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Herleve (Harlette) de Falaise

Female Abt 1003 - 1050  (~ 47 years)

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Lady Edith de Warren Female
Gerard, Baron de Gournai Male
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Princess Gundred de Normandy Female
William de Warrene, 1st Earl of Surrey Male
William III'Clito (Aetheling)', Count of Flanders, Prince of Normandy Male
Sibilla (Sibylla) d'Anjou, Countess consort of Flanders Female
Robert II'Curthose', Prince of England, Duke of Normandy Male
Sibyl (Sybilla) de Conversano, Duchess of Normandy Female
Daughter of Priest Female
Richard, Prince of England Male
Cecilia, Princess of England Female
Margaret, Princess of England Female
William II'Rufus', King of England Male
Unknown, Queen consort of England Female
Constance, Princess of England Female
Alan IV Fergant, Duke of Brittany Male
Theobald (Thibaut) IV'the Great' of Blois, Count of Blois and of Chartres, Count II of Champagne Male
Matilda of Carinthia Female
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Stephen (Étienne) de Blois, Last Norman King of England Male
Matilda, Countess of Boulogne Female
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Henry de Blois, Bishop of Winchester Male
Maud de Blois Female
Richard d'Avranches, Earl of Chester Male
Eleanor de Blois Female
Raoul (Ralph) I'le Vaillant', Count of Vermandois Male
New chart
Adela (Alice) de Normandy, Princess of England Female
Stephen II(Étienne-Henri)'le Sage' de Blois, Count of Blois Male
AgathaMatilda, Princess of England Female
Anna, Princess of England Female
Robert de Mellent de Caen, 1st Earl of Gloucester Male
Unknown Female
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Mabel FitzHamon, Countess of Gloucester Female
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1st Concubine Female
2nd Concubine Female
Henry I'Beauclerc', King of England, Duke of Normandy Male
Unknown Female
Maud (Matilda), Dutchess of Bretagne, Princess of England Female
Conan III'Crassus', Duke of Brittany Male
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Unknown Female
Robert FitzRoy, Prince of England Male
Maud d'Avranches Female
New chart
Edith de Greystoke Female
Maud Montvillers Female
Unknown Female
Emma Female
Unknown Female
Gilbert, Prince of England Male
William de Tracy Male
New chart
Gieva de Tracy Female
Constance, Viscountess of Maine Female
Roscelin de Beaumont, Vicomte de Beaumont-le-Maine Male
New chart
Unknown Female
Alice Aline Female
Matthieu I de Montmorency, Connetable de France Male
New chart
Unknown Female
Elizabeth, Princess of England Female
Fergus, Lord of Galloway Male
Unnamed Male
Matilda England, Empress of Germany, Princess of England Female
Henry V(Heinrich), Last Salian Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany and Italy Male
Geoffrey V Plantagenet, Count of Anjou (Angevin) Male
New chart
William, Ætheling, Prince of England Male
Matilda of Anjou, Dutchess of Normandy Female
Matilda (Edith ,Eadgyth)'Good QueenMaud', Queen consort of England, Princess of Scots Female
Adeliza (Adelicia) de Brabant, Queen consort of England, Queen dowager Female
Fulk, Prince of England Male
Juliane, Princess of England Female
Richard, Prince of England Male
Ansfride Female
Henry FitzRoy, Prince of England Male
New chart
Nesta ferch Rhys, Princess of Wales Female
Reynold de Dunstanville, Earl of Cornwall Male
Mabel FitzRichard Female
New chart
Sybilla Female
Alexander I, King of the Scots Male
William, Prince of England Male
Gundred, Princess of England Female
