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Blackwell, Derbyshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.120152, Longitude: -1.353633


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah  1804Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I07802263248
2 Adlington, Terence (Terry)  21 Nov 1935Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I77402664080971
3 Allen, Mary  1866Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082385
4 Ball, John Joseph  9 Jun 1876Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I07996974471
5 Barlow, Thomas Alfred  8 Dec 1884Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080325
6 Bentley, Edith  Abt 1889Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081633
7 Bentley, Harold  Abt 1890Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081626
8 Bentley, Hilda  Abt 1892Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081627
9 Bentley, Ida  Abt 1894Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081634
10 Ford, Alice Amelia  Dec 1896Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082386
11 Ford, Charles E  1879Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082344
12 Ford, Dorothy Elizabeth  Dec 1892Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082384
13 Ford, Harry  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082342
14 Ford, Harry  Abt 1900Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082394
15 Ford, Louis Allen  Dec 1894Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082387
16 Ford, Ruth  Dec 1898Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082389
17 Glasby, Beatrice  16 Dec 1907Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080247
18 Glasby, John  Jun 1878Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080703
19 Glasby, Mary  1880Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080380
20 Glasby, Mary Elizabeth  03 Dec 1906Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080800
21 Glasby, Millicent  1876Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080702
22 Goodall, Mabel  11 Mar 1893Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I41460
23 Greenhough, Mary Annie  1882Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081455
24 Greenhough, Sarah  1884Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081456
25 Hesketh, Alfred  Abt 1885Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080268
26 Painter, Sarah Phoebe  1883Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080728
27 Parkin, Florence  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081614
28 Parkin, George  Abt 1878Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081602
29 Parkin, George Alfred  1884Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081617
30 Parkin, Gertrude  Abt 1890Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081620
31 Parkin, Herbert  Sep 1876Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081603
32 Polkey, Clara  23 Jan 1886Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080574
33 Polkey, Dora  28 Apr 1895Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080328
34 Polkey, Edith  28 Nov 1887Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080267
35 Polkey, George Francis  6 May 1893Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080571
36 Polkey, Gladys Lavinia  6 May 1893Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080270
37 Polkey, Henry Herbert  16 Jan 1898Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080296
38 Polkey, HildaMary  19 Apr 1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080262
39 Polkey, Sarah Ann  15 Mar 1885Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080572
40 Polkey, Thomas William  4 Oct 1883Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080276
41 Richardson, Mary  1620Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I29595
42 Shaw, Marshall  1851Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I480095781
43 Shooter, George  Abt 1849Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I79068
44 Woodall, Martha Elizabeth  Abt 1899Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080295


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bostock, Thomas  8 Jun 1960Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080252
2 Glasby, Harriet Fanny  16 Oct 1934Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080257


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Glasby, John  Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080555
2 Glasby, Mary Elizabeth  Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080563
3 Glasby, William  Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080558
4 Parkin, Elizabeth Ann  1914Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080263
5 Polkey, Charles  Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080264
6 Poundall, Mary Elizabeth  1934Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080554


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Glasby, George Tristam  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080802
2 Polkey, Charles  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080264


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mary  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082385
2 Allen, Mary  1891Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082385
3 Allen, Mary  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082385
4 Allen, Mary  02 Apr 1911Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082385
5 Bentley, Edith  1891Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081633
6 Bentley, Harold  1891Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081626
7 Bentley, William  1891Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081630
8 Billings, Sarah Ann  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081613
9 Bostock, Thomas  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080252
10 Cook, Eliza  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081279
11 Draper, Mary Ann  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082392
12 England, James  1861Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I08379260854
13 England, John  1861Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I08379272659
14 Ford, Alice Amelia  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082386
15 Ford, Alice Amelia  02 Apr 1911Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082386
16 Ford, Carey  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082341
17 Ford, Charles E  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082344
18 Ford, Charles E  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082344
19 Ford, Dorothy Elizabeth  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082384
20 Ford, Dorothy Elizabeth  02 Apr 1911Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082384
21 Ford, Elizabeth A  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082339
22 Ford, Elizabeth A  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082339
23 Ford, Frances  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082343
24 Ford, Frances  1891Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082343
25 Ford, Frances  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082343
26 Ford, Frank  02 Apr 1911Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082390
27 Ford, Harry  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082342
28 Ford, Harry  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082342
29 Ford, Harry  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082394
30 Ford, John Parkin  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082345
31 Ford, John Parkin  1891Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082345
32 Ford, John Parkin  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082345
33 Ford, Joseph Allen  02 Apr 1911Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082388
34 Ford, Louis Allen  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082387
35 Ford, Louis Allen  02 Apr 1911Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082387
36 Ford, Mary  02 Apr 1911Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082391
37 Ford, Ruth  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082389
38 Ford, Ruth  02 Apr 1911Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082389
39 Ford, William Joseph  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082340
40 Ford, William Joseph  1891Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082340
41 Ford, William Joseph  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082340
42 Ford, William Joseph  02 Apr 1911Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664082340
43 Glasby, Frederick Henry  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080293
44 Glasby, George Tristam  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080802
45 Glasby, Harriet Fanny  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080257
46 Glasby, Sarah Hannah  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080275
47 Greenhough, George  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081280
48 Hesketh, Alfred  1891Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080268
49 Hesketh, Alfred  1901Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664080268
50 Parkin, Angelina  1881Blackwell, Derbyshire, England I077402664081605

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aldred / Bostock  15 Apr 1933Blackwell, Derbyshire, England F3333811975
2 Bostock / Glasby  26 Nov 1902Blackwell, Derbyshire, England F3333811410
3 Bostock / Radford   F3333811979
4 Bosville / Richardson  1641Blackwell, Derbyshire, England F1650
5 Glasby / Polkey  11 Nov 1905Blackwell, Derbyshire, England F3333811596