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Wills & Letters of Administrations, courtesy of Gar Watson

#1 | Posted: 7 Nov 2007 13:38 | Edited by: adrian
Akril, Joseph Haxey Stow wills 1825-7 (1827)
of Upperthorpe, Haxey, miller
wife, William Fielding and John Holland trustees, dau Ann wife of John
Waterhouse of Upperthorpe farmer, dau Eliza wife of Richard Hill of
Gringlyon the Hill in Nottingham L8, grandson Joseph Akril Waterhouse 19
guineas, granddaughter Eliza wife of Tho Baumforth, granddau Mary wife of
Robt Thornton L5, gd Jamima Akril L5, grandson Esau Akril
and executing this my Will and likewise subject to and out Payment of
Four Pounds a year to be said unto Willm Fielding and John Hollan who I
have appointed trustees to examining and keep my said Post wind mill in
such repairs as they shall see to be the most wanting of repair as far as
the said four pounds a year will pay.
Item the Twenty Pounds which I have in the said William Fielding Hand I
give and dispose of as follows...
written 6 Aug 1826 Testator died 9 Feb 1827
wit Mary X Winter, Joshua West, Jno Taylor
letter for admin by Ann Waterhouse of Haxey less then L100
letter for Ann Waterhouse of Haxey, John Waterhouse farmer and John Taylor
[Joesph Akrill m. Elizabeth Wilkinson 30 Jan 1767 Haxey]

Bainton, James West Ferry LCC wills 1856/14
of Owston farmer
dau Mary Ann Cox L10, son William Bainton freehold, L10 each to Eli
Bainton, William Cox, John James Cox, and George Cox when 21, late brother
John Bainton, son John Bainton, dau Elizabeth wife of Charles Buckley
wit Robert Whiteley and William ?
5 Nov 1855 pr 9 Sep 1856 testator died 27 Feb 1856

Bainton, John Owston LCC wills 1842/22
of East Ferry, farmer
brother James Bainton, nephew Thomas Robinson of Wildsworth, brother
Robert Bainton, daughter of my said brother, sister Elizabeth Robinson
L300, niece Mary Robinson L300, John Johnson husband of my late sister Ann
Bainton and her children L50 amongst them, children of late niece Ann
Wildbore L5, nephew John Bainton now residing with me
10 Jul 1836 pr 3 Feb 1842

Brown, Mary Stow wills 1694-9/19
Mary Brown of Haxey
son Robert, son William L5, Charles the son of Robert ?Kelser, dau
Elizabeth clothes, son Thomas, friend James Pettinger
14 Feb 1694 pr 25 Oct 1695
wit John Brown, James Pettinger, Jacob Collinson

Brown, Robert Haxey Stow wills 1669-71/235
son Thomas, sons Robert, Richard, John and William, dau Anne Browne, dau
Marie Browne, wife Anne
24 Sep 1669
wit Jam: Braadbury, tt-- x Browne, Thomas x Collinson

Brown, Robert yeoman Haxey Stow wills 1666-8/314
Hezechias Browne, Anne his money owed by Tho: Taylor, Robt Taylor, Robrt
Robert Tonge grandchild money from Tho: Medley, loving wife money owed by
Thomas Healey, ebony servant 2 shillings, Anne Robinson L2
25 Mar 1667 pr 18 Apr 1667

Brown, Robert 1711-16/15
of Eastland, Haxey
son in law Thomas Maw and daughter Mary his wife and their two children,
son in law John Cressey, gentleman and daughter Elizabeth his wife and son
Robert Brown, wife Elizabeth
7 Jun 1715

Brown, Robert Haxey Stow wills 1694-9/14
Robert Browne of Haxey
Mary Dowson dau dwelling house, William her son, grandaughters Mary
Dowson, Anne Dowson and Elizabeth Dowson
11 Jan 1691

Browne, William
Elizabeth Kirkeby servant, Elizabeth wife, Ezakiah Browne and William
1 Jan 1624

