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Richard Thomas clarification

#1 | Posted: 1 Jan 2019 10:34
My name is Kath , I live in Australia and I am a descendant of Richard Thomas. Which one I have not been able to ascertain.

Can anyone help please. It is as if my grandfather just appeared from nowhere and lived in Australia.
He was from North Wales and emmigrated to Australia pre 1900
RICHARD THOMAS, My grandfather was born in N Wales about 1860 (according to his marriage certificate) His father, was also called Richard Thomas,an army officer,( so my great grand father was an army officer).
In 1900 when my grandfather married Johanna Harkness Hunter in South Melbourne, Victoria,Australia. Elizabeth Owen ( or Orrin- handwriting hard to read)was named as his mother. This information has been taken from my grandparents marriage certificate. However, on my grandfather's death certificate his mother is named Annie. So whether that name is correct or not I do not know.

I have thought of an unusual explanation--Annie may be his mother, (or may refer to his wife Johanna who may have been called Annie by family) and maybe, just maybe, the name Elizabeth Owen on the marriage certificate is his fathers mother.
does anyone think that this is feasible
I cannot find anything to support these relationships except the marriage and the death certificates
My grandfather died in the Footscray hospital Kingston (Yarraville)in 1932 aged about 72-75 years. He was a carpenter and miner and gold assayer in Australia.
His children's names are Florence Edna Beresford, Alexander Woodford, and Eryl
Unfortunately I seem to be unable to find out anything else about him or his family. Does anyone have any information please that may help me?
I would very much appreciate any assistance.
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