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Further............ Wills & Letters of Administrations, courtesy of Gar Watson

#1 | Posted: 20 Nov 2007 06:47 | Edited by: adrian
William Edlington of Haxey will made 15 Feb 1815 proved 5 Sep 1815

In the Name of God Amen I William Edlington of Haxey in the County of Lincoln Labourer being weak in body but of a sound and disposing mind memory and understanding do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (First) I give and bequeath all my Real Estate and Effects both Copy Hold and Freehold of what nature and kindsoever and wheresoever situate at Haxey aforesaid unto my Son William Edlington of Epworth in the said County Weaver his Heirs and Assigns forever but subject to the following Legacys and out Payments hereafter mentioned that is to say I give and bequeath a Legacy of Twenty Pounds to be Paid by my said son out of the Copyhold estate unto my Daughter Ann Edlington as soon as she shall attain the age of Twenty one years or at the end of six calendar months after my Decease if I shall happen to live until she attain the said age of Twenty one and my will and mind is that I give unto my said Daughter Ann a further Legacy of Twenty Pounds to be paid by my said son Wm at six calendar months after my wife decease also I give the bleu chest bed bedstead and all the beding then to belonging and a manogany dining table half a dozen ... chairs and one arm chair I give unto my said son imediately after my wife decease and the ... pot side ... and grate at my death also my will in mind is that my said son shall pay the expense of loosing the copy and proving this my Will and Testament also I give the red chest bedstead and all the beding thereto belonging and one set of mayogany drawrs one tea table and corner cupboard half a dozen silver teaspoons half a dozen of the best chinea and a china punch bowl I give unto my said daughter Ann imediately after my wife death and my will in mind is that is that if either of my said children shall happen to die without leaving any child or children lawfully begotten the share of them so dieing shall go to the survivor then living. All the rest & residue of my money, goods & chattels estate and effects of what nature or kind soever I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife and I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my said wife sole Executrix to pay my just debts funeral expenses hereby revoking and making void all and every other will at any time herefore by me made and so declare this to be my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and seal this Fifteenth day of Febuary 1813.

Signed sealed declared and published
By the above named William
Edlington as and for his last
Will and Testament in the pre-
sence of us who at his request
and in his presence have sub-
scribed our names as witnesses
W. H. Gibbons
William Leggot
J: Taylor

Will of William Edlington of Haxey

Dated 15th Feb 1815
On the 5th Day of September 1815 Ann Edlington of Haxey near Thorne Yorkshire the Executrix within named was duly sworn and also made Oath that the whole of the personal Estate and Effects of the deceased at the time of his death did not amount in Value to the sum of one hundred pounds
Before me
Thos. Nelson Sur.
#2 | Posted: 20 Nov 2007 06:48
William Parkin, Epworth Stow wills 1822-24/131 written 6 Apr 1813 pr 8 Jul 1824

In the name of God amen. I William Parkin of the parish of Epworth and in ...
of Lincoln farmer being of sound and disposing mind and understanding ...
for the same do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner...
that is to say my will and mind is that my just debts funeral the cost of proving ...
executing this my last Will be paid out of my personal estate & effects as soon as my ...
... after my decease. I give and devise all my real estate that is all my land and croft at ...
all my field land wherever the same may be together with the ... closes all lying ...
parish of Epworth aforesaid I give the said real estate unto my dearly beloved wife Mary
Parkin her heirs and assigns forever also I give and bequeath unto my said wife ...
Parkin all my money securities for money bills bonds notes and personal estate ...
nature or kind the same may be or wheresoever the same may be I give the same ...
said wife and her assigns and lastly I hereby do nominate constitute and appoint my ...
Mary Parkin sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and ...
void all former and other wills by me at any time heretofore made and do declare this ...
last will and testament In witness hereof I have set my hand and seal this the six...
day of April one thousand eight hundred and thirteen.

