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Canterbury, Kent, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.277269, Longitude: 1.080517


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amy  Abt 1869Canterbury, Kent, England I1748895966
2 Caroline  Abt 1834Canterbury, Kent, England I77400352435145
3 Jane  1770Canterbury, Kent, England I3500310669
4 Allan, Robert Alexander  1861Canterbury, Kent, England I77402664095141
5 Ardizzone, JessicaMary  Jun 1967Canterbury, Kent, England I69167
6 Bates, John  1598Canterbury, Kent, England I1750120685
7 Blackley, George  1831Canterbury, Kent, England I077402664094332
8 Butcher, Hannah  Jun 1880Canterbury, Kent, England I66301
9 Chamberlain, Mark Andrew Richard   I77402420916307
10 Chamberlain, Nathalie Louisa Loveday   I77402420916319
11 Clancey, Charlotte Elizabeth  25 Mar 1874Canterbury, Kent, England I66603
12 Collard, Rallery?  Abt 1889Canterbury, Kent, England I1750061966
13 Collard, Roland  Abt Nov 1890Canterbury, Kent, England I1750061967
14 Cushman, Thomas  8 Feb 1606/07Canterbury, Kent, England I1750697933
15 de Noeud, Philippe  1575Canterbury, Kent, England I18003739
16 Despaigne, Anne  8 Oct 1698Canterbury, Kent, England I18002471
17 Despaigne, Elizabeth  Canterbury, Kent, England I18002470
18 Despaigne, Estienne  8 Jul 1694Canterbury, Kent, England I18002431
19 Despaigne, Gedeon  16 Dec 1681Canterbury, Kent, England I18002319
20 Despaigne, Jean  7 Sep 1690Canterbury, Kent, England I18002429
21 Despaigne, Marie  Abt 1588Canterbury, Kent, England I18002960
22 Despaigne, Marie  Abt 1619Canterbury, Kent, England I18002937
23 Despaigne, Marie  9 Feb 1688Canterbury, Kent, England I18002366
24 Despaigne, Samuel  18 Oct 1685Canterbury, Kent, England I18002365
25 Despaigne, Samuel  11 Oct 1692Canterbury, Kent, England I18001156
26 du Besquet, Christienne  1514Canterbury, Kent, England I18004013
27 du Toict, Anne  7 Nov 1630Canterbury, Kent, England I18003795
28 du Toict, Daniel  Abt 1622Canterbury, Kent, England I18003824
29 du Toict, Elizabeth  Abt 1624Canterbury, Kent, England I18003825
30 Filmer, Mary  Abt 1802Canterbury, Kent, England I3500307457
31 Fludd, John Gentleman  Abt 18 Mar 1591/92Canterbury, Kent, England I1750707016
32 Garner, Thomas  Abt 1610Canterbury, Kent, England I1750702003
33 Girling, Rose Annie  Abt 1871Canterbury, Kent, England I98490
34 Guest, Adrian David   I77402448986684
35 Guest, Andrew William   I77402448986727
36 Guest, Carl Damian   I77402448986643
37 Hawkes, Arthur Thomas  Jun 1875Canterbury, Kent, England I66310
38 Hawkes, Emma  Jun 1870Canterbury, Kent, England I66308
39 Hawkes, Frances Elizabeth  Dec 1871Canterbury, Kent, England I66309
40 Hawkes, George  Dec 1876Canterbury, Kent, England I66311
41 Hawkes, Graham   I66307
42 Hawkes, Thomas  1879Canterbury, Kent, England I66300
43 Hawkes, Thomas Joseph  1846Canterbury, Kent, England I66304
44 Hawkes, William  Jun 1880Canterbury, Kent, England I66312
45 Jenner, Carol T  Dec 1965Canterbury, Kent, England I85629
46 Jenner, Coleen A   I700138
47 Jenner, Gerald R  Mar 1961Canterbury, Kent, England I85628
48 Jenner, John W  Dec 1948Canterbury, Kent, England I85625
49 Jenner, Roger W  Sep 1950Canterbury, Kent, England I85626
50 Jenner, Sharon J  Jun 1957Canterbury, Kent, England I85627

