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John Oliver

Male Abt 1821 - 1903  (~ 82 years)

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

Eliza Oliver Female
Elsie May Whiteley Female
George Henry A Thompson Male
Mabel Whiteley Female
Harry Harrison Male
Louie Whiteley Female
Harold Taylor Selby Male
William Whiteley Male
Herbert Whiteley Male
Daisy Wright Female
Fred Whiteley Male
Ada Thompson Female
Sarah Elizabeth Whiteley Female
Sarah Whiteley Female
Ethel Whiteley Female
Mary Whiteley Female
Florence Viola Whitley Female
George Frederick Boughton Male
Sarah Elizabeth Whitley Female
Doris Whiteley Female
Albert Stokes Male
William Edward Whitley Male
Elsie Cutts Female
Betsy Ann Whitley Female
John George Whitley Male
Mary Kathleen Female
James Frederick Whitley Male
Jane Helena Female
Albert Clifford Whitley Male
Matha Arras Whitley Female
Freda Whitley Female
William George Hurst Male
Leslie Arnold Whitley Male
Dawn Elizabeth Pickwell Female
William Whitley Male
Margaret Ann Baines Female
John Whiteley Male
Sarah Ann Oliver Female
William Whiteley Male
John William Oliver Male
Rhoda Female
Joseph Oliver Male
Thomas Oliver Male
Harriet Hunt Female
Kathleen Oliver Female
Emily Isabella Oliver Female
Vida Kirk Female
EnaMary Oliver Female
Robert Levesley Male
Charles Owen Oliver Male
Agnes Eva Fox Female
Charles Oliver Male
Ernest Oliver Male
Christina Oliver Female
Jesse Oliver Male
Mary A Oliver Female
Andrew Oliver Male
John Oliver Male
Mary Mellers Female
John H Lovely Male
Harriet Ann LOVELY Female
Ann Lovely Female
HannahMary Oliver Female
Mark LOVELY Male
Sarah Ann Colley Female
George WA Smith Male
Alice Colley Female
Alvin Smith Male
James Colley Male
George Colley Male
John William Colley Male
Joseph Colley Male
Olive Colley Female
Cyril C Colley Male
Eliza Oliver Female
Joseph Colley Male
Charlotte Ann Oliver Female
Eliza Barley Female
Sylvia Gertrude Barley Female
Stanley Whiting Male
Ronald ARawson Barley Male
Kenneth W Barley Male
Rawson Barley Male
Gertrude Millson Female
Dorothy Shaw Female
Mary Shaw Female
Charles E Shaw Male
George F Shaw Male
Alma Johnson Female
Florrie Shaw Female
Olive Barley Female
George E Shaw Male
Alfred James OLIVER Male
Penelope Barley Female
Oliver Male
William Sims Male
John Sims Male
George Sims Male
Albert Sims Male
Blanche Sims Female
Maud Sims Female
Reginald Davies Male
James Sims Male
Alfred Sims Male
Dorothy M Barley Female
Sydney Rawson Barley Male
Edith Barley Female
Harriet A Barley Female
Cyril D Johnson Male
Olive Barley Female
James W Barley Male
John Barley Male
James Barley Male
Emily Lilley Female
Harriet Oliver Female
Rawson Barley Male
Jessie I Oliver Female
George Oliver Male
Charles George Oliver Male
Gertrude Blanche HEBGEN Female
Charles W Oliver Male
Vera Muscroft Female
Winifred Oliver Female
Frank Oliver Male
Muriel Oliver Female
Rudolph Oliver Male
Kathleen Bayes Female
Barbara Oliver Female
Hilda B Oliver Female
John William Oliver Male
Edith Moore Female
Butler Oliver Female
George A BARLOW Male
Jack Lyon Male
Minnie Oliver Female
Richard Lyon Male
Margaret E Oliver Female
Edith A Oliver Female
Geoffrey W Oliver Male
Dorothy Clark Female
Reginald Oliver Male
Dorothy JE Oliver Female
Jesse Foster Oliver Male
Alice Bristowe Female
Cynthia J Bunby Female
Donalds EW Jones Male
Stanley Bunby Male
IVYM Bunby Female
George WF Reed Male
Thomas O Bunby Male
Minnie Leather Female
Harry Bunby Male
Helen Montgomery Female
Ivy Oliver Female
Thomas Bunby Male
Elsie Oliver Female
Ronald Oglesby Male
Albert H Oglesby Male
Grace Oglesby Female
Hugh Brydon Male
Ethel Oliver Female
James OGLESBY Male
June SO Torr Female
John W Heath Male
EthelMiriamMargery Oliver Female
Albert S Torr Male
James Henry Oliver Male
George Oliver Male
Elizabeth Butler Pears Female
William Oliver Male
Alice Snowden Female
Annie Elizabeth Oliver Female
William Drinkall Oliver Male
Alice Female
John Thomas Oliver Male
Alice Oliver Female
Sarah Ann Oliver Female
Leslie Lindley Oliver Male
EverellMary Wood Female
Edith Oliver Female
Lindley Male
Kate Oliver Female
George Ernest Oliver Male
Kath Oliver Female
Albert Edward Oliver Male
James Oliver Male
Charlotte Ward Female
John Oliver Male
Sarah Ann Drinkall (Drinkle) Female