Signed sealed published and declared by the
Testator William Parkin as and for his last will William Parkin
and testament in the presence of us who in his
presence and in the presence of each other and at
his request have set out hands to the due execution
Samuel Brooks
Wm Needham
Thomas Kilham

On the eighth day of July 1824 Mary Parkin the sole Executrix within named was duly sworn and also made oath that the whole of the personal estate and effects of the deceased at the time of his death did not amount in value to the sum of eighty pounds.
Before me,


The Testator died on the fifth April 1824.
#3 | Posted: 20 Nov 2007 06:49
William Parkin, Epworth made 2 Jun 1837 proved 23 Feb 1838

This is the last Will and Testament of me William Parkin of Epworth in the County of Lincoln Innkeeper. I order and direct all my just Debts Funeral Expences and the Charges of proving this my Will to be duly paid and satisfied. I give devise and bequeath unto my Friend Peter East of the West Carr in the parish of Epworth aforesaid and to John Collinson of Doncaster in the County of York attorney of Law All my real Estates of what nature or tenure soever and wheresoever the same may be and whether in possession Reversion Remainder or expectancy and over which I may have any deviseable interest or power of appointment And also all my ready Money Securities for Money Household Goods Furniture and all other my personal Estate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever the same may be To hold the said Real and personal Estate and Effecst unto the said Peter East and John Collinson and the survivor of them his Heirs Executors and Administrators according to the respective natures thereof Upon Trust that they the said Peter East and John Collinson and the Survivor of them his Heirs Executors and Administrators shall and do as soon as conveniently May be after my decease or at such time or times thereafter as they in their discretion shall think best sell and dispose of my said Real Estate or any part thereof or any part or parts of my personal Estate which shall not consist of Money or Securities for Money either by public auction or private Contract and for the best price or prices that can be had for the same and do and shall receive and give receipts and discharges for the Consideration or purchase Money therof and sign seal and execute all such Deeds and assurances in the Law whatsoever for conveying and assuring such real and personal to the purchaser or purchasers thereof their heirs and assigns in such manner as they shall be advised and required. And I direct that the receipt or receipts of the said Peter East and John Collison and the survivor of them his Heirs Executors and Administrators for any purchase or other moneys payable to them or him under or by virtue of this my will shall to all interests and purposes discharge the person or persons paying the Monies herein expressed to be received from all liability of seeing to the application and all responsibility for or an account of the misapplication of the same Money or any part thereof And upon Trust that the said Peter East and John Collinson and the Survivor of them his Heirs Executors and Administrators shall and do call in and get unto their Hands and possession all monies due and owing to me on Securities or otherwise and do and shall stand possessed of and interested in the money to arise from such Sale or Sales and so to be called got in and received (after all reasonable expenses thereout deducted) Upon Trust in the first place to pay and discharge all my just Debts and my Funeral and Testamentary Expenses and after payment thereof Upon Trust to invest the clear residue thereof on Government or Real Security with power to vary the same as they shall think fit. And upon Trust to permit my dear Wife Mary Parkin to receive and take or otherwise to pay to her from time to time the Interest Dividends and produce thereof for and during the term of her natural Life if she shall so by continue my Widow but not otherwise and from and after the decease of my said wife or her marriage again which shall first happen Upon Trust to divide the said Trust Monies so to be placed out as aforesaid equally between and among my daughters Mary the Wife of William Kelham, Hannah the Wife of John Stoney, Rebecca Parkin and Harriet Parkin and my Grandsons John Parkin and Alfred Parkin share and share alike And I declare that the Interests of such of my Children as shall have attained twenty one years of age at my death shall then be considered as vested Interests and the Interests of all other my Children and Grandchildren shall be vested on their attaining their ages of twenty one years and if any of my said Children or Grandchildren shall die under twenty one leaving share my will is that such share shall take among them or any only Child shall take her or his parents share And in case of the Death of any of them under twenty one years of age without leaving issue the share of such of them so dying shall remain for the benefit of the Survivors of my said Children and Grandchildren. And I declare that it shall be lawful for my said Trustees to reimburse themselves all reasonable expenses which they may be put to about the execution of the trusts hereby to them reposed and that the one of them shall not be answerable or accountable for the other of them nor for the acts or deeds of the other of them or for involuntary Losses And I appoint the said Peter East and John Collinson joint Trustees and Executors of this my Will and I revoke all other wills and declare this to be my last Will In Witness whereof I the said William Parkin the Testator have hereunto set my hand and seal the second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven.

