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Crediton, Devon, England



City/Town : Latitude: 50.789124, Longitude: -3.652245


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza  1825Crediton, Devon, England I77402586315932
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1825Crediton, Devon, England I3499892167
3 Amery, Sara  1820Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331662
4 Buckingham, Robert  1767Crediton, Devon, England I77402109328271
5 Gibbings, Eliza Anne  1811Crediton, Devon, England I77402664080112
6 Quicke, Dorothy Frances  Abt Aug 1853Crediton, Devon, England I1750064265
7 Slocombe, John  Jun 1921Crediton, Devon, England I98870
8 Stoneman, Elizabeth  1803Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331018
9 Westaway, Arthur  1838Crediton, Devon, England I77402444268874
10 Westaway, David  1 Jan 1699Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331737
11 Westaway, EthelM  Sep 1913Crediton, Devon, England I98868
12 Westaway, Grace  1 Apr 1701Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331740
13 Westaway, James  1837Crediton, Devon, England I77402109326795
14 Westaway, James  30 Apr 1843Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331019
15 Westaway, John  4 Sep 1704Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331742
16 Westaway, John  1836Crediton, Devon, England I77402444268853
17 Westaway, Margaret A  Dec 1915Crediton, Devon, England I98869
18 Westaway, Mary  1 Nov 1729Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331735
19 Westaway, Mary  1797Crediton, Devon, England I77402474493536
20 Westaway, Robert  23 Jan 1705Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331743
21 Westaway, Samuel  1872Crediton, Devon, England I77402109328411
22 Westaway, Sarah  1 Sep 1734Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331736
23 Westaway, Sarah A  1847Crediton, Devon, England I77402444268899
24 Westaway, Simon  1 Dec 1702Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331741
25 Westaway, William  1698Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331594
26 Westaway, William  1728Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331596
27 Westaway, William  1803Crediton, Devon, England I77402109331017


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amery, Thomas Sawdye  2 Jun 1911Crediton, Devon, England I77402109329553
2 Drake, Bernard  10 Apr 1586Crediton, Devon, England I7001586674
3 Johns, Jane  1857Crediton, Devon, England I77402109326509
4 Knox, Rev Robert Augustus  Abt Aug 1876Crediton, Devon, England I1750050688
5 Quicke, Rev Edward Henry  Abt May 1870Crediton, Devon, England I1750064266
6 Westaway, Helena  18 Nov 1894Crediton, Devon, England I77402109327427
7 Westaway, Jeremiah  1863Crediton, Devon, England I77402109326508
8 Westaway, Winifred Mary  1901Crediton, Devon, England I77402109328416


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Westaway, James  8 Oct 1837Crediton, Devon, England I77402109326795


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Earle  1 Oct 1928Crediton, Devon, England F3333808320
2 / Viccary  8 Mar 1784Crediton, Devon, England F3333809726
3 Slocombe / Pugsley  Sep 1919Crediton, Devon, England F23145
4 Westaway / Amery  1 Mar 1842Crediton, Devon, England F3333808012
5 Westaway / Baker  1882Crediton, Devon, England F3333808192
6 Westaway / Chappell  23 Oct 1726Crediton, Devon, England F3333809725
7 Westaway / Dale  17 Jun 1754Crediton, Devon, England F3333807987
8 Westaway / Earles  1860Crediton, Devon, England F3333808001
9 Westaway / Gibbings  1898Crediton, Devon, England F3333807223
10 Westaway / Gullock  23 Oct 1697Crediton, Devon, England F3333807985
11 Westaway / Gullock  21 Apr 1728Crediton, Devon, England F3333807986
12 Westaway / Joanes  1694Crediton, Devon, England F3333807982
13 Westaway / Pugsley  Mar 1913Crediton, Devon, England F3333811126