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Darlington, County Durham, England



City/Town : Latitude: 54.528734, Longitude: -1.553051


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1836Darlington, County Durham, England I77402109326897
2 Alderson, Margaret  1737Darlington, County Durham, England I1748488051
3 Allan, Joyce  1939Darlington, County Durham, England I3816
4 ARMSTRONG, Mary  1880Darlington, County Durham, England I77402664101468
5 Ayre, Hannah J  1860Darlington, County Durham, England I77402664101388
6 Backhouse, Ann  Oct 1785Darlington, County Durham, England I18040115
7 Backhouse, Ann  Abt 1815Darlington, County Durham, England I18039263
8 Backhouse, Charles John  Aug 1819Darlington, County Durham, England I18040102
9 Backhouse, Edmund  Nov 1824Darlington, County Durham, England I18039364
10 Backhouse, Edward  Jul 1781Darlington, County Durham, England I18040112
11 Backhouse, Edward  May 1808Darlington, County Durham, England I18040392
12 Backhouse, Elizabeth  Sep 1777Darlington, County Durham, England I18040111
13 Backhouse, Elizabeth  Apr 1811Darlington, County Durham, England I18040103
14 Backhouse, Emily  Jul 1820Darlington, County Durham, England I18040395
15 Backhouse, Frederick  Apr 1808Darlington, County Durham, England I18040104
16 Backhouse, Henry  Sep 1849Darlington, County Durham, England I18040095
17 Backhouse, Henry Gurney  Jul 1819Darlington, County Durham, England I18039363
18 Backhouse, James  Nov 1782Darlington, County Durham, England I18040113
19 Backhouse, James  Mar 1822Darlington, County Durham, England I18040105
20 Backhouse, Jane  Mar 1776Darlington, County Durham, England I18040110
21 Backhouse, Jane  May 1787Darlington, County Durham, England I18040116
22 Backhouse, Jane  Oct 1816Darlington, County Durham, England I18040106
23 Backhouse, Jane Gurney  May 1814Darlington, County Durham, England I18039361
24 Backhouse, John  Mar 1784Darlington, County Durham, England I18040114
25 Backhouse, Jonathon  Jan 1779Darlington, County Durham, England I18039261
26 Backhouse, Jonathon  Abt 1809Darlington, County Durham, England I18040107
27 Backhouse, Jonathon  Sep 1812Darlington, County Durham, England I18039360
28 Backhouse, Joseph Gurney  Sep 1817Darlington, County Durham, England I18039362
29 Backhouse, Lucy  Abt 1812Darlington, County Durham, England I18040394
30 Backhouse, Maria  Oct 1814Darlington, County Durham, England I18040108
31 Backhouse, Maria  Abt 1864Darlington, County Durham, England I77402664088127
32 Backhouse, Robert Ormston  Jun 1854Darlington, County Durham, England I18040097
33 Backhouse, Sarah Aldam  Abt 1851Darlington, County Durham, England I18040096
34 Backhouse, Thomas James  Apr 1810Darlington, County Durham, England I18040393
35 Backhouse, William  Feb 1775Darlington, County Durham, England I18040109
36 Backhouse, William  Nov 1779Darlington, County Durham, England I18040100
37 Backhouse, William  Jan 1807Darlington, County Durham, England I18039456
38 Backhouse, William Aldam  Jun 1846Darlington, County Durham, England I18040094
39 Bagley, EdithMary  21 Nov 1904Darlington, County Durham, England I122026472
40 Bagley, Gertrude Mabel  3 Mar 1902Darlington, County Durham, England I122026470
41 Bagley, Nellie   I122026473
42 Bagley, Robert William  3 Mar 1903Darlington, County Durham, England I122026471
43 Barker, Olive  23 Oct 1907Darlington, County Durham, England I64131
44 Benson, Francis George  Abt 1866Darlington, County Durham, England I87302690
45 Boothby, BerthaMary Ann Rachel  2 May 1902Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426721
46 Bower, John William  Abt 1889Darlington, County Durham, England I1748949925
47 Bradley, Sarah Ann  Abt 1858Darlington, County Durham, England I98635
48 Briggs, Isaac  1882Darlington, County Durham, England I7098277190
49 Brothwell, Andrew Lawrence  1958Darlington, County Durham, England I3500142481
50 Brothwell, Barbara Florence  1954Darlington, County Durham, England I3500142480

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  Dec 1872Darlington, County Durham, England I1748592566
2 Allan, Ada  Between Apr-Jun 1973Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352428604
3 Auton, Leonard  24 Jan 1906Darlington, County Durham, England I12887862
4 Axe, AnnMaria  Between Jan-Mar 1919Darlington, County Durham, England I480033264
5 Backhouse, Charles John  Nov 1820Darlington, County Durham, England I18040102
6 Backhouse, James  Oct 1826Darlington, County Durham, England I18040105
7 Backhouse, MargaretMaud  14 Jun 1989Darlington, County Durham, England I77402664087625
8 Bagley, Gertrude Mabel  4Q 1983Darlington, County Durham, England I122026470
9 Bagley, Margaret Eleanor  Oct 1888Darlington, County Durham, England I122018715
10 Bagley, Robert  Q4 1902Darlington, County Durham, England I122017045
11 Bagley, Robert William  2Q 1975Darlington, County Durham, England I122026471
12 Bagley, William Ingledew  30 Jul 1944Darlington, County Durham, England I122018716
13 BLAND, Ronald  1994Darlington, County Durham, England I122021170
14 Boothby, BerthaMary Ann Rachel  May 1986Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426721
15 Boothby, Edith Letitia  Between Jan-Mar 1981Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426719
16 Boothby, Florence  Between Jan-Mar 1941Darlington, County Durham, England I1750874831
17 Boothby, James  Between Jan-Mar 1950Darlington, County Durham, England I1750874849
18 Boothby, James George  Between Jan-Mar 1905Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426718
19 Boothby, Martha Lillias  6 Oct 1983Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426715
20 Boothby, Olive May  Between Jul-Sep 1959Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426716
21 Boothby, Sarah Jane  12 Feb 1966Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352427041
22 Boothby, Violetta Rose Mary Thompson  21 Mar 1964Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426720
23 Boyes, Jane Eliza  Oct 1931Darlington, County Durham, England I101124
24 Brothwell, Cyril  13 Apr 1961Darlington, County Durham, England I1750851945
25 Brothwell, Hilda  Jan 1994Darlington, County Durham, England I3500642194
26 BRUNTON, Mary Elizabeth  Q2 1940Darlington, County Durham, England I122018711
27 Chafer, Leslie William  Apr 1998Darlington, County Durham, England I77402664079476
28 COATES, Alice Mary  5 Jan 1958Darlington, County Durham, England I122024656
29 Coates, Christiana  Oct 1885Darlington, County Durham, England I82576
30 Coates, Elizabeth  Feb 1783Darlington, County Durham, England I18039113
31 Dearman, Nathan  22 Sep 1811Darlington, County Durham, England I1750063668
32 Degnan, George Boothby  May 1992Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426939
33 Degnan, James  5 May 1962Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426937
34 Degnan, James  Mar 1995Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426938
35 Degnan, Olive May  May 1995Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352426940
36 Degnan, Sylvia  3 Nov 2009Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352428605
37 Dodds, Jane  1 Mar 1919Darlington, County Durham, England I18021773
38 ECCLES, Norman Leslie  Dec 1981Darlington, County Durham, England I122021159
39 Edwards, Frances Helen  Mar 1907Darlington, County Durham, England I18039254
40 FLETCHER, Edith Sarah  7 Sep 1962Darlington, County Durham, England I122025562
41 Forrest, Frederick  3 Feb 1937Darlington, County Durham, England I62943
42 Forrest, Molly  Between Apr-Jun 1980Darlington, County Durham, England I62945
43 Fossick, Sarah  Jun 1877Darlington, County Durham, England I18039202
44 Foster, Norman  Oct 1986Darlington, County Durham, England I77400352428609
45 Frank, Margaret  Oct 1807Darlington, County Durham, England I18040253
46 GATENBY, George  1 Jun 1962Darlington, County Durham, England I122012906
47 Gregory, Lucy Caroline  Jun 1942Darlington, County Durham, England I77402664089927
48 Grieveson, John  Jan 2001Darlington, County Durham, England I3500642196
49 GUMMERSON, Leonard Herbert  3 Nov 1928Darlington, County Durham, England I122026474
50 Hebdon, Mrs Mary Eleanor  28 Jul 2008Darlington, County Durham, England I0102111

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Martinson, Frances  15 Dec 0187Darlington, County Durham, England I48019946
2 Richardson, Deborah  Darlington, County Durham, England I1750056685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Wright, Thomas Anderson  Darlington, County Durham, England I122021168


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bagley, William Ingledew  1901Darlington, County Durham, England I122018716
2 Collier, Richard John   I66375


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Backhouse / Chapman  Apr 1811Darlington, County Durham, England F28025621
2 Backhouse / Dixon  Mar 1806Darlington, County Durham, England F28025882
3 Backhouse / Dodgson  Jun 1884Darlington, County Durham, England F28025881
4 Backhouse / Pease  May 1774Darlington, County Durham, England F28025620
5 Bagley / FLETCHER  Jan 1902Darlington, County Durham, England F122015075
6 Bagley / SEARLE  16 Feb 1859Darlington, County Durham, England F122012864
7 BLAND / Wright  1944Darlington, County Durham, England F122013745
8 Boothby / Sedgwick  Between Apr-Jun 1898Darlington, County Durham, England F1944438118
9 Bowley / Backhouse  Dec 1874Darlington, County Durham, England F28025880
10 Briscombe / Pocklington  Between Jan and Mar 1899Darlington, County Durham, England F1345480865
11 Brothwell / Hopkin  1918Darlington, County Durham, England F1345536356
12 Brothwell / Ripley   F3333812788
13 Chaplin / Holmes  1 Jun 1906Darlington, County Durham, England F28023868
14 Coxon / Lax  30 Dec 1916Darlington, County Durham, England F1345769464
15 Dale / Robson  Jan 1853Darlington, County Durham, England F28025962
16 Degnan / Allan  Between Jul-Sep 1929Darlington, County Durham, England F1944438680
17 Degnan / Allan   F3333886857
18 Degnan / Boothby  Between Apr-Jun 1909Darlington, County Durham, England F1944438171
19 Degnan / Warren   F3333886856
20 Deighton / Robinson  Mar 1939Darlington, County Durham, England F22000067
21 Dixon / Frank  Jul 1833Darlington, County Durham, England F28025924
22 ECCLES / JEFFERSON  Oct 1905Darlington, County Durham, England F122013743
23 Ferens / PUTNAM  3Q 1894Darlington, County Durham, England F122014301
24 Foster / Degnan  Between Oct-Dec 1948Darlington, County Durham, England F1944438681
25 Fowler / Pease  Sep 1857Darlington, County Durham, England F28025639
26 Frank / Pease  1796Darlington, County Durham, England F28025918
27 Fry / Pease  Aug 1838Darlington, County Durham, England F28025649
28 Fry / Pease  Sep 1862Darlington, County Durham, England F28025602
29 GATENBY / Bagley  2Q 1927Darlington, County Durham, England F122010940
30 Gibson / Forrest  Between Oct-Dec 1935Darlington, County Durham, England F12874
31 Gibson / Pease  May 1829Darlington, County Durham, England F28025648
32 Glass / Brothwell   F1944438433
33 Grieveson / Brothwell   F1345770756
34 Grieveson / Gibson   F1345770757
35 GUMMERSON / Bagley  1Q 1923Darlington, County Durham, England F122015369
36 Harper / Hastie  1940Darlington, County Durham, England F3333820525
37 Hodgkin / Pease  Apr 1873Darlington, County Durham, England F28025623
38 Holmes / Dodds  1 Jun 1872Darlington, County Durham, England F28021408
39 Howlett / Degnan  Between Jan-Mar 1939Darlington, County Durham, England F3333886858
40 Hustler / Pease  Oct 1798Darlington, County Durham, England F28025647
41 Hutchinson / Jarvis  Sep 1937Darlington, County Durham, England F22603
42 Johnson / Mason  June Qtr 1861Darlington, County Durham, England F15231
43 Kelsey / Hullah(m)  Sep 1880Darlington, County Durham, England F672232963
44 Leatham / Pease  Mar 1851Darlington, County Durham, England F28025673
45 Lucas / Whitwell  Apr 1864Darlington, County Durham, England F28025972
46 Lupton / Hebdon  Darlington, County Durham, England F26796
47 Martin / Armstrong  Apr 1892Darlington, County Durham, England F100206
48 Martin / Pease  Sep 1812Darlington, County Durham, England F28025920
49 Mitchell / Pease  Jun 1894Darlington, County Durham, England F28025702
50 Mounsey / Pease  Sep 1921Darlington, County Durham, England F28025849

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