Signed sealed published and declared
by the said William Parkin the Testator as
and for his last Will and Testament in the
presence of us who in his presence at Wm Parkin
his request and in the presence of
each other have hereunto subscribed
our Names as Witnesses
Richard Bird M.R.C.L
James Garwood
James Watkin

On the 23d day of February 1838 the executors within named were duly sworn and made oath that the whole of the personal property of the deceased at the time of his death was under the value of 300L. The Testator died on the 11 Day of June 1837
Before me Surrogate W.B. .........
#4 | Posted: 20 Nov 2007 06:50
Fielding, William West Kinnald Ferry wills 1867/1065
of West Kinnald Ferry, farmer
son John, friend John Crackle, grandson James William Major (otherwise Dobson) when 21, William Freeman, Edmund Maw, sons George Fielding now in United States of North America and William Fielding
written 18 May 1867 proved 13 Aug 1867
wit Joseph Hill, Wm Brock

Fielding, George Epworth wills 1876/I/292
of Epworth, stonemason
brother Smith Fielding and my brother in law George Lingard, all my children, my youngest child when 21
Executors Smith Fielding and George Lingard
written 31 May 1875 proved 22 May 1876 Testator died 16 Jan 1876
wit Alfred Taylor Smith Fielding

Harrison, Sarah West Kinnald Ferry Wills 1873/I/81
of West Kinnald Ferry, widow
grandson William Joseph Watson Harrison of Liverpool; daughter in law Sarah Harrison; George, Smith, Parkin and Henriatta Fielding children of nephew John Fielding
written 22 Jan 1870 proved 20 Feb 1873 Testator died 12 Jan 1871
wit George Newborn, Epworth, William Shearer, West Ferry

Fielding, William of Hatton near Wragby 1867/675
dau Ellen wife of John Fox, dau Charlotte w of Charles Todd, dau Lucy wife of John Bell, dau Betsy wife of Henry Mawer, dau Anne wife of Ira Fletcher, dau Hannah wife of Henry Rawlinson, wife Lucy, son Robert John Fielding
written 23 Mar 1866

Fielding, James Boston Wills 1879/I/228
of Boston, gentleman
friends Thomas Meggitt of Boston currier and Thomas Haynes Tuxford of same watchmaker, sisters Alice Sharman wife of Joseph Sharman and Priscilla Clarke widow
written 15 May 1877 proved 17 Jul 1879 under L450
wit Henry Bates, Bridge St, Boston and Mary Ann Marshall

Wilkinson, Robert Owston Stow wills 1717-27/378
of Owston
large will with lots of details of land in Owston and who were the neighbours, names, Sons William, Paul, dauts Ann Gee, Mary Taylor, g/daut Elizabeth Gee and all grandchildren (unnamed)
proved 30 Jan 1720
wit William Wilkinson jr, William Collison, Tho: Holland

Wilkinson, Robert Owston Stow wills 1728-31/256
Robert Wilkinson of Kinnal Ferry [end of will missing from volume, but was copied]
son Matthew L5 and market boate for trade, son Richard- land, son Thomas L5, son John, dau Susanna, son Robert, dau Sarah., Mary dau of son Robert, John son of son John, Ann dau of son John, Timothy Collison of Axholme butcher executor- son John wit Edward Clark, Eliot Johnson, Joseph Johnson
written 21 Nov 1729 proved April 24 1730
Wilkinson, Robert Scotton Stow wills 1813-15/161
of Scotton gentleman
Aunt Elizabeth wife of Joseph Akerill of West Woodside, Haxey miller; Ann Needham a spinster of E Ferry; servant James Wressell, brother in law William Fielding of West Ferry and sums of money to the poor widows of E Ferry and to build a school; John Furley of Gainsburgh surgeon - library of books, except Gregory’s Dictionary of Arts and Sciences to Charles Briggs of West Ferry bricklayer, Cornelius Sandars
written 23 Apr 1812; proved 6 Dec 1812 by William Fielding; Testator died 6 July 1812
three codicils dated 18 Jun 1812 refuted by William Fielding 4 May 1814; 13 Jun 1814 William Fielding re-sworn Cornelius Sandars renounced

Wilkinson, Robert Scotton, Stow admons 1801-10/152
Robert Wilkinson late of East Ferry
Robert Wilkinson of East Ferry, Scottn farmer and Benjamin Williay of Heapham farmer and William Hird of Heapham farmer L2400 value L1500

Wilkinson, John Owston Stow wills 1743-47/182
John of Owston 1747, land to Wife Elizabeth with William Wilkinson to the North, daut Ann m 1744 John Fish son (of Ann) John Fish
Anne to John Fish 30-4-1744

Wilkinson, John West Kinnald Ferry Stow wills 1787/420
John of West Kinnald Ferry 1778 names Wife Sarah, sons John, Elisha, Joseph, dauts Mary Maw, Elizabeth, Hannah, Tamar Barber.

