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  8 Aug 2018

  8 Aug 2018

  8 Aug 2018

  8 Aug 2018

  8 Aug 2018
Albert Walter Ernest Walpole
Albert Walter Ernest Walpole
  4 Aug 2018


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Thomas Rouse baptism entry, St Peter's, Liverpool, June 1885
Thomas Rouse baptism entry, St Peter's, Liverpool, June 1885
Born while his father was working as a cooper, Thomas joined the Royal Navy but was tragically killed in an accident "whilst coaling" on the battleship HMS Britannia in 1908. 
  26 Jul 2018


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Wagstaff, Leslie 
b. 27 Nov 1921   13 Aug 2018
Duke of Gloucester Earl of Buckingham, Plantagenet, Prince Thomas of Woodstock, 
b. 7 Jan 1355   8 Aug 2018
of Clarence, Prince of England Plantagenet, Duke Lionel 
b. 29 Nov 1338  Antwerpen, Belgium  8 Aug 2018
Plantagenet III King of England, Edward 
b. 13 Nov 1312  Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England  8 Aug 2018
of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster Plantagenet Beaufort KG, Prince John 
b. 6 Mar 1340  Ghent, Flandre Orientale, Belgium  8 Aug 2018
Martin, Neal 
   5 Aug 2018
MERCER, Alison Jean 
   5 Aug 2018
Martin, Donald William 
   5 Aug 2018
Walpole, Albert Walter Ernest 
b. 12 Feb 1878  Loughborough, Leicestershire, England  4 Aug 2018
Plantagenet, Edmund, Duke of York 
b. 5 Jun 1341  Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England  4 Aug 2018
Plantagenet, "The Black Prince", Prince Edward 
b. 15 Jun 1330  Woodstock Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England  4 Aug 2018
of Clarence, Countess of Ulster de Burgh, Duchess Elizabeth 
b. 6 Jul 1332  Carrickfergus Castle, Ireland  4 Aug 2018
5th Countess of Ulster, House of Plantagenet, Philippa 
b. 16 Aug 1355  Eltham Palace, Kent, England  4 Aug 2018
Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March, Edmund 
b. 1 Feb 1352  LIangynwyd, Glamorgan, Wales  4 Aug 2018
Mortimer, Lady Elizabeth 
b. 12 Feb 1371  Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales  4 Aug 2018
de Camoys, 1st Baron Camoys, Thomas 
b. 1351  Trotton, Sussex, England  4 Aug 2018
Camoys, Alice 
b. 1401  Trotton, Sussex, England  4 Aug 2018
Hastings, Sir Leonard 
b. 1396  Burton, Hastings, Warwickshire, England  4 Aug 2018
Hastings, Lady Anna 
b. 1428  Kirkby Muxloe, Leicestershire, England  4 Aug 2018
Ferrers, Thomas 
b. 1423  Tamworth Castle, Staffordshire, England  4 Aug 2018

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
           4 Aug 2018
 I104104  Edward Plantagenet III King of England  I104105  Queen Consort Philippa of Hainault d'Avenes  24 Jan 1327  4 Aug 2018
 I104117  Duke Lionel of Clarence, Prince of England Plantagenet  I104118  Duchess Elizabeth of Clarence, Countess of Ulster de Burgh    4 Aug 2018
 I104115  Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March  I104116  Philippa 5th Countess of Ulster, House of Plantagenet    4 Aug 2018
 I104113  Thomas de Camoys, 1st Baron Camoys  I104114  Lady Elizabeth Mortimer    4 Aug 2018
 I104111  Sir Leonard Hastings  I104112  Alice Camoys    4 Aug 2018
 I104109  Thomas Ferrers  I104110  Lady Anna Hastings    4 Aug 2018
 I104107  Sir Thomas Baron of Chartley Sheriff of Staffordshire Gresley  I104108  Anne Ferrers, Baroness Gresley of Chartley    4 Aug 2018
 I104102  Prince John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster Plantagenet Beaufort KG  I104103  Duchess Catherina of Swynford and Lancaster de Roet  1379  3 Aug 2018
 I104100  Baron Sir Ralph I of Raby 1st Earl of Westmoreland Earl Marshall of England de Neville KG, PC  I104101  Lady Joan Countess of Westmoreland Beaufort Plantagenet  29 Nov 1396  3 Aug 2018
 I104098  Sir Thomas de Strangeways, Esquire, Baron of Harsley and Yorkshire  I104099  Lady Catherine Duchess of Norfolk de Neville  1415  3 Aug 2018
 I104096  Sir William Willoughby, Knight of the Garter, Baron of Willoughby  I104097  Lady Joanna Strangeways  Dec 1445  3 Aug 2018
 I104094  Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley (Sir Knight)  I104095  Lady Cecily Margaret Baroness Dudley Sutton  21 Apr 1478  3 Aug 2018
 I104092  Sir George Gresley, Knight  I104093  Catherine Sutton  1525  3 Aug 2018
 I104090  Edward Gresley  I104091  Ann Corbert  1556  3 Aug 2018
 I104089  William Gresley        3 Aug 2018
 I104087  Humphrey Gresley  I104088  Dorothy Hynde  30 Oct 1602  3 Aug 2018
 I104085  Johanis Blount  I104086  Elizabeth Ballard    3 Aug 2018
 I104083  William Gresley  I104084  Mary Blount  1 Dec 1629  3 Aug 2018
 I104081  Peter Gresley  I104082  Elizabeth    3 Aug 2018