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Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England



Location : Latitude: 54.0883954, Longitude: -0.1840209


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Charlotte  Abt 1822Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748847560
2 Lucy  Abt 1857Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I479971217
3 Martha  16 Oct 1795Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I18002118
4 Mary Ann  Abt 1821Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I8397
5 Abbott, IdaMary  3 Mar 1919Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I82266
6 Abel, George Henry  18 Oct 1914Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77400352427128
7 Ainsworth, Richard  1803Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I43153
8 Ainsworth, Thomas  11 Sep 1836Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I43159
9 Ainsworth, William  25 Mar 1840Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I43160
10 Ainsworth, William Dobson  Jun 1851Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I43161
11 Alden, Annie  Abt 1895Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26791
12 Alden, George  Abt 1885Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26787
13 Alden, Henry  Abt 1889Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26789
14 Alden, John  25 Oct 1891Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26790
15 Alden, Joseph  9 Oct 1897Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26792
16 Alden, William  Abt 1888Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26788
17 Atkinson, Elsie M  1937Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I7738448289
18 Baker, George Henry  Abt 1898Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I59000024
19 Ball, Charlotte Cashmore  Abt 1880Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I34240
20 Ball, George Emmerson  Abt 1877Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I34238
21 Ball, Mary Jane Emmerson  Abt 1882Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I34241
22 Ball, Nellie  Abt 1884Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I34242
23 Barker, Aaron (John)  13 Jan 1789Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I27094
24 Barker, Ann Ellen  Between and Apr 1859Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092050
25 Barker, George  1863Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664090162
26 Barker, George Donald  Q2 1904Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092268
27 Barker, Harry Maynard  25 May 1909Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664089229
28 Barker, Jesse  Abt 1858Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092874
29 Barker, KatheenMarion  Q1 1906Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092273
30 Barker, Mary A  1853Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092057
31 Barker, Richard K  Abt 1856Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092054
32 Barker, Thomas  1865Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664090163
33 Barrow, Edwin  Abt 1874Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I3499894106
34 Barrow, Ellen  Abt 1868Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I3499894103
35 Barrow, Harry  Abt 1872Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I3499894105
36 Barrow, Henrietta  Abt 1870Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I3499894104
37 Barton, Constance Kate  21 Apr 1905Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I82230
38 Batty, Catherine  Abt 1851Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I27133
39 Colley, Edith Irene  19 Feb 1905Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I121018944
40 Colter, Lucy  1765Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I18001222
41 Cooper, Rose Hannah  Abt 1853Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1750153819
42 Coulson, Dinah  Abt 1817Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748861672
43 Cowling, Arthur   I92429
44 Cowling, Doris L   I92430
45 Cowling, Ernest  1890Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92427
46 Cowling, KathleenM   I92431
47 Cowling, PhyllisM   I92428
48 Crawford, Emily Dunn  1872Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77400352428578
49 Crawford, Mary Jane  1871Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77400352428577
50 Creaser, William  Abt 1848Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26027

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Barningham, Mary  13 Dec 1848Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I42193
2 Barningham, Sarah Ann  12 Apr 1842Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I42188
3 Barrow, Harry  28 Aug 1872Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I3499894105
4 Barrow, John  29 Apr 1866Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I3499894102
5 Broderick, Isaiah  20 Sep 1822Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I7739812652
6 Cape, Elizabeth  9 Feb 1768Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I27001
7 Creaser, Ann  14 Nov 1852Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26030
8 Creaser, Ann Elizabeth  9 Feb 1859Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26031
9 Creaser, Jane  9 Nov 1864Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26032
10 Creaser, John  Abt 1823Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26024
11 Creaser, John  18 Feb 1850Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26028
12 Creaser, Thomas  22 Aug 1864Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26033
13 Creaser, William  14 Nov 1852Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26029
14 Creyke, Catharine  3 Jan 1618/19Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I7739082142
15 Eden, John  18 Sep 1746Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26969
16 Eden, Mary  16 Mar 1747Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I25167
17 Glenton, Annie Elizabeth  26 Sep 1841Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748959864
18 Glenton, Annie Elizabeth  26 Sep 1841Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I3499832985
19 Gray, Alice  1 May 1842Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748877323
20 Gray, Elizabeth  17 Sep 1837Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748916023
21 Gray, Francis  18 Dec 1839Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748916024
22 Gray, Mary  14 Oct 1835Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748916025
23 Gray, Thompson  24 Feb 1808Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748916021
24 Gray, William  29 Sep 1844Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748916026
25 Jamieson, IanMichael   I77402664086412
26 Leppington, Ann  7 Apr 1850Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26011
27 Leppington, Charles  18 Jan 1845Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26010
28 Leppington, Elizabeth  12 Jul 1826Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26025
29 Leppington, Hannah  20 Jan 1847Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26012
30 Leppington, Tom  23 Nov 1851Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26013
31 Nicholls, Ann Jackson  2 Oct 1831Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748959876
32 Nicholls, Benjamin  16 Mar 1827Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748969946
33 Nicholls, Charles  26 Jan 1811Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748957399
34 Nicholls, Edward  13 Oct 1833Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748957412
35 Nicholls, Francis  14 Sep 1805Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748959861
36 Nicholls, Henry  31 Jul 1836Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748959875
37 Nicholls, Joseph  4 Mar 1824Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748969945
38 Nicholls, Sarah  17 May 1798Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748970075
39 Nicholls, Sarah Ann  21 Jul 1841Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748917345
40 Nicholls, Thomas  21 Jul 1807Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748930372
41 Nicholls, Thomas  26 Jul 1835Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748957413
42 Nicholls, William  16 Jun 1839Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748957402
43 Paul, Jane  5 Oct 1761Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26998
44 Robson, Nelly  1898Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26857
45 Storey, Charles Richmond  18 Jul 1860Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748946454
46 Storey, Frederick William  27 Dec 1865Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748925426
47 Storey, Henry Errington  1 Apr 1857Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748920847
48 Storey, James Wilkinson  1 Apr 1857Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748946456
49 Storey, John  27 Sep 1820Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748925424
50 Storey, John William  1 Apr 1857Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748925427

