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Carlisle, Cumberland, England



City/Town : Latitude: 54.895121, Longitude: -2.933568


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashes, Richard  1800Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1750123178
2 Bell, Mary   I0754215804
3 Boustead, Elizabeth  1834Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7738448480
4 Boustead, Howard  15 Mar 1835Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7738448481
5 Boustead, James  19 Mar 1807Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7738448458
6 Boustead, Robert Norman  1808Carlisle, Cumberland, England I81114
7 Boustead, Thomas  18 Dec 1831Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7738448479
8 Edgar, PeterM   I77400352434844
9 FALCONER, Elizabeth  1821Carlisle, Cumberland, England I122022848
10 Forrester, Atholl T  Sep 1941Carlisle, Cumberland, England I88429
11 Forrester, Christiine  Dec 1943Carlisle, Cumberland, England I88434
12 Fraser, Mary Lillian  Abt 1876Carlisle, Cumberland, England I08539792471
13 Fraser, Rachel Elizabeth  Sep 1878Carlisle, Cumberland, England I08539792478
14 Graham, William  Abt 1819Carlisle, Cumberland, England I43433
15 Haugh, Eileen   I0754215976
16 Hickie, Barry   I0754215923
17 Holliday, Jane  1850Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1749982925
18 Horner, Karen Joy  1970Carlisle, Cumberland, England I3500608514
19 Irving, Joseph  Abt 1854Carlisle, Cumberland, England I97302
20 Irving, Margaret J  Abt 1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England I97308
21 Leggott, Richard George  14 Jun 1843Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1748841016
22 Maud, Alice  Abt 1873Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5375
23 Pattinson, George Reay  1839Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1749982980
24 Richardson, Jane  Abt 1798Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1748838841
25 Scrymgeour (Scrymger), James Laird of Carlyle  Carlisle, Cumberland, England I77402664111239
26 Simpson, Elizabeth  18 Sep 1920Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1750129951
27 Skelton, Thomas  Apr 1862Carlisle, Cumberland, England I77402664090664
28 Threadgould, Leslie   I1750130363
29 Threadgould, Raymond   I1750130365
30 Tombling, James  Abt 1889Carlisle, Cumberland, England I98615
31 Tombling, John F  Abt 1894Carlisle, Cumberland, England I98610
32 Tombling, Robert  Abt 1892Carlisle, Cumberland, England I98616
33 Vickers, Mary Ann  Abt 1858Carlisle, Cumberland, England I97303
34 Weir, James  3 Jul 1865Carlisle, Cumberland, England I640238
35 Weir, Robert  Abt 1866Carlisle, Cumberland, England I640239
36 Wibberley, Lyn J   I1748747660


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Boustead, Elizabeth  9 Nov 1934Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7738448480
2 Boustead, Robert Norman  24 Feb 1808Carlisle, Cumberland, England I81114


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 David I King of the Scots  24 May 1153Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1748535426
2 Adamthwaite, Edwin  28 Jun 1891Carlisle, Cumberland, England I110423
3 Bell, Joseph  May 1997Carlisle, Cumberland, England I77402664109394
4 Brown, Harry Carr  17 Sep 1919Carlisle, Cumberland, England I77402664109475
5 Bruce, Alexander  1307Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1750048822
6 Crawford, Sir Reginald  13 Feb 1307Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1750046496
7 Fleming, MargaretMeals  1939Carlisle, Cumberland, England I43284
8 Hickie, George Noel Ellerton  1994Carlisle, Cumberland, England I0754215756
9 Howard, Margaret  17 Mar 1591Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1750049437
10 Hutchinson, Ruth  Between Oct-Dec 1888Carlisle, Cumberland, England I43490
11 Jackson, Kenneth Charles  2001Carlisle, Cumberland, England I480097585
12 Kindley, Thomas  9 May 1857Carlisle, Cumberland, England I61971
13 Rhodes, Frederick Richard  1980Carlisle, Cumberland, England I077402664081088
14 Sharman, Amy Jane  1918Carlisle, Cumberland, England I480030911
15 Sharman, EdithMay  1953Carlisle, Cumberland, England I480030910
16 Sharman, George Stroud  Between Apr-Jun 1928Carlisle, Cumberland, England I480030907
17 Toward, Edmund Alfred Tate  6 Jul 1955Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1749981112
18 Vick, Gordon Horace  9 Nov 2008Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7738447858
19 Vick, Horace  11 Apr 1981Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7738447857


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Horner, Lily  02 Apr 1911Carlisle, Cumberland, England I77402664094000
2 Howard, Harriet Elizabeth Georgiana  Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7001604315
3 Shillito, EdnaMay  02 Apr 1911Carlisle, Cumberland, England I77402664094007
4 Shillito, Samuel  02 Apr 1911Carlisle, Cumberland, England I47293


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boustead / Hutchinson  15 Nov 1830Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1943986907
2 Boustead / Norman  26 Jan 1805Carlisle, Cumberland, England F3333813977
3 Forrester / Eaglesham  Jun 1939Carlisle, Cumberland, England F21279
4 Kindley / Hutchinson  26 May 1855Carlisle, Cumberland, England F15257
5 Threadgould / Jardine   F672670201