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Feock, Cornwall, England



Latitude: 50.2043729, Longitude: -5.0507360


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brabyn, Alice Maud  1 Sep 1860Feock, Cornwall, England I18027235
2 Brabyn, Avis Jane  1 Jun 1851Feock, Cornwall, England I18022727
3 Brabyn, Caroline  8 Dec 1822Feock, Cornwall, England I18022916
4 Brabyn, Charles  1 Dec 1865Feock, Cornwall, England I18027237
5 Brabyn, Charles  8 May 1890Feock, Cornwall, England I18027239
6 Brabyn, Charlotte Cordelia  1 Dec 1860Feock, Cornwall, England I18027284
7 Brabyn, Clara Jane  1 Mar 1859Feock, Cornwall, England I18027283
8 Brabyn, Edward  7 Nov 1858Feock, Cornwall, England I18027234
9 Brabyn, Edwin  1 Mar 1868Feock, Cornwall, England I18027287
10 Brabyn, Eliza Ann  1 Dec 1852Feock, Cornwall, England I18027282
11 Brabyn, Ellen Sophia  1863Feock, Cornwall, England I18027236
12 Brabyn, Emily Maria  1 Sep 1851Feock, Cornwall, England I18027285
13 Brabyn, John Henry  1 Jun 1855Feock, Cornwall, England I18027232
14 Brabyn, Lavinia Wellington  1 Jun 1849Feock, Cornwall, England I18027230
15 Brabyn, Mary  1831Feock, Cornwall, England I18022918
16 Brabyn, Mary Elizabeth  1849Feock, Cornwall, England I18022766
17 Brabyn, Richard  1817Feock, Cornwall, England I18029430
18 Brabyn, Richard Thomas  1 Mar 1853Feock, Cornwall, England I18027231
19 