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Coats of Arms

#1 | Posted: 3 Dec 2009 14:13 | Edited by: adrian
ELLA (Ella/Ellay) family of Yorkshire: Sable a fess dancetty surmounted of 3 fleur-de-lis Or (gold). Motto: 'Jyst Sam Foyle'. (ELLA: this next one is an only attributed type to the 1st Bretwalda and king of the South-Saxons (Sussex): Per saltire Or (gold) and Gules (red) 4 crescents counterchanged. Aelle-Aella).

METHAM of Metham, Yorkshire: Quarterly Azure and Argent (silver) in the dexter chief quarter a fleur-de-lis Or. Crest: a bull's head barry of ten Argent and Sable attired Sable.

CAVE (Cave/Cue) of North and South Cave, Yorkshire: Azure fretty Argent a fesse Gules. Motto: 'Deus Videt'.

USFLETE (Usflete/Usflet/Usfleet/Ufflet/Ufflete/Ousflet/Husflete/Huseflete/Vslete/Yusflete, etc.) of Ousefleet in Whitgift, also Swanland in North Ferriby, alsoWighill, all Yorkshire: Sir Gerard de Ousflet: de Argent a une fesse de azure a iii flures de [lis] Or. Roll of Arms, Kind Edward the 2nd. Monsire de Ufflet: port d'or a une fess d'asure trois lis d'or en la fes. Roll of Arms, King Edward the 3rd. (Argent on a fess azure 3 fleur-de-lis Or.. Same blazon for Suffolk branch). Two Crests: First, a lion's paw erased Sable holding the hilt of a broken sword in pale ppr. Second, on the top of a doric pillar a heart Gules. (Arms for King Richard the 2nd.,?, Gerard Ufflete....Or.). (Fur: ermine), of Yorkshire. Devon branch's blazon differs thus: Argent on a fess Sable 3 crosslets fitchee Or. It was quartered by the WALROND family of Devon. The blazon for one of the Sir Gerard Ulfletes (Useflete, Ufflete, etc.)coat-of-arms written on the back of the famous heraldic Roos Roll is not often mentioned. There are two copies of this, one compiled not long after the other and with omissions and additions. The Usflete (Ufflete, etc.) connection with the Bozun (Boson, Bosom, etc.) family is with their branch of Barrowby in Lincolnshire. In Lacock Parish Church, Wiltshire, there is the Baynard family monument and there are various quartered coats-of-arms, two being for Stapleton and Ufflete/Usflete.

FURNIVAL (Furnival/Funivall/Furnyval/Furnivale, etc.) of Swanland, near West Ella and Kirk Ella,Yorkshire: Argent a bend betwixt 6 martlets Gules. Crest: an anchor with a cable and sword in saltier ppr.

BEAUCHAMP (Beauchamp/Bechamp, etc.), of Powyk: Gules a fess betwixt 6 martlets Or. (Other Beauchamp arms differ: Gules a fess betwixt 6 crosses crosslet Or.). (Brass stall-plate in St.George's chapel, Windsor: Beauchamp quartering Ufflete). (There are Beauchamp brass Stall-Plates in St.George's Chapel, Windsor. Note: St.John Hope's "Garter Stall Plates", plate LIX, published 1901: Arms Quarterly, 1 & 4: BEAUCHAMP of Powyk and 2 & 3: UFFLETE [Usflete]. A William Beauchamp of Powyk married Cathrine/Kathrine/Katherine de-Ufflete/Usflete, a grandchild of Isabella de-Ellay (Isabell de-Ella), and her husband, the first Sir Gerard de-Ufflete/Usflete of Yorkshire. On an heraldic illuminated 15th century manuscript: Sir John Beauchamp. Arms: quarterly: 1 & 4 Gules a fess Or., betwixt (between) 6 martlets (3,3) of the second: 2 & 3 [Usflete/Ufflete]Argent, on a fess Azure 3 fleur-de-lis Or. The shield ensigned with a nobleman's helm. Crest: Issuant out of a ducal coronet Gules, a swan's head Argent, beaked of the first betwixt 2 sets of wings addorsed Sable. Mantling: Gules doubled Ermine.

MAUDUIT, Earl of Warwick: Argent 2 bars Gules.

