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Casino, New South Wales, Australia



Latitude: -28.86351, Longitude: 153.04586


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Keith   I0698614755
2 Benbow, AileenMargaret  7 Mar 1930Casino, New South Wales, Australia I77402490154689
3 Doyle, Stacey Lynn   I7001648929
4 DUFF, David John  1903Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024509
5 DUFF, Heather Lillian  1895Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024504
6 DUFF, Mary Gladys   I122024512
7 DUFF, Neville Stanley  1933Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024511
8 DUFF, William Thomas  1892Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024501
9 GODFREY, Elsie May  1897Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024560
10 Green, Sidney George  12 May 1906Casino, New South Wales, Australia I7001647353
11 McKee, Annie M  1899Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024524
12 McKee, Frances L  1902Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024528
13 McKee, James Frederick  1900Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024526
14 McKee, John Rupert  Jul 1896Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024520
15 McKee, Nellie E  1904Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024529
16 McKee, William Leslie  1898Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024522
17 McKenzie, Lachlan Ernest  17 Aug 1907Casino, New South Wales, Australia I7001646558
18 McMillian, Beau Joseph   I7001648953
19 McMillian, Cole Bronson   I7001648952
20 Nugent, William Ernest   I0684956483
21 Parker, Luke   I7001648908
22 Reynolds, AngelaMaree   I7001648940
23 Reynolds, Gregory Edward   I7001648933
24 Reynolds, Joanne   I7001648936
25 Reynolds, KimMaree   I7001648935
26 Reynolds, Kurt Andrew   I7001648942
27 Reynolds, Melanie Jane   I7001648941
28 Reynolds, Rodney Francis   I7001648934
29 Salmon, Annie Elizabeth  13 Sep 1900Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0686704284
30 Saville, George Sr  28 Jan 1873Casino, New South Wales, Australia I108299
31 Scheibel, Alfred Martin  1893Casino, New South Wales, Australia I77402319858938
32 Scheibel, Atholina  1886Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690560781
33 Scheibel, FrancisMartin   I0690566183
34 Scheibel, George  1888Casino, New South Wales, Australia I77402319855441
35 Scheibel, John William  1900Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690569117
36 Scheibel, Josephine  1890Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690563999
37 Scheibel, KatherinaM  1898Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690568806
38 Scheibel, Margaret  1888Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690563077
39 Scheibel, Mary C   I0690562488
40 Scheibel, VioletM   I0690566702
41 Scheibel, VioletMay  1895Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690567578


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Catherina  1872Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0676729858
2 Allen, Neville Clarence  1925Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0698615028
3 Bernard, Martha Ann   I108303
4 Davis, George Anton  1935Casino, New South Wales, Australia I77402491238009
5 DUFF, David John  11 Sep 1985Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024509
6 DUFF, Neville Stanley  8 Jul 1979Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024511
7 DUFF, William  Mar 1942Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024500
8 DUFF, William Thomas  27 Nov 1960Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024501
9 Farrell, Carmel Esme  19 Sep 1998Casino, New South Wales, Australia I7001648932
10 McKee, George Henry  20 Feb 1927Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024446
11 McKee, James  1918Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024443
12 McKee, John Caesar  1927Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024491
13 McKee, Rose Ann  26 Sep 1940Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024499
14 MORRISON, Bruce Osman Alexander  9 Jan 1978Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024614
15 MORRISON, Wallace Joseph Samuel  14 Sep 1971Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024618
16 Olive, Joseph John  1927Casino, New South Wales, Australia I77402319847074
17 Perry, Hunter Pickford  14 Sep 1978Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0682362541
18 PHEMISTER, Margaret Warren  1895Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024492
19 POSSELT, Gertrude Louisa Lydia  16 Dec 1979Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024619
20 Quaile, Mary Catherine  Feb 1942Casino, New South Wales, Australia I50000311
21 Reynolds, Elizabeth Lyn  4 Jul 1978Casino, New South Wales, Australia I7001647623
22 ROBINSON, Frances  6 Aug 1929Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024447
23 Saville, James   I108302
24 Scheibel, Atholina  1887Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690560781
25 Scheibel, Ernest Henry  1943Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690560125
26 Scheibel, George  1948Casino, New South Wales, Australia I77402319855441
27 Scheibel, John William  1943Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690569117
28 Scheibel, Josephine  1924Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690563999
29 Scheibel, Margaret  13 Mar 1915Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0690563077
30 STANFORD, Lydia  30 Jul 1981Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024510
31 Watson, William Tate  1 Aug 1942Casino, New South Wales, Australia I50000310
32 WHEELER, Charles Thomas Godfrey  28 May 1951Casino, New South Wales, Australia I122024556
33 Zimmer, Catherine  17 Mar 1872Casino, New South Wales, Australia I0678949109


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Watson, William Tate  Casino, New South Wales, Australia I50000310


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Gollan  1947Casino, New South Wales, Australia F01826188
2 Allen / Scheibel  8 Nov 1916Casino, New South Wales, Australia F01826467
3 Bennett / Reynolds  Casino, New South Wales, Australia F1346100910
4 DUFF / OWEN  1929Casino, New South Wales, Australia F122014820
5 GODFREY / JOHNSON  1917Casino, New South Wales, Australia F122014840
6 McGuiness / Reynolds   F1346100908
7 McKee / AMOS  1924Casino, New South Wales, Australia F122014796
8 McKenzie / Reeves  13 Dec 1905Casino, New South Wales, Australia F1346099868
9 McMillian / Reynolds   F1346100909
10 PATCH / DUFF   F122014823
11 Reynolds / Cooper   F1346100907
12 ROFFEY /   1909Casino, New South Wales, Australia F3333886874
13 Roffey / Unknown  1909Casino, New South Wales, Australia F11505
14 York / Allen   F01825993