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Chatham, Kent, England



Latitude: 51.38072, Longitude: 0.52977


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  Abt 1846Chatham, Kent, England I60928
2 Susanah  Abt 1842Chatham, Kent, England I77402664227803
3 Baldwin, Rebecca  1736Chatham, Kent, England I39928
4 Barron, Jenna   I27694
5 Barron, Katie   I27693
6 Bonner, Arthur  Between Jan and Mar 1869Chatham, Kent, England I77402664091361
7 Borner, John  Abt 1808Chatham, Kent, England I173534156
8 Boulter, Constance Amy  15 Oct 1911Chatham, Kent, England I18021286
9 Bower, Mary  1867Chatham, Kent, England I77402664097620
10 Brabyn, Gerald H   I18022517
11 Brabyn, Ian S   I18022518
12 Brabyn, Pamela B   I18022519
13 Carr, John Edward  Sep 1855Chatham, Kent, England I60901
14 Carr, Mary A  Abt 1874Chatham, Kent, England I61023
15 Colbert, Elizabeth Anne  25 Dec 1890Chatham, Kent, England I30746
16 COLCHESTER, Jane Adams  Abt 1797Chatham, Kent, England I122024016
17 Cook, John William  15 Dec 1926Chatham, Kent, England I77402543351779
18 Cook, Paul John   I77402543351803
19 Dabbs, Grace  1731Chatham, Kent, England I39926
20 Dowden, Mary Eliza  Abt 1873Chatham, Kent, England I713725
21 DURHAM, DoreenMary  30 Mar 1923Chatham, Kent, England I77402664112074
22 Ellmer, Mabel Annie  Abt 1885Chatham, Kent, England I1748855587
23 Ellmer, Minnie Laurie  Abt 1888Chatham, Kent, England I1748855588
24 Ellmer, Tom Bilton  1886Chatham, Kent, England I479641218
25 Ellmer, Tom Bilton  Abt 1886Chatham, Kent, England I1748842542
26 Everett, Doris  1892Chatham, Kent, England I480088566
27 Field, Emma  1850Chatham, Kent, England I77402664112107
28 Filmer, Ernest  1882Chatham, Kent, England I61999
29 Filmer, James Albert  Dec 1880Chatham, Kent, England I61998
30 Filmer, John Belgrave  1 Jun 1885Chatham, Kent, England I12071
31 Filmer, Matthew  Mar 1838Chatham, Kent, England I15149
32 Filmer, Olive Fanny  5 May 1883Chatham, Kent, England I62000
33 Gillard, Helen Letitia   I77402511138310
34 Gray, Amelia Emma  Sep 1860Chatham, Kent, England I61013
35 GURR, Louisa  Mar 1849Chatham, Kent, England I807
36 GURR, Thomas  Dec 1847Chatham, Kent, England I808
37 Hall, Sarah  1720Chatham, Kent, England I07802263192
38 Harrington, Caroline Ann  1853Chatham, Kent, England I173537651
39 Harrington, Charles Thomas  1848Chatham, Kent, England I173549600
40 Harrington, Jane Edith  1851Chatham, Kent, England I243745486
41 Hawkes, William Edwin Harold  26 Oct 1911Chatham, Kent, England I66303
42 Henderson, Joseph   I1748483486
43 Holmes, Harold  Dec 1889Chatham, Kent, England I77402664111317
44 Hook, DarrenMartin  Mar 1967Chatham, Kent, England I85609
45 Hudson, Amy Elizabeth  Sep 1864Chatham, Kent, England I60980
46 Hynes, Thomas Henry  Abt 1847Chatham, Kent, England I48169
47 Jennings, William G  Abt 1889Chatham, Kent, England I1748483048
48 Keen, Florence  Abt 1861Chatham, Kent, England I1289
49 Keen, Herbert A  Abt 1865Chatham, Kent, England I1407
50 Keen, Jessie  Abt 1863Chatham, Kent, England I1294

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Le Grove, Margaret Ivy   I12741
2 Thomas, Edward John  25 Jun 1823Chatham, Kent, England I39962
3 Thomas, Mary Ann  1823Chatham, Kent, England I39961
4 Thomas, Samuel John  3 Oct 1819Chatham, Kent, England I39959
5 Thomas, Samuel Philip  21 Jan 1829Chatham, Kent, England I39964
6 Thomas, William Samuel  3 Oct 1819Chatham, Kent, England I39879