LYGON: (Earl Beauchamp): Argent 2 lions pass., in pale Gules. Crest: a savage's head? affrontee couped at the shoulders ppr. Supporters- Dexter a bear ppr., muzzled, collard and chained Or., sinister, a swan Argent, wings elevated Gules beaked an legged Sable gorded with a ducal coronet and lined Or., on the breast of each supporter, suspended from the collar and coronet, a shield Gules charged with a fesse betwixt 6 martlets gold. Motto: 'Ex fide fortis'......LYGON: Argent 2 lions pass., in pale double queued Gules armed and langued Azure.Crest: a saracen's head affrontee couped at the shoulders ppr., wreathed about the temples Or and Gules.

BOZUN/BOSON/BOUZUN (Bosum, etc.) of Syerston, Nottinghamshire: Argent 3 birdbolts in pile Gules armed Sable (arming and feathers purfled Or.).

STAPELTON (Stapleton, Stapylton, etc.) of Wighill, Yorkshire: Argent a lion rampt., Sable. Crest: out of a ducal crown Or., a saracen's head ppr. Motto: 'Fide sed cui vide'. (There is brass Stall-Plate for a Sir Miles Stapleton in St.George's Chapel, Windsor, plate XXXIX.).

BECKWITH (Beckwith/Becwith/Beckworth?) of Yorkshire and other counties: Argent a chevron Gules charged with 3 roses on the field. Crest: a dove, in the beak 3 ears of wheat all ppr. BECKWITH: Sable on a chevron betwixt 3 griffin's heads couped betwixt 2 pheons Gules. Crest: an eagle's head Or., depressed with 2 bends Vert, winged one Argent, the other Sable beaked Gules. BECKWITH: Argent a chevron betwixt 3 hind's heads erased Gules. Crest: an antelope ppr., in the mouth. Motto: 'Joir en Bien'. BECKWITH: Argent a chevron, Gules fretty Or, betwixt 3 hind's heads erased of the second on a chief Gules a saltire (both engr.,), betwixt 2 roses in pale and sinister sides gold. Crest: a stag's head quarterly er fesse idented Or and Azure.

CONSTABLE (Strickland-Constable) of Wassand in Yorkshire: Quarterly, lst. and 4th quarterly Gules and vaire over all bend Or. (For Constable: 2nd and 3rd. Gules a chevron Or betwixt 3 crosses pattee Argent on a canton ermines a stag's head couped ppr. Crest for Constale: a turkey cock Sable membered and wattled Gules).

FITZALAN (FitzAlan/FitzAlen, etc.) of Arundell: Azure a lion rampt., and a border Or. ( Also: Gules lion rampt., Or.). (Also: Gules a lion rampt., Or enraged Azure).

HALDENBY ( Haldenby/Haldenbie/Howdenbie/Howdenby, etc.) of Haldenby next to Adlingfleet, also Swanland in North Ferriby, all Yorkshire: Vert a fess betwixt 3 covered cups (challices) Or. Their first Crest, pre-Tudor: a knight's helmet, crowned, and coming out an erect arm holding a cup or challice (tinctures not known). Motto: 'The Divine Toast'. Second Crest: a swan sable/close Argent beaked and legged/feet Gules, in the beak a sprig of laurel Vert. The family motto was forbidden with second granted crest.

WENTWORTH: Sable a chevron betwixt 3 leopard's heads/faces Or.

GAWTREE (Gautry/Gawtry/Gawty,etc.) of Boston in Lincolnshire: Argent on a bend Sable 3 cats amounting their tails betwixt their loins of the field .

LUDDINGTON of Luddington in Lincolnshire, but in a Yorkshire herald's visitation: Paly of 6 Argent and Gules on a cheif of the last lion pass., guard of the field.

DRAPER of Flintham, Nottinghamshire and London: Thomas Draper of the former and his kinsman Vincent Draper of the latter, descended from John Draper of Flintham: Argent on a fess betwixt 3 annulets Gules as many covered cups Or. Crest: these differ, see Nott's Herald's Visitations, 16th century, then year 1614, for Draper and quartering for Ella of Yorkshire.

Note; The stall-plates in St.George's Chapel in Windsor, although often called "brass" stall-plates, are indeed 'silvered-copper', then tinctured.

Courtesy Raymond E.O.Ella
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