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Despaigne, Jean  14 Feb 1590Canterbury, Kent, England I18002477
2 Read, Grace  Canterbury, Kent, England I1749992003
3 Read (Reed), William  30 Aug 1618Canterbury, Kent, England I1749994761
4 Reade, Thomas  18 Apr 1613Canterbury, Kent, England I1749994762
5 Sivyer, Sarah Ann  4 Mar 1804Canterbury, Kent, England I77402659341908
6 Six, Anne  5 Oct 1656Canterbury, Kent, England I18003997
7 Six, Estienne  4 Feb 1671Canterbury, Kent, England I18004002
8 Six, Jeanne  5 Dec 1669Canterbury, Kent, England I18004001
9 Six, Susanna  26 Jun 1664Canterbury, Kent, England I18003999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bertha (Bercta) Queen consort of Kent  Abt 612Canterbury, Kent, England I1750188580
2 Arrand, George Henry  Q1 1974Canterbury, Kent, England I69271
3 Boussemar, Marguerite  5 Aug 1655Canterbury, Kent, England I18002944
4 Brown, Katherine Birt  1986Canterbury, Kent, England I77402109331699
5 Butcher, Hannah  Sep 1905Canterbury, Kent, England I66301
6 Cawley, Gilbert Watson  1967Canterbury, Kent, England I480041493
7 Chichele, Henry Archbishop of Canterbury  12 Apr 1443Canterbury, Kent, England I1750053929
8 Collard, Dulcie Argles'Doody'  Abt Dec 1987Canterbury, Kent, England I1750042726
9 de Badlesmere, Bartholomew 1st Lord Badlesmere  14 Apr 1322Canterbury, Kent, England I1749991133
10 de Neu, Elizabeth  Abt 1636Canterbury, Kent, England I18003714
11 de Neu, Jaques  1 Jan 1631Canterbury, Kent, England I18003726
12 Despaigne, Elizabeth  22 Oct 1700Canterbury, Kent, England I18003989
13 Despaigne, Jean  2 Feb 1665Canterbury, Kent, England I18003986
14 Despaigne, Samuel  15 Apr 1689Canterbury, Kent, England I18002365
15 Desrousseaux, Antoinette  Abt 1636Canterbury, Kent, England I18003721
16 du Toict, Anne  30 Aug 1675Canterbury, Kent, England I18003795
17 du Toict, Daniel  Sep 1679Canterbury, Kent, England I18003824
18 Dunbar, William Henry George  1987Canterbury, Kent, England I98263
19 Hammond, Phoebe  Canterbury, Kent, England I7739119102
20 Hawkes, Arthur Thomas  Abt 1935Canterbury, Kent, England I66310
21 Hawkes, Emma  Abt 1945Canterbury, Kent, England I66308
22 Hawkes, Frances Elizabeth  Abt 1940Canterbury, Kent, England I66309
23 Hawkes, George  Abt 1940Canterbury, Kent, England I66311
24 Hawkes, William  Abt 1950Canterbury, Kent, England I66312
25 Heapy, EdithMay  Between Jan-Mar 1982Canterbury, Kent, England I50993
26 Heeley, EthelMay  Nov 1996Canterbury, Kent, England I700134
27 Heneage, Lucy  Sep 1621Canterbury, Kent, England I1749994666
28 Holman, John  1995Canterbury, Kent, England I3500312101
29 Jarvis, Kate  Dec 1961Canterbury, Kent, England I17821
30 Jones, Ann  1997Canterbury, Kent, England I3500312103
31 Kidd, Elizabeth Frances  Jun 1922Canterbury, Kent, England I66305
32 Le Poultre, Jean  Aft 1616Canterbury, Kent, England I18003811
33 Macaulay, Agnes Torrance  Oct-Dec 1976Canterbury, Kent, England I121028317
34 Powys, Rev Dr Thomas Dean of Canterbury  7 Oct 1809Canterbury, Kent, England I1750043020
35 Read, William  1621Canterbury, Kent, England I1749994789
36 Rees, Helene Gertrude  28 Sep 1928Canterbury, Kent, England I70287
37 RENALDS, William  1 Jun 1674Canterbury, Kent, England I122022601
38 Robinson, Gavin Fullarton  4 Mar 1925Canterbury, Kent, England I77398329201936
39 Sedt, Cornille  29 Aug 1657Canterbury, Kent, England I18003708
40 Sedt, Jaques  Aft 1626Canterbury, Kent, England I18003709
41 Sedt, Jean  17 Feb 1606Canterbury, Kent, England I18003710
42 Six, Jacques  7 Apr 1701Canterbury, Kent, England I18003995
43 Six, Jean  Bef 1687Canterbury, Kent, England I18003794
44 Six, Jean  10 Nov 1688Canterbury, Kent, England I18003996
45 Skeffington, John Clotworthy Talbot Foster Whyte-Melville Viscount Massereene & Ferrard  27 Dec 1992Canterbury, Kent, England I1750066228
46 Smith, Leonard Arthur  Between Oct-Dec 1977Canterbury, Kent, England I77398329202185
47 Stocks, Ada  2003Canterbury, Kent, England I73230
48 Stocks, Charles  17 Jan1958Canterbury, Kent, England I69871
49 Stocks, Clarence  Sep 1979Canterbury, Kent, England I73228
50 Symcox, Joseph Thomas  1 Mar 1995Canterbury, Kent, England I44126

