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Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India



Latitude: 22.8858771, Longitude: 88.3919026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Audain, Charlotte WilletMargaret  20 Aug 1833Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I100182
2 Betts, Angelina Frances  14 May 1837Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I102240
3 Betts, Charles Gregory Diederick  Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99229
4 Betts, Ellen Georgina  2 Oct 1832Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99274
5 Betts, Henrietta Caroline  16 Oct 1823Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99253
6 Betts, Henry Gerard  1819Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I100084
7 Betts, John Theodore  13 Nov 1820Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99232
8 Betts, Louisa Helen  31 Jul 1822Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99252
9 Betts, Luckyn William  1817Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99228
10 Betts, Stillborn  14 Sep 1830Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I102257
11 Betts, Thomas Edward  13 Nov 1820Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99230
12 Herklots, Antoinetta Adelheid (Adelaide)  12 Apr 1797Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98363
13 Herklots, Carel  1812Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98369
14 Herklots, Catharine  1804Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98364
15 Herklots, Catherine Caroline  1811Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98368
16 Herklots, Charlotte Adelaide  1815Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98371
17 Herklots, ElizabethMaria  1800Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I100068
18 Herklots, ElizaMary  29 Jun 1836Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99146
19 Herklots, Gerhard Andreas  28 Feb 1798Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98372
20 Herklots, Gregorius  b. c. 1799Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99191
21 Herklots, Gregorius Peter  1794Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98361
22 Herklots, Hannah  1809Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98366
23 Herklots, Helen Wilhelmina  1806Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98365
24 Herklots, Henry Allen  1830Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99143
25 Herklots, Henry Robert  1814Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98370
26 Herklots, Jan Gregorius  1765Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99168
27 Herklots, Johanna Carolina Rebecca  30 Dec 1792Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I95364
28 Herklots, Johanna Jacoba  1809Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98367
29 Herklots, Johannes (John) Diederick  1 Jun 1801Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99140
30 Herklots, Margaret Adelheid  1795Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98362
31 Lacroix, Alphonse Herklots  15 Jan 1828Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99548
32 Lacroix, Edward Herklots  1829Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99549
33 Lacroix, Emily Jane  1840Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99551
34 Lacroix, Hannah Catherine  10 May 1826Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99547
35 Lacroix, Laura Overbeck  8 Sep 1838Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99550
36 Morton, Alice Jemima  1839Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101049
37 Morton, Isabella Jane  1819Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101069
38 Morton, John William Ultimus  8 Jun 1831Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101046
39 Morton, Lucy Sophia  14 Jan 1835Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101048
40 Morton, Maria Beatrix  1823Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101062
41 Morton, Thomas Oliver  1832Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101047
42 Overbeek, Peter Theodore Gerard  1797Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99582
43 Thompson, Henry Arthur  17 Aug 1842Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101863
44 Thompson, Julia Henrietta  1 Jan 1841Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101851
45 Vos, Cecilia Elizabeth  1816Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I97897
46 Vos, Julia Christina  12 Sep 1822Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I96996
47 Vos, Peter  1813Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I97896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Audain, Charlotte WilletMargaret  11 Sep 1833Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I100182
2 Betts, Allan Olpherts  7 Jan 1859Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99346
3 Betts, Angelina Frances  23 Jul 1837Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I102240
4 Betts, Ann Caroline Eliza  1 Feb 1846Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I100100
5 Herklots, ElizaMary  25 Dec 1836Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99146
6 Herklots, Lydia Annie Luxmore  6 Nov 1833Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99144
7 Herklots, Mary Cecilia  5 Dec 1841Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99148
8 Mercer, Warren Herklots  15 Feb 1846Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I100065
9 Morton, John William Ultimus  15 Jul 1831Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101046
10 Morton, Lucy Sophia  6 Dec 1835Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101048
11 Thompson, Henry Arthur  11 Sep 1842Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101863
12 Thompson, Julia Henrietta  16 May 1841Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101851


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Betts, James Luckyn  28 Sep 1833Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I100083
2 Betts, Lewis (Ludwig)  28 Aug 1838Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I100078
3 Betts, Luckyn (alias) Charles  10 Sep 1837Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101783
4 Betts, Walter Lewis Henry Baille  2 Apr 1846Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I100099
5 Herklots, Gregorius (Gregory)  26 May 1852Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98359
6 Overbeek, Peter Theodore Gerard  12 Sep 1831Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99582
7 Thompson, Lionel Vivian  23 Dec 1869Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I101867
8 Todd, Frances Hemington  6 Sep 1872Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I99160
9 Wankyf, Catherine Carolina  9 Jun 1846Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India I98360


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Audain / Herklots  9 Mar 1832Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India F23395
2 Betts / Betts  15 Oct 1845Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India F23205
3 Herklots / Wankyf  1791Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India F23031
4 Landale / Betts  17 Jan 1842Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India F23382
5 Mercer / Herklots  7 Nov 1844Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India F23211
6 Morton / Herklots  1830Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India F23537
7 Overbeek / Herklots  c. 1824Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India F23270
8 Thompson / Betts  27 Aug 1839Chinsurah (Hooghly), West Bengal, India F23643