Browne, Elizabeth 1624-5/256 of Haxey
Elizabeth Browne dau of Thomas Browne, William Browne son of Robert
Browne, Elizabeth Browne dau of Henrie Browne, remainder to Thomas Browne,
Robert Browne and Henry Browne who are named as executors. Friends Edwd
Moody and Willm Coggan
16 Jul 1625

Browne, Thomas of Haxey 6 Sep 1647
William Browne son, wife Johanne?, rest of my children sonnes and
daughters, neighbors William Coggan, William Brewell
wit William X Coggan, William Brewell

Browne, Vincent Stow wills 1694-9/25
wife Suzanna, oldest son Hezechiah Brown, hard to read writing

Cawkwell, William of Laughton Stow wills 1831-3/38 (1833)
of Wildsworth, farmer
dau Rosamund w of Francis Laughton of Walkerith, Gainsborough, Francis
George Charlesworth of Wakefield, West Riding, gentleman, Richard Wroot
Musgraves, Hull gentleman
pr 16 Dec 1833 testator died 10 Dec 1833

Colam, Margaret of Belton
son Thomas Collam, daughter Elizabeth Staniland, daughter Mary? Cowlam,
youngest daughter Margrett Cowlam, John Colam the son of Thomas Lolam
wit William Wielley?, Ephraim Nanse, Robt Lambert
2 Nov 1726

Cooper, John of West Butterwick Stow wills 1787/100
wife Sarah L5, son Thomas L10, son John L10, dau Elizabeth L8, dau Mary
L8, dau Rachel L8
executrix wife Sarah wit Jonathon ?, George Thorpe, John Watson
12 Apr 1787 pr 26 Apr 1787

Dowson, William of Haxey Stow wills 1728-31 321
Robert Dowson eldest son, daughter Anne Harrison her husband Robert, dau
Elizabeth Lehie and her husband Abraham their dau Sarah Lehie, sons John
and Jacob Lehie, John Langton and Anne his wife until Esther Ingall my
grandchild attaine to one and twenty years of age, Sarah Ingall, William,
John and Hannah Ingall, daughter Anne Harrison

Fielding, George Epworth Wills 1876/I/292
of Epworth, stonemason
brother Smith Fielding and my brother in law George Lingard, all my
children, my youngest child when 21
Executors Smith Fielding and George Lingard
wit Alfred Taylor Smith Fielding
written 31 May 1875 proved 22 May 1876 Testator died 16 Jan 1876

Fielding, James Boston Wills 1879/I/228
of Boston, gentleman
friends Thomas Meggitt of Boston currier and Thomas Haynes Tuxford of same
watchmaker, sisters Alice Sharman wife of Joseph Sharman and Priscilla
Clarke widow
written 15 May 1877 proved 17 Jul 1879 under L450
wit Henry Bates, Bridge St, Boston and Mary Ann Marshall

Fielding, William West Kinnald Ferry wills 1867/1065
of West Kinnald Ferry, farmer
son John, friend John Crackle, grandson James William Major (otherwise
Dobson) when 21, William Freeman, Edmund Maw, sons George Fielding now in
United States of North America and William Fielding
written 18 May 1867 proved 13 Aug 1867
wit Joseph Hill, Wm Brock

Fielding, William of Hatton near Wragby 1867/675
dau Ellen wife of John Fox, dau Charlotte w of Charles Todd, dau Lucy wife
of John Bell, dau Betsy wife of Henry Mawer, dau Anne wife of Ira
Fletcher, dau Hannah wife of Henry Rawlinson, wife Lucy, son Robert John
written 23 Mar 1866

Fish, John Stow wills 1819-21/55
of Ferry
wife Ann, son John L7, dau Mary Druffil L7, dau Ann wife of William Garner
L7, dau Sarah wife of William Spray
wit Joseph Cooper, Jonathan Saul, Wm Fletcher
24 Jul 1814 pr 18 Mar 1819

Fish, John LCC will 1835/113
of Ferry, weaver
wife Mary, son Robert
wit Wm Fletcher, William Watson, William Elsom
5 Jun 1831 died 27 Aug 1834 pr 3 Feb 1835