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chichele, Henry Archbishop of Canterbury  Canterbury, Kent, England I1750053929
2 de Douvres, Isabel  Canterbury, Kent, England I1750055212
3 Despaigne, Jean  21 Jan 1656Canterbury, Kent, England I18002477
4 Desrousseaux, Antoinette  May 1641Canterbury, Kent, England I18003721
5 Harvey, Margaret  2 Nov 1837Canterbury, Kent, England I122022590
6 Powys, Rev Dr Thomas Dean of Canterbury  Canterbury, Kent, England I1750043020

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Boullin, Jeanne  1636Canterbury, Kent, England I18003701

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Allan, Alexander  1861Canterbury, Kent, England I77402664095483


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allan, James Alexander  1861Canterbury, Kent, England I77402664095137
2 Easton, Frank  1901Canterbury, Kent, England I06989249149
3 Hovenden, William  Canterbury, Kent, England I1750054404
4 Ryther, William  Canterbury, Kent, England I3500214872


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Jenkins, Jane  1748Canterbury, Kent, England I95020


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Axe / McCall   F672668306
2 du Toict / d'Ambrinne  Abt 1621Canterbury, Kent, England F18001160
3 Griffiths / Wibberley   F1944423774
4 Hawkes / Butcher  Jun 1905Canterbury, Kent, England F13776
5 Isham / Banks  Canterbury, Kent, England F673092857
6 Major / Paramore)  2 Nov 1676Canterbury, Kent, England F122014171
7 RENALDS / Paramore)  13 Jul 1674Canterbury, Kent, England F122014172
8 Six / Desmarets  15 Aug 1624Canterbury, Kent, England F18001161
9 SOLE / Bradly  13 Mar 1747Canterbury, Kent, England F122015090
10 Stroud / Stocks  1933Canterbury, Kent, England F21189
11 Stuart / de Bourbon  13 Jun 1625Canterbury, Kent, England F672661633
12 Thomas / Hemsley  20 Apr 1707Canterbury, Kent, England F2459
13 Wibberley / Geary   F1944423784
14 Wibberley / Heckman   F1944423754
15 Wibberley / Hogan  Between Jan-Mar 1894Canterbury, Kent, England F1944423730
16 Wibberley / Lilliott   F1944423764