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Click an image to play the Help Video or click the Full Screen icon at the bottom right of the image:

Start by adding yourself and your immediate family (to protect their privacy use month and year only for living persons)

Once you have added yourself to Red1st you can set up My Branch which gives you a starting point to add to your part of the family tree.

To use My Branch, Login and then Edit Profile on the menu bar. Click to enter My Person ID which you will find as Person ID (it usually starts with an I for Individual). Save your Profile then Logout and Login to activate. You can then find the web address of My Branch - or any other of our pages - in your web browser, please share it with your family members.

In the video you see us login and add My Person ID:to our Profile, save, then log out and then log back in to see it activated.

Note: Username and Password are case sensitive. That means you must type them exactly as you registered them e.g. If I had registered Username and Password as my Username and Password then I would have to type Username and Password with a capital U and P

Any problems just drop us a line. Hope that is helpful! If you can find me, Adrian Oates on Red1st you'll see my ID is I22291

This video shows how to add pictures, documents or headstone images:

This video shows how to contact another Red1st Member (email addresses are not displayed). It also shows who the Source and who last edited an Individual record so they can be looked up from a list of Red1st members. Note: Sources are not always Members of Red1st and Members do not always remain:

You can Private message members in our Forum: Sign in and click Private Messages located at the top of the page. Click Find a Red1st Member Search for the person, click on their name. Click on the mail icon to message them.

Or you can also leave a message in a Forum for another member to respond to, or start a new Family headed Topic in our Ancestors & Descendants Forum.