Gee, Francis Stow wills 1728-31 of Owston
son Robert Gee, until my son William come of age, grandchild Elizabeth
Gee, son John Gee, grandchild William Collinson
19 Nov 1729

Gee, Robert Owston Stow wills
my sister Collinson, Ann Smith her daughter, Elizabeth Smith dau of said
Ann, nephew William Collinson, nephew Thomas Collinson, Ann dau of Edmund
Slingsby of Clayworth, wife Mary, lands purchased from Mrs. Dawber, Thomas
Fish, John Gee, Benjamin Cowper (space) Starr, and John Taylor, sister
Elizabeth Collinson
28 Jun 1760 pr 17 Aug 1760
wit Richard Killham, Robt Holms John Maw

Gervas, Edward Haxey Stow wills 1825-27/84
of East Sound, Haxey
daughter Sarah Appleton one shilling, daughters Ann Hague, Hannah Leadley,
Elizabeth Stother, and Mary Streets four pounds each, two sons Peter and
Edward remainder
3 Oct 1826 pr 1826

Gervis, George of Crowle, shoemaker
24 Feb 1864 pr 20 Sep 1869 td 1 Aug 1869
wife Harriet Gervis, good friend Robert Sawyer of Crowle, children
legitimate and illegitimate Henry Gervis, Mary Ann Sayles, George Gervis,
Elizabeth Gervis, Richard Everatt Gervis, Sarah Hannah Gervis, Matilda
Everatt and Eliza Everatt

Gervas, James Epworth Stow wills 1766-71 (1768) 164
James Gervas of Newbigg, Haxey
wife Rachel, daughter Mary Kilham, nephew Thomas Brown of West Kinnal,
niece Hannah Gabbatas of same place, son in law Thoams Kilham, brother
John Gervas, sister Mary Brown
Wit. John Jefferson, William Shelsey, and John Cooke
24 Jan 1768 pr 31 Dec 1768

Gervas, John of Owston Stow wills 1702-39/29
son John Gervase, daughter Hanna, good and chattels divided between two
children evenly
made 5 Dec 1730

Gervass, John Owston Stow wills 1702-1739/29
of Owston
son John Gervas dwelling house in Owston and a.l., daughter Hannah a.l.,
two moars and wagon, remainder divided between two children
5 Dec 1730
wit Robert Holmes Willm X Holmes

Gervis, William wills
Fishdealer Fruiterer to Market Place Crowle
wife Susannah, dau Sarah Elizabeth Barr and Florence Gertrude Wressell
21 Mar 1884

Gervace, William alias Tailer of Blyton, yeoman Stow wills 1702-39/32
son John Gervas, wife Ann Gervase L40, child now in her womb L28 at age of
14, names Ralph Meggot and two others guardians of his children
9 Jan 1702 pr 29 Jan 1702

Gervas, Thomas the younger Epworth Stow wills 1795-97/98
of Epworth, Schoolmaster
dau Ann when 21, wife Sarah
4 Aug 1792 wit Thomas Addey pr 20 Jul 1797

Gervas, Thomas Epworth LCC wills 1841/165
Thomas Gervas of Epworth, gentleman
son Thomas Gervas the younger, wife Betty L40 annuity, sons Thomas and
Charles, William Gervas L800, more when 30, daughter Ann wife of George
Holland, children of said daughter Ann, dau Mary wife of Rev Samuel Mass
1 Jun 1837 pr 22 Jan 1841 testator died 20 Aug 1840

Gibbons, William stow wills 1778-1782 (1779) 150
of Haxey, husbandman
wife Hannah Gibbons, dau Deborah Gibbons late of Lincoln one shilling,
grand daughter Elizabeth Cooper of Clouds Lane, Belton one shilling
29 Nov 1745 pr 9 Oct 1779

Gibbons William letter of admon
wife Frances renounced and refuse
#2 | Posted: 12 Nov 2007 18:08
Great material, and thanks. Is there more?
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