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jane  Dec 1883Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I18040453
2 Abbott, IdaMary  8 Nov 1984Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I82266
3 Ainsworth, Richard  Between Oct-Dec 1853Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I43153
4 Ainsworth, William Dobson  3 Aug 1851Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I43161
5 Alden, Joseph  Yes, date unknownBridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26792
6 Axe, Kathleen  May 1995Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I480062988
7 Baron, Drinkrow  Jan 1876-Mar 1876Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I7739797560
8 Bayes, Elizabeth Robson  6 May 1917Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92257
9 Bower, Clara Helen  1927Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92471
10 Boynton, William Grisby  Jan 1887-Mar 1887Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I7739798321
11 Briggs, George Williamson  12 Jul 1923Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402787082122
12 Cass, Marion Cowling  1984Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I3500312704
13 Clarkson, Mary Ann  1897Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77400352428573
14 Coates, William John Dotchon  1936Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I90537
15 Cole, TAMAR  1884Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I480032999
16 Colter, Lucy  7 Dec 1838Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I18001222
17 Cooper, Rose Hannah  Martr 1933Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1750153819
18 Copeland, Mary  1895Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748866824
19 Creaser, John  21 Dec 1887Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26024
20 Crowcroft, Henry  2 Dec 1939Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748860499
21 Crowcroft, RosaMary Ann  25 Jan 1944Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I42728
22 Dobson, Edmund  Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I23331
23 Duke, George  20 Apr 1887Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I7739797970
24 Edmondson, Lois Amy  Jul 1992Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I7738449556
25 Eyre, Thomas  Between Oct-Dec 1975Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I47852
26 Forth, Ann  15 Sep 1843Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I18002116
27 Graham, Mary Margaret  1920Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92390
28 Gray, Gladys Vera  Abt 1970Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I82242
29 Gwynn, Helen Beatrice  7 Dec 1977Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I06903975996
30 Harvey, Claude Stanley  Between Jul-Sep 1983Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I73494
31 Helliwell, Benjamin  Between Jan-Mar 1924Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402109324855
32 Hogg, Frank  Jan 1933Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I100187
33 Hoggard, Thomas  23 Jun 1881Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I07802264087
34 Horobin, Herbert Crewe  Jun 1920Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I3500642140
35 Hutchinson, David  5 Oct 2006Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I700181
36 Jackson, Reuben  1862Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748959867
37 Jamieson, Arthur Albert  1987Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664086413
38 Jamieson, James Albert  1965Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664086420
39 Jolley, George  1885Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748930369
40 Lee, Douglas Woodruff  Between Jul-Sep 1980Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I21215
41 Leppington, Charles  22 Jun 1840Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I23895
42 Leppington, Mark  Sep 1837Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I24609
43 Leppington, Mark  Abt 1892Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748866820
44 Leppington, Mary  31 Oct 1891Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I26022
45 Lightley, Frank  1916Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92472
46 Lightley, James  1882Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92395
47 Lightley, James Thomas  1914Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92384
48 Lightley, John Robert  1881Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92388
49 Lightley, Thomas Freebury?  13 Dec 1889Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92204
50 Lightley, Thomas Graham  1932Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92394

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brunyee, Rosa Kate  Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I479197861
2 Colter, Lucy  7 Dec 1838Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I18001222
3 de Gant, Alice  Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748584631
4 Kay, Albert Edward  Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I19846
5 Lightley, Thomas Freebury?  16 Dec 1889Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I92204
6 Sykes, Herbert  Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I479197862
7 Watwan, William Albert  18 Jan 1944Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I99200


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Maw, Clara  1901Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748498490
2 Pearce, Thomas Featherston  1901Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748508398