Wilkinson, John West Kinnald Ferry Stow wills 1854/255

Wilkinson, Joseph Owston Stow wills 1813-15/160

Wilkinson, Matthew Owston Stow Admons 1761-80/281
Matthew of Owston 1761 letters of Admin granted to wife Elizabeth who died 1767 at West Kinnald leaving all to son John (weaver by trade) wit Mathew (son?)

Wilkinson, Paul Owston Stow wills 1778/382
Paul of Owston 1778 names Nephew Robert and his wife Ann and his son (Robert's) Robert (was his wife and children all dead ?)

Wilkinson, William Owston Stow wills 1748-51/166
William Wilkinson of Kynal Ferry
daughter Mary Cutforth - two acres bordering John Gee and Thomas Raven, one acre William Everatt heirs, one half acre William Taylor heirs, other one half acre next to Paul Wilkinson, land by George Fish, John Pindar esq, Mr Broadhead, one road of ... land next to my orchard to Robert Wilkinson grandson when he reaches 21, to daughter Mary Cutforth land near John Moody, Mary Cutforth granddaughter, son Robert Wilkinson
27 Jan 1747 witnesses William Pettinger jr, Paul Wilkinson, William Wilkkinson jr
pr 20 Dec 1748

Wilkinson, William Owston Stow wills 1762/434
William of Owston 1762 (Sack cloth weaver) names wife Phoebe, son William, daut Ann. witnessed by Robert Wilkinson Senior & Junior

Wilkinson, Thomas Luddington Stow wills 1748-51 198 187
Thomas Wilkinson of Gawthorp
sister Rebekah Wilkinson - land, made 21 Aug 1750 pr 18 Oct 1750
#5 | Posted: 20 Nov 2007 06:51
Wilkinson, Christopher East Butterwick LCC wills 1839/394
Christopher of East Butterwick 1839 a Mariner all to his wife Mary, lane at E Butterwick, Huddersfield and Aldermansbury.

Wilkinson, Elizabeth West Kinnald Ferry Wills 1875/II/890
Elizabeth of West Kinnald Ferry 1875 widow, names dauts Ann Wing, Sarah, sons Elisha, John and Richard Fletcher

-Matthew Wilkinson wit to will of William Hutchinson 9 Apr 1764 pr 4 Nov 1765

Akril, Joseph Haxey Stow wills 1825-7 (1827)
of Upperthorpe, Haxey, miller
wife, William Fielding and John Holland trustees, dau Ann wife of John Waterhouse of Upperthorpe farmer, dau Eliza wife of Richard Hill of Gringlyon the Hill in Nottingham L8, grandson Joseph Akril Waterhouse 19 guineas, granddaughter Eliza wife of Tho Baumforth, granddau Mary wife of Robt Thornton L5, gd Jamima Akril L5, grandson Esau Akril
“and executing this my Will and likewise subject to and out Payment of Four Pounds a year to be said unto Willm Fielding and John Hollan who I have appointed trustees to examining and keep my said Post wind mill in such repairs as they shall see to be the most wanting of repair as far as the said four pounds a year will pay.”
“Item the Twenty Pounds which I have in the said William Fielding Hand I give and dispose of as follows...”
written 6 Aug 1826 Testator died 9 Feb 1827
wit Mary X Winter, Joshua West, Jno Taylor
letter for admin by Ann Waterhouse of Haxey less then L100
letter for Ann Waterhouse of Haxey, John Waterhouse farmer and John Taylor
[Joesph Akrill m. Elizabeth Wilkinson 30 Jan 1767 Haxey]

John Spicer Owston Stow wills 1790-94/309
John Spicer of West Kinnal
son William Spicer - house, daughter Elizabeth Green, granddaughter Elizabeth Green, grandson Jonathon Spicer, 3 pounds for Jonathon’s father should he come again
8 Jul 1774 pr 14 Nov 1791

Jonathan Spicer Owston Stow wills 1768/364 1766-71
wife Anny, son Nathaniel, dau Ann when 21, dau Elizabeth when 21, dau Mary when 21
2 Feb 1758 pr 8 Jun 1768
wit. Joseph Otter, John Spicer jr, William Pettinger

Elizabeth Spicer Owston Stow wills 1807/44
of West Kinald Ferry
nephew Robert Wilkinson son of Robert Wilkinson of East Ferry

Nathaniel Spicer Laughton Stow Admons 1811-20/98
of Wilesworth inventory of estate by dau Ann Cawkwell wife of William Cawkwell of Wilesworth and William Cawkwell, farmer and James Needham of Gainsborough, manservant
13 Jun 1812 pay L600 to Leonard Town Clerk Master less than L300

Moverly, Abraham Owston Stow wills 1757/133
Abraham Moverly of West Kynnald Ferry
son Richard - watch, remainder to beloved wife, Frances, Hannah, Ann, my daughters
made 29 Jul 1755 pr 9 May 1757
wit Joseph Clegg, William X Dawson, William Pettinger

Catherine Moverly Owston 1766-71 (1767) 244
of Kynnal Ferry
son Richard, daughter Frances wife of Nathaniel Spicer L10, daughter Hannah Michaels widow, daughter Ann Moverly
3 Mar 1766 wit Joseph Otter, Thomas Foster, William Pettinger pr 1 May 1767

William Spicer Owston Stow wills 1795-97/250
of West Kinnal Ferry
wife Susanna
29 Jan 1794 wit. William Standage, Joseph Thomason, Enoch Thomason pr 17 Sep 1795

Jonathan Spicer of Epworth Stow wills 1702-39/54
son Jonathan stone house etc, dau Dorothy, dau Mary, dau Ann, dau Katherine, dau Martha, wife Katherine
20 Mar 1728/9 pr 1731

Pettinger, Thomas Owston Stow wills 1705-10/99
of Kinnald Ferry, boatman
eldest son Thomas Pettinger one shilling, son John Pettinger 5 shillings, wife Alice Pettinger and son William Pettinger his boat, son James five pounds, daughter Sarah Pettinger
14 Apr 1706

Ann Pettinger of Belton 1705-10/98
son John Pettinger, son Henry Pettinger, grandchild John Pettinger, daugher in law Susanna Pettinger, grandchild William Pettinger, grandchild John, grandchild Robert, grandchild Mary, son in law Mathias Sexant, daughter Susanna, ...... Durling grandchild, Susannah Durling, gc, Ann Durling gc, Margret Durling, gc, Thomas Gillyat gc, Abigail St Paul gc, Elizabeth St Paul gc, Thomas Pettinger brother in law, John Pettinger son of Thomas, Ann Pettinger wife of John
23 Oct 1706

Pettinger, William Epworth Stow wills 1748-51/122
William Pettinger of Epworth
daughter Ann Elwick, granddaughter Francis Pettinger, bond owed from Peter Barnard, brother James Pettinger, late Uncle Thompson, late son John Pettinger
4 Dec 1743 pr 11 Nov 1752 Ann Elwick a widow

Pettinger, William Epworth Stow Admons 1742-60/233
Benjamin Barton of Epworth sailor and John Oxley of St Martin, Lincoln currior
(?husband of Ann Barton, Ann Elwick widow, too much writing crammed in to sort out
Pettinger, Richard Owston Stow Admons 1741-60/242
Richard Pettinger of Owston
William Pettinger of West Kinnald schoolmaster and Thomas Frudd of same L34
12 Apr 1744

James Pettinger Haxey Stw wills 1711-16/169
James Pettinger of Haxey, Yeoman
Anne Pettinger wife Theophilus son, James son, Valentine Tanikovsley
9 Feb 1712

Theophilus Pettinger of Haxey 1728-31/311, husbandman
brother James Pettinger, wife Mary, son John, land next to ground of the heirs of Henry Pettinger, Thomas Waterland, John Gibson, John Cooper, Vincent Browne, second son James Pettinger, land of James Pycock, Thomas Johnson, Anthony Gibson, Robert Whittaker, John Garland, Mr. Maw
wit James Pettinger, John Coggan, Edw: Morrison
25 Jan 1727 pr 13 Apr 1728
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