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Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England



Location : Latitude: 53.642437, Longitude: -1.525462


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary Ann  Abt 1805Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748857397
2 Backhouse, Sarah A  Abt 1869Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664087659
3 Binns, Ada  1881Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748487094
4 Binns, Ann Eliz  1879Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748487093
5 Binns, Emma  1890Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748487102
6 Binns, Evelina  1890Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748487101
7 Binns, Gertrude  1874Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748487091
8 Binns, Henry Shaw  1888Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748487100
9 Binns, Jim  1883Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748487095
10 Binns, Percy Carr  1885Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748487096
11 Binns, Willie  1876Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748487092
12 Booker, Mary E  Abt 1883Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748853442
13 Booker, William  Abt 1881Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748853443
14 Booker, Wilson  Abt 1879Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748853440
15 Butcher, Ada  Abt 1870Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748853491
16 Butcher, Herbert  Abt 1873Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748853493
17 Carr, Evelyn  Abt 1878Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748853681
18 Elliott, Mabel  Abt 1900Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I3499832808
19 Gill, HildaMay  Abt 1896Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I28504
20 Gill, John  Abt 1898Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I28512
21 Jagger, John  Abt 1862Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1750300090
22 Marsden, Martha  Abt 1802Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I2561
23 Pell, Harriet  Abt 1885Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I3500302244
24 Pickard, Thomas  Abt 1821Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I3500307980
25 Pitchforth, Francis  1840Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103794
26 Pitchforth, Jane  1844Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103796
27 Pitchforth, John F  1841Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103795
28 Pitchforth, Joseph  1824Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103791
29 Pitchforth, Mary  1833Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103792
30 Pitchforth, Richard  1845Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103797
31 Pitchforth, Robert  1837Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103790
32 Pitchforth, Thomas S  1835Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103793
33 Pitchforth, William  1850Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103798
34 Render, Elizabeth  Abt 1858Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719121
35 Render, Hannah  Abt 1853Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719123
36 Render, Harry  Abt 1856Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719122
37 Render, Margaret  Abt 1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719120
38 Render, Mary Jane  1848Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719125
39 Render, Sarah A  Abt 1851Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719124
40 Sadler, Edith Charlotte  Abt 1876Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748833288
41 Sadler, Frederick Handel  Abt 1884Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748833289
42 Sadler, James  Abt 1852Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748833287
43 Sadler, Maggie Holmes  Abt 1886Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748833290
44 Sheard, Barbara  12 Feb 1899Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664226238
45 Smith, James  Abt 1868Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748853483
46 Spawforth, Elizabeth  Abt 1775Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I08241147875
47 STAFFORD, Jane  1800Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664103789
48 Wells, Fanny  Abt 1865Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I3499834457
49 Whittlestone, George  Jun 1821Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664107967
50 Wilcock, George  Abt 1859Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748853486

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nussey, George Norman  Jul 1941Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I18038948
2 Render, William  Mar 1877Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I08561693359
3 Thompson, Sam  Nov 1935Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I45101169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Booker, William  1851Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748834600
2 Booker, William  1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748834600
3 Booker, William  1871Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748834600
4 Butcher, John  1871Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748853490
5 Haigh, George  Abt 1851Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I2594
6 Hunter, David  1851Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748947205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, George  5 Apr 1891Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I7001661189
2 Holmes, Sarah Ann  1891Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I1748814505
3 Kelsey, Lillian  5 Apr 1891Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I13169
4 Radforth, Mary Jane  1901Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664226231
5 Render, Elizabeth  1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719121
6 Render, Elizabeth  1871Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719121
7 Render, Hannah  1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719123
8 Render, Harry  1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719122
9 Render, Harry  1871Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719122
10 Render, Margaret  1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719120
11 Render, Margaret  1871Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719120
12 Render, Mary Jane  1851Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719125
13 Render, Mary Jane  1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719125
14 Render, Sarah A  1851Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719124
15 Render, Sarah A  1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719124
16 Render, William  1851Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I08561693359
17 Render, William  1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I08561693359
18 Render, William  1871Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I08561693359
19 Sheard, Barbara  1901Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664226238
20 Sheard, Edward  1901Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664226239
21 Sheard, Hubert  1901Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664226228
22 Sheard, Mabel  1901Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664226240
23 Tinker, Charlotte  1891Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I3499831941
24 Wrigglesworth, Sarah  1851Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719126
25 Wrigglesworth, Sarah  1861Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719126
26 Wrigglesworth, Sarah  1871Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719126
27 Wrigglesworth, Sarah  1881Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England I07876719126