and download contributions. We welcome all who feel an affinity to this site. Why Red1st?, we were the 1st not-for-profit organisation to offer collaborative genealogy without charge.

Top Surnames:             Top Places:                      Top Heroes:
Walker (4,976)
Thomas (3,479)
Unknown (3,230)
Margetts (2,974)
Smith (2,834)
Westaway (2,133)
Kelsey (1,704)
Oates (1,614)
Maw (1,608)
Taylor (1,579)
Garner (1,420)
Wright (1,383)
Brown (1,321)
Backhouse (1,301)
Johnson (1,159)
Axe (1,147)
Wilson (1,101)
Robinson (1,044)
Thompson (981)
Jackson (978)
Doncaster (1,547)King Solomon
Sheffield (1,485)Jesus of Nazareth
Leeds (1044)Constantine I
Kingston upon Hull (728)Macbeth
Rotherham (665)Sweyn Forkbeard
Barnsley (469)William the Conqueror
Westminster (389)William Wallace
Wakefield (380)Geoffrey Chaucer
York (331)Owain Glyndwr
Goole (326)William Brewster
Haxey (268)Oliver Cromwell
Gainsborough (255)Isaac Newton
Manchester (251)John Wesley
Pontefract (220)Joshua Reynolds
Sydney (193)Catherine the Great
Scunthorpe (163)George Washington
Nottingham (155)Duke of Wellington
Epworth (151)Alfred Tennyson
Lincoln (151)Winston Churchill
Melbourne (150)Oates of the Antarctic

"It's an Aladdin's cave of goodies and I'm sure newcomers will appreciate seeing just how much is there if they look a little bit harder. It's a brilliant site" Pip Townley

      John of Gaunt:
      "This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
       This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
       This other Eden, demi-paradise,
       This fortress built by Nature for herself
       Against infection and the hand of war,
       This happy breed of men, this little world,
       This precious stone set in the silver sea,
       Which serves it in the office of a wall
       Or as a moat defensive to a house,
       Against the envy of less happier lands;
       This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England
             (William Shakespeare, "King Richard II", Act 2 scene 1)

In 312 Constantine I embraces Christianity in a united Roman Empire, while legitimising the new religion its messages empower for the needs of the state.
In 732 forces led by Charlemagne's grandfather Charles Martel halt the advance of Islam from the Iberian peninsula (Spain). "Without Muhammad, Charlemagne is inconceivable" (1937) Henri Pirenne, Belgian Historian.
In 962 Byzantium checked Muslim expansion to the west, disruption of ancient mediterranean trade forced northern Europe to develop independent of the south, (2007) Judith Herrin's 'Byzantium, A Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire'.
in 1241 the Mongol invasion of Europe by chance stops at the gates of Vienna following the defeat of Bela IV's Hungarian army.
In 1944 'Operation Overlord' D Day landings see Churchill and Roosevelt's Allied forces establish footholds to liberate Europe from Nazi rule.

Information herein has been offered freely for sharing by our members or can otherwise be found in public records. Exact date of birth of living persons have been restricted to year of birth only and our members have ensured permission has been given by those individuals to be included in our reseach. We have taken great care to protect personal details, but should information need to be removed or if you have questions or comments about the information on this site please email

info@red1st.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

We offer our grateful thanks to all who have generously contributed to this record and we hope you will enjoy exploring our research

As the second millennium of Christ's resurrection approaches in 2033 we can empathise with the trepidation of those who witnessed the dawning of the first millennium in the 11th century. From 990 and for the next 50 years, the people of the Middle Ages expected a second coming or biblical armageddon. When neither arrived they just got on with building our current civilisation, see Henry IV Emperor of Germany. We experienced the dawning of the second millennium wondering if we will can reach the next century let alone a third millennia. Science predicts that by 2033 climate change will send the planet irrecoverably over the edge. Do not despair, learn from the past to build a future for our descendants. With reference to Tom Holland's 'Millennium', Astronomer Royal Martin Rees' 'Our Final Century' and James Lovelock's 'The Revenge of Gaia'