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Claro, North Yorkshire, England



Latitude: 53.99973, Longitude: -1.52577


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carr, Amanda VJ   I101600
2 Carr, Sally L   I101599
3 Fryer, Michael   I101515
4 Fryer, Pamela   I101516
5 Savage, AnnaMarie   I101525


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Frank  Sep 1973Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664087849
2 Backhouse, Harold  Jan 1989Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664090937
3 Barton, Caroline  May 1985Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664092135
4 Braybrook, Thomas William  Between Apr-Jun 1968Claro, North Yorkshire, England I5928
5 Broadbank, Ernest William  Between Jul-Sep 1976Claro, North Yorkshire, England I80471
6 Brook, Alec Edward  Jan 1987Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664087681
7 Carr, Christopher Ralph  1956Claro, North Yorkshire, England I101587
8 Coatsworth, Alfred Slack  Between Apr-Jun 1969Claro, North Yorkshire, England I2840
9 Coatsworth, Dorothy  Sep 1985Claro, North Yorkshire, England I2837
10 Coy, Philip  1972Claro, North Yorkshire, England I28426
11 Dewhirst, May  Bef Sep 1982Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664091609
12 Dodsworth, Laura  Between Jan-Mar 1963Claro, North Yorkshire, England I480033267
13 Glasby, Alfred Markham  1975Claro, North Yorkshire, England I077402664081082
14 Glasby, Bessie  Jun 1997Claro, North Yorkshire, England I077402664081654
15 Hackett, William Bertram  Feb 1991Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402109324290
16 Harrand, Charles  Q2 1959Claro, North Yorkshire, England I69836
17 Hogg, Laurence  Sep 1970Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664090291
18 Holtby, Harry  Jul 1973Claro, North Yorkshire, England I101434
19 Horton, Eric Wigglesworth  Between Jul-Sep 1974Claro, North Yorkshire, England I40457
20 Kelsey, Joseph Stephenson  Dec 1952Claro, North Yorkshire, England I7739832768
21 Kelsey, SophiaMargaret  23 Nov 1952Claro, North Yorkshire, England I7739805153
22 Kinghorn, Fanny  Jun 1965Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088932
23 LOVE, Norah Evelyn  30 May 1963Claro, North Yorkshire, England I122022928
24 MANNINGTON, JoanMercy  2Q 1997Claro, North Yorkshire, England I122023237
25 Maw, Thomas John  23 Feb 1954Claro, North Yorkshire, England I1750174588
26 Nutman, James Frederick  15 Mar 1956Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402109324866
27 Oates, Elsie A  1981Claro, North Yorkshire, England I479198414
28 Osborne, Harry Backhouse  Between Jan and Mar 1979Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664089181
29 Pidd, Enos West  1976Claro, North Yorkshire, England I1748856089
30 Pocklington, Rex Wesley  Jul 1984Claro, North Yorkshire, England I7738401839
31 Roberts, May  1967Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664103996
32 Saville, Dorothy  Between Jan-Mar 1974Claro, North Yorkshire, England I64093
33 Snowdon, Maria Phyllis  Between Apr-Jun 1970Claro, North Yorkshire, England I7738402159
34 Thomas, Grace Mary  Jul-Sep 1958Claro, North Yorkshire, England I121045944
35 Vipurs, Walter  Mar 1975Claro, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088586
36 Ward, Norman  Jul 1988Claro, North Yorkshire, England I08505215189
37 Watson, George Edward  Between Apr-Jun 1972Claro, North Yorkshire, England I28820


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Pearson / Brunyee  1948Claro, North Yorkshire, England F10445