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bradley, Lilian Gertrude Susan  10 Mar 1964Chatham, Kent, England I77400352427240
2 Brenchley, John  10 Jan 1740Chatham, Kent, England I85442
3 Brooks, Mabel Ellen  Between Apr-Jun 1940Chatham, Kent, England I55251
4 Coster, Stanley Henry  Sep 1991Chatham, Kent, England I3500438724
5 Crawshaw, James Douglas M.B.E.  Oct 1987Chatham, Kent, England I1848
6 Durham, Harold Joseph  21 Oct 1952Chatham, Kent, England I77402664111342
7 Filmer, Charles Lockyer  10 Jun 1900Chatham, Kent, England I62003
8 Filmer, John Belgrave  5 May 1947Chatham, Kent, England I12071
9 Ford, Penelope Clare  19 Feb 2012Chatham, Kent, England I077402664081206
10 Glew, Sarah Elizabeth  1960Chatham, Kent, England I480070933
11 Grayston, Ernest Gilbert  9 Jun 1973Chatham, Kent, England I710739
12 Hackett, Charles Dudley  Jan 1991Chatham, Kent, England I77402109324289
13 Herklots, Gerard Andteas  1943Chatham, Kent, England I99213
14 Huish, Lucy  12 Nov 1961Chatham, Kent, England I77400352426293
15 Jennings, Maude Margaret  Dec 1987Chatham, Kent, England I77402109324291
16 Lazenby, Anne Sophia  1959Chatham, Kent, England I81862
17 Le Grove, Doris Grace  Jun 1997Chatham, Kent, England I55058
18 Le Grove, Reginald Allan  1 Feb 1984Chatham, Kent, England I77402664111306
19 Nicholson, James William  Between Apr-Jun 1966Chatham, Kent, England I77402664080162
20 Power, Kate  1968Chatham, Kent, England I243418102
21 Smith, Edith Constance  Between Apr-Jun 1977Chatham, Kent, England I55243
22 Smith, Eliza Emma  Between Jan-Mar 1963Chatham, Kent, England I55051
23 Smith, Ernest Hubert  Mar 1993Chatham, Kent, England I55250
24 Smith, Frank  30 Aug 1964Chatham, Kent, England I7738447773
25 Smith, George  Between Jan-Mar 1917Chatham, Kent, England I7738447772
26 Smith, Harold Frank  Apr 1993Chatham, Kent, England I55247
27 Smith, Sydney George  9 Jun 1984Chatham, Kent, England I77400352426296
28 Thomas, Arthur James  14 Aug 1942Chatham, Kent, England I77402664111324
29 Thomas, Caleb George Henry  1951Chatham, Kent, England I77402664225239
30 Thomas, John  1822Chatham, Kent, England I39921
31 Thomas, John Prout  1901Chatham, Kent, England I77402664228041
32 Thomas, Samuel John  26 Jun 1823Chatham, Kent, England I39959
33 Vernon, Arthur  16 Jul 1942Chatham, Kent, England I7739821224
34 Vernon, Winifred Mary  Between Jan-Mar 1973Chatham, Kent, England I7739821225
35 Walker, Francis Henry  Apr 1925Chatham, Kent, England I77403889119858
36 Whitehead, Edward Charles  Jun 1974Chatham, Kent, England I68409
37 Wibberley, Clara  Between Apr-Jun 1958Chatham, Kent, England I480103641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Herklots, Gerard Andteas  1 Mar 1943Chatham, Kent, England I99213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 COLCHESTER, Jane Adams  24 Oct 1797Chatham, Kent, England I122024016
2 Gillett, Gabriel  6 Jul 1760Chatham, Kent, England I1750045386
3 Gillett, Robert  18 Aug 1765Chatham, Kent, England I1750043587
4 Gillett, Thomas  27 Jan 1764Chatham, Kent, England I1750043449
5 Gillett, Thomas  14 Jun 1767Chatham, Kent, England I1750043921
6 Gillett, William  8 Apr 1759Chatham, Kent, England I1750043243
7 Weatherall, Ann  8 Apr 1755Chatham, Kent, England I1750050836
8 Weatherall, Elizabeth  6 Apr 1761Chatham, Kent, England I1750050838
9 Weatherall, Grace  19 May 1752Chatham, Kent, England I1750049576
10 Weatherall, John  21 May 1750Chatham, Kent, England I1750050835
11 Weatherall, Mary  16 Oct 1758Chatham, Kent, England I1750050837

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Ellis, Bernard  Between 1939 and 1945Chatham, Kent, England I480032852
2 Glasby, Charles  9 Jan 1920Chatham, Kent, England I077402664081563
3 Leeming, Lawrence Jonas  9 Jan 1920Chatham, Kent, England I077402664082914


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Chafer, Isaac  20 May 1826Chatham, Kent, England I18010097
2 Chafer, Isaac  12 Sep 1835Chatham, Kent, England I18010097
3 Ford, Patrick John Shardlow   I077402664081201
4 Thomas, Arthur James  Chatham, Kent, England I77402664111324
5 Thomas, Ivy May  Chatham, Kent, England I77402664111329


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brabyn / Worley   F28024505
2 Downs / Baldwin  8 Sep 1757Chatham, Kent, England F2575
3 Gillett / Stedman  7 Nov 1756Chatham, Kent, England F672617697
4 Hearn / Brabyn   F28021187
5 Johnson / Kirk  Sep 1965Chatham, Kent, England F17314
6 Lyons / French  1911Chatham, Kent, England F1345569663
7 Miller / Crabb  1 Sep 1954Chatham, Kent, England F28021680
8 Smith / Weatherall  7 Apr 1782Chatham, Kent, England F672616712
9 Thomas / Le Grove   F535
10 Thomas / Rowlands  Sep 1859Chatham, Kent, England F2586
11 Thomas / Wildish   F15385
12 Thomas / Young   F15386
13 Thornton / Axe   F1841358
14 Turnbull / Brabyn   F28021676
15 Whitehead / Bradley  19 Jun 1906Chatham, Kent, England F14443
16 Young / Glew   F1838963