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Kay, Edward Leslie Harrison  Abt 1913Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I89870


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Mulholland, William  Between 1909 and 1912Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I7739694952
2 Pearce, Thomas Featherston  1901Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1748508398


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Eleanor  02 Apr 1911Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664093357
2 Baker, George Henry  1901Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I59000024
3 Baker, George Henry  2 Apr 1911Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I59000023
4 Barker, Ann Ellen  1861Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092050
5 Barker, Ann Ellen  1871Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092050
6 Barker, Ann Ellen  1881Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092050
7 Barker, George  1871Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664090162
8 Barker, George  1881Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664090162
9 Barker, Jesse  1861Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092874
10 Barker, Jesse  1871Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092874
11 Barker, Jesse  1881Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092874
12 Barker, Mary A  1861Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092057
13 Barker, Mary A  1871Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092057
14 Barker, Richard  1861Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664089149
15 Barker, Richard  1871Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664089149
16 Barker, Richard K  1861Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092054
17 Barker, Thomas  1871Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664090163
18 Barker, Thomas  1881Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664090163
19 Barker, Thomas  1901Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664090163
20 Brunyee, Rosa Kate  1949Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I479197861
21 Chatterton, Catherine Barnard  1881Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1750122605
22 Chatterton, Catherine Barnard  1891Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1750122605
23 Chatterton, Catherine Barnard  1901Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I1750122605
24 Fairfax, Henry  Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I7739797008
25 Oliver, Emma  2 Apr 1911Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I104000334
26 Rowlin, Isabella  1861Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092056
27 Rowlin, Isabella  1871Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092056
28 Rowlin, Isabella  1881Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092056
29 Webb, Frances Lucy  1901Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664092265


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Glenton  Between Jul and Sep 1860Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1345467457
2 / Glenton  Between Jan and Mar 1866Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1345467456
3 Alden / Robson  22 Nov 1884Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F7120
4 Appleton / Elston  Sep 1915Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1944366588
5 Atkin / Pease  Jun 1866Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F28026055
6 Atkinson / Frankish  2 Sep 1946Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F6602
7 Baker / Spendlow  Oct 1905Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F59000088
8 Ball / Emmerson  8 Oct 1871Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F9437
9 Baron / Barnby  Mar 1848Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1389330750
10 Barratt / Green  1901Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F122001010
11 Berriman / Cape  11 Dec 1785Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F7172
12 Berriman / Paul  10 May 1779Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F7171
13 Birllock / Heselton  14 Jun 1824Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F672304387
14 Branton / Whitehead  10 Mar 1723Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F90115
15 Bullock / Sharp  22 Dec 1794Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F672312499
16 Cowling / Lightley  1911Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F90800
17 Crawford / Coventry  Jan-Mar 1873Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1944360336
18 Creaser / Leppington  20 Dec 1845Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F6973
19 Creaser / Lightley  1891Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F90798
20 Dobson / Dunn  16 Oct 1814Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F15008
21 Dobson / Storr  24 Nov 1822Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F681
22 Duke / Crawford  Oct 1884-Dec 1884Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1944360326
23 Dukes / Emerson  1853Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F31949
24 Eden / Maw  Apr-Jun 1916Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F121010402
25 Eden / Taylor  9 Aug 1744Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F7012
26 Ellis / Jolley  Between Apr and Jun 1900Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F672327845
27 Emmerson / Leng  1846Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F9426
28 Esh / Barton  15 Jun 1730Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1345613305
29 Esh / Richardson  Between Oct and Dec 1849Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F672312501
30 Forth / Colter  Abt 1785Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F18000617
31 Grace / Grindel  Between Jul and Sep 1848Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F47015743
32 Grange / Huddleston  24 Nov 1829Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F90293
33 Gray / Leeson  14 Aug 1834Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F672319313
34 Hall / Holtby  26 Feb 1730Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F100252
35 Hartley / Gray  Dec 1882Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F3937
36 Holtby / Ford  25 Sep 1737Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F100037
37 Hudson / Richardson  Dec 1892Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1943989294
38 Husband / Stead  Between Jul and Sep 1896Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F672312500
39 Jackson / Glenton  Between Jul and Sep 1860Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F672337786
40 Jameson / Knaggs  Jul 1873-Sep 1873Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1944360623
41 Jamieson / Clifton   F3333814265
42 Jenkinson / Crozier  Dec 1901Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F19278
43 Jenkinson / Pickering  1884Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F121001219
44 Lawson / Garton  Between Jan and Mar 1860Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F672325689
45 Lawson / Puckering  Between Oct and Dec 1859Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F672325691
46 Leppington / Daniel  Between Oct and Dec 1917Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F1345467240
47 Leppington / Nicholson  Abt 1698Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F7192
48 Leppington / Nicholson  1841Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F6451
49 Leppington / Taylor  23 Mar 1844Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F6637
50 Leppington / Waters  1870Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England F7186

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