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Bletchingley, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.24061, Longitude: -0.10193


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Antcliffe, DorisMinnie  Jun 1904Bletchingley, Surrey, England I85641
2 Antcliffe, Ruby Elsie  Mar 1900Bletchingley, Surrey, England I85644
3 Blackman, Neville   I3500300817
4 Botting, Edwin  1853Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500312531
5 Botting, Esther Elizabeth  1843Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488725
6 Botting, George  1850Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500312530
7 Botting, Henry  1848Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500312529
8 Brown, Ann  Abt 1765Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300909
9 Buckland, Charles  1869Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500312541
10 Buckland, John  1866Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500312540
11 Buckland, Thomas  1863Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500312539
12 Choat, Eliza  1819Bletchingley, Surrey, England I23579
13 Coppard, Albert  1898Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300800
14 Coppard, Alfred  1861Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488730
15 Coppard, Alfred  1895Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300798
16 Coppard, Alice Hannah  1869Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488736
17 Coppard, Ann  1814Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300820
18 Coppard, Anne  1769Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300888
19 Coppard, Arthur  1907Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300805
20 Coppard, Charles  1778Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300890
21 Coppard, Charles  1889Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488735
22 Coppard, Edward  1787Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488741
23 Coppard, Edward  1845Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488724
24 Coppard, Edward  1885Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488734
25 Coppard, Edward  1904Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300804
26 Coppard, Elizabeth  1762Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300885
27 Coppard, Elizabeth  1802Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300896
28 Coppard, Elizabeth  1848Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488727
29 Coppard, Ellen Elizth  1877Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488738
30 Coppard, Elsie  1901Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300802
31 Coppard, Emma  1846Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300777
32 Coppard, Florence  1903Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300803
33 Coppard, Francis  1899Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300801
34 Coppard, George  1857Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488729
35 Coppard, Hannah  1757Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300884
36 Coppard, Hannah  1791Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300892
37 Coppard, Henry  1771Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300889
38 Coppard, Jack Stanley  Abt 1914Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300808
39 Coppard, James  1799Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300895
40 Coppard, Jane  1794Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300893
41 Coppard, John  1764Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300886
42 Coppard, John  1805Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300897
43 Coppard, Leonard  1908Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300806
44 Coppard, Louisa  1896Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300799
45 Coppard, Louisa HH  1862Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488739
46 Coppard, Martha  1807Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300898
47 Coppard, Mary  1814Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300821
48 Coppard, Richard  1768Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300887
49 Coppard, Richard  1911Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300807
50 Coppard, Sarah  1797Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300894

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Coppard, Edward  1869Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488741
2 Coppard, Hannah  1825Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300884
3 Coppard, Thomas  1807Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300870
4 Coppard, Thomas  1825Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300867
5 Coppard, Thomas James  1925Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488731
6 Ellsey, Sarah  1869Bletchingley, Surrey, England I1748488742
7 Jeal, Catherine  1873Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300832
8 Jones, Mary Ann  1933Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300797
9 Lee, Elizabeth  1820Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300871
10 Mayne, Thomas  1832Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300899
11 Morley, Michael  1836Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300845
12 Pottihar, Phylidelphia  1836Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300891
13 Richardson, Jane  1906Bletchingley, Surrey, England I3500300917


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Pimperton, Ella  Aft 1945Bletchingley, Surrey, England I99904


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dann / Dives  19 Dec 1872Bletchingley, Surrey, England F672133208
2 Morley / Dalton  1787Bletchingley, Surrey, England F1345571946