Rohais (Rohese), Princess of England Female
Henry de Pomeroy Male
New chart
Sybil Corbet Female
Isabel Hedwig, Princess of England Female
Elizabeth de Bellomont Female
Edith FitzForne Female
Gieva DETRACY Female
William I'the Conqueror', King of England, Duke of Normandy Male
Mathilda, Queen consort of England, Countess of Flanders Female
William le Gros, 1st Earl of Albemarle, Count of Aumale Male
Cicely de Romilly, Lady of Skipton Female
New chart
Agnes de Aumale Female
Adam I de Brus Male
New chart
William de Roumare Male
New chart
Stephen, Count of Aumale Male
Hawise Mortimer Female
Adelaide (or Adeliz), Princess of Normandy, Countess of Aumale Female
Odo (Eudes) III, Count of Troyes and of Meaux, Count of Aumale, Count of Champagne, Count Eudes II of Troyes Male
Maud (Matilda) Huntington, Queen consort of Scots Female
Simon I de Senlis, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton Male
New chart
David I, King of the Scots Male
New chart
Judith Female
Ralph de Toni Male
Alice Female
Ralph IV de Toni (or Conches) Male
New chart
Alice Female
Robert FitzGilbert Male
New chart
Judith de Lens, Countess of Huntingdon Female
Waltheof II FitzSiward, Earl of Huntingdon and Northumbria Male
Lambert de Lens, Count of Boulogne Male
New chart
Herleve (Harlette) de Falaise Female
Robert I'the Magnificent', Duke of Normandy Male
John Male
Odo de Conteville, Earl of Kent, Bishop of Bayeux Male
William de Mandeville Male
Margaret de Rye Female
New chart
Walter de Mandeville Male
Gunild Female
New chart
Richard de Mandeville Male
Robert I de Mandeville Male
New chart
Geoffrey de Mandeville, 1st Baron Male
Athelaise (Adeliza) de Balto (Baute) Female
Ralph de Mandeville, Lord Male
Unknown Female
New chart
Lescelina Female
Mathilde de Conteville Female
William de St. Martin, Sire Male
Muriel de Conteville Female
Hawise Female
Robert de Ferrières, 1st Earl of Derby Male
New chart
Robert II de Vitré, Seigneur de Vitré Male
Emma de la Guerche Female
New chart
Agnes de Mortain Female
André, Seigneur de Vitré Male
Andri of Baudmon Male
William de Mortain, Earl of Cornwall Male
Nigel de Mortaigne Male
de Mortaigne Female
Guy de Laval Male
Philippa de Toulouse, Countess of Aquitaine Female
William IX'the Troubador', Duke of Aquitaine, Duke of Gascony, Count of Poitou Male
New chart
Emma de Mortaigne Female
William IV, Count of Toulouse Male
Robert de Mortain, Count of Mortain, 1st Earl of Cornwall Male
Maud (Matilda) de Montgomery Female
Helisen d'Avranches Female
William Male
Richard d'Avranches, Earl of Chester Male
Maud de Blois Female
Hugh d'Avranches, Earl of Chester Male
Ermengarde Female
Geva Female
Geoffrey Ridel Male
New chart
Unknown Female
Hugh d'Avranches Male
Ermentru de Female
Arbella Loup d'Avranches Female
Matilda (Mathilde) of Laigle Female
Robert de Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland Male
Nele (Nigel) ,'the Black' d'Albini (d'Aubigny), Lord of Mowbray Male
Gilbert de Laigle Male
Juliana of Perche Female
New chart
Judith Female
Richer de Laigle Male
Helisende Female
William, Count of Eu Male
Ranulph III'le Briquessart' de Meschines, 1st Earl of Chester Male
Lucia (Lucy) de Taillebois, Countess of Chester Female
New chart
William de Meschines, Lord of Copeland Male
Cecily de Rumilly, Lady of Skipton Female
New chart
Geoffrey de Meschines Male
Robert de Meschines Male
Margaret (Maud) le Goz d'Avranches Female
Ranulf de Meschines, Vicomte de Bayeux Male
Judith d'Avranches Female
Maud d'Avranches Female
Judith d'Avranches Female
Emma de Conteville Female
Richard le Goz, Vicomte d'Avranches Male
Harlevin (Herluin) (de Burgo) de Conteville Male