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Why Red1st ?

#1 | Posted: 26 Feb 2010 14:19
Hi Adrian,

I certainly appreciate what you do to keep Red1st up and running - it's just sensational to have a website dedicated to "our folk".... no matter how far flung we are, like me in Australia. I also tell others looking for family in the Red1st area to check out your website. Perhaps we should add a link to your website with our personal info or areas of info on other sites we may use.

One thing has always bugged me....why "Red1st"? Whatever, I would never have found it without my contact in Crowle. Being in Australia with family from Lincs, I am geographically challenged by the words Isle of Axholme. Where and what the heck is Axholme? It could be anywhere in Scandinavia as my first guess, although of course I know where it is now.

You can tell I'm a complete computer dunce but I hope my 2 bob's worth helps!

Keep up the great work!

kindest regards,

Liz Hind (one of the Hind family from Crowle)
Sydney, Australia
#2 | Posted: 26 Feb 2010 14:45 | Edited by: adrian
H Liz
Thank you for your encouragement.
Sorry but there is no great mystery, we chose as a domain before we knew what we were going to use it for. Red1st was the simplest 6 character name available. All our links on the internet point to
Best regards
Red1st Administrator
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