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#1 | Posted: 16 Mar 2008 23:27
How do you create a new source? What is the link?
#2 | Posted: 18 Mar 2008 15:14 | Edited by: adrian
Create the source here: Administration> Sources > Add
Append the Source while Editing a Person or Family

Sources are valuable pieces of information are. When uploading gedcom files or updating entries please add a Source so that other members are aware of who to approach should they need to validate entries. If a relevant Source is not already listed you can add a new Source via menu Administration > Sources

Where no Source is shown members can view who last Edited the data
#3 | Posted: 1 Dec 2009 03:57 | Edited by: adrian
Our sources can be contacted (if they are a currently member) via Personal messaging, go to Forum. If no Source exists you can see who last edited the page (within Edit function) and use that name to find the person to Private message.
If all else fails Contact Us
#4 | Posted: 7 May 2010 10:31
Bryan Biggs asked "Do you require information to be "verified" before adding it to Red1st?"

Our response: What you see on is what you get.
If we have certificates or headstones we publish then on the site.
Most other data has a Source indicated.
If none of these are shown then the data is unverified and should be treated as guidance.
But even though data is unverified its probability of accuracy is likely positive as someone has taken the trouble to build the relationship.
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