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Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland



City/Town : Latitude: 56.461428, Longitude: -2.968111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Isabella  1803Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18023496
2 Ashton, John Alma  Abt 1875Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I94462
3 Barber, Elizabeth  30 May 1909Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I1750121381
4 Birse, EllenMatilda  1876Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I39614
5 Bisset, Annie  1798Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I77402664111240
6 Bisset, Robert  1770Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I77402664111241
7 Bruce, Eilidh Heather   I18036548
8 Bruce, Findlay William   I18036549
9 Bruce, Margaret  1809Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I1750404294
10 Brymer, Alexander  Abt 1821Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18028637
11 Brymer, Alexander  9 May 1838Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18023399
12 Brymer, BathiaMartin  7 Sep 1836Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18023398
13 Brymer, Martha Scott  1843Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18028634
14 Brymer, Mary Ann  14 Nov 1841Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18023400
15 Brymer, William  11 Feb 1840Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18029461
16 Duffus, Elizabeth  1834Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18029962
17 Duffus, Isabella  1832Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18023390
18 Duffus, Jane  1826Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18023497
19 Duffus, William  1803Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18029961
20 Duffus, William  1842Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18027733
21 Duncan, Henry  24 Jan 1739Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I1750046199
22 Flatters, Louisa  Abt 1885Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I78489
23 Fowler, George ,Alexander  8 Apr 1865Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I77400352436543
24 Fowler, Margaret ,Andeson  20 Sep 1861Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I77400352436541
25 Fraser, Frank  30 Jun 1909Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I3500142511
26 Guthrie, Charles  Abt 1834Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I1748838276
27 Guthrie, Charles  Abt 1834Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I1750218894
28 KINNEAR, David Bethune  1876Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I122013710
29 MacGREGOR, Alexanderina (Alexine) (Alexina)  23 Feb 1857Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I122026791
30 Mackinlay, David  22 Oct 1830Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I7001644673
31 McDonald, Elizabeth Ramsey Candow  1896Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I77402109328579
32 McGregor, Alexander Urquhart  1811Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4542
33 McGregor, Barbara  1836Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4566
34 McGregor, Jean Urquhart  1829Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4559
35 McGregor, John  1837Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4565
36 McGregor, John Urquhart  1831Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4560
37 McGregor, Mait  1819Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4553
38 McGregor, Margaret  1822Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4556
39 McGregor, Margaret  1834Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4567
40 McGregor, Robertson Urquhart  1814Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4552
41 McGregor, William Urquhart  1812Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4551
42 McPHERSON, John (Jack)  29 Jul 1879Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I122026794
43 Nicholls, Sara Caroline   I18028904
44 Paterson, Christina  Abt 1851Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I1750272840
45 Patten, James  4 Jan 1852Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I77402664111397
46 Peebles, Robert Burgess  1575Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18001398
47 Robertson, John   I34863
48 Robertson, Leslie  1908Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I34862
49 Scott, Ann Findlay   I18036570
50 Scott, Bruce Stewart  1929Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18023397

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 McClue, Jessie  12 Jun 1863Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I640247
2 Scott, Anne 4th Countess of Buccleuch, 5th Baroness Scott of Buccleuch and 5th Baroness Scott of Whitchester and Eskdaill  18 Feb 1650/51Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I7739087081


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burrell, Minnie  1973Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I15535
2 Duffus, Isabella  1 Mar 1905Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18023390
3 FOREMAN, Marjory  31 Jan 1909Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I122026793
4 Fraser, George Eaton  1931Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I9771
5 Gordon, George 1st Marquess of Huntly  13 Jun 1636Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I7739046360
6 KERR, Margaret  9 Mar 1830Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4537
7 Leslie, Sir John Knight  1 Sep 1622Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I7739129142
8 MacGREGOR, John  28 Nov 1902Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I122026792
9 McGregor, Alexander Urquhart  23 Jul 1837Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4542
10 McGregor, Barbara  21 Jul 1839Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4566
11 McGregor, Jean Urquhart  20 Nov 1851Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4559
12 McGregor, William Urquhart  Abt 1872Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I4551
13 Robertson, Leslie  Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I34862
14 Scott, Elizabeth Bowick  3 Dec 1958Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I18027694
15 Thomson, Lizzie Katie  1925Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I7739813536
16 WADDELL, Alexander  3 Oct 1944Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I122026504
17 YULE, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1870Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I122026829


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lindsay, David Earl of Crawford  1607Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I7739053628


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Fowler, Ann Kerr  1881Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I77400352436529
2 Fowler, Ann Kerr  1891Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I77400352436529


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Colville, Arthur Edward William  Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland I7739205913


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fraser / Birse  7 Oct 1904Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland F1859
2 MacGREGOR / FOREMAN  22 Jan 1850Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland F122015487
3 McGregor / URQUHART  9 Jul 1810Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland F3333886975
4 McPHERSON / MacGREGOR  13 Dec 1876Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland F122015486
5 Scott / Duffus  30 Nov 1851Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland F28021275
6 Scott / Stewart  24 Feb 1928Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland F28022917
7 Simpson / Fowler  31 Dec 1868Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland F1944440601
8 Stewart / Brymer  16 Dec 1863Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland F28021575
9 Stewart / Esplin  20 Jul 1894Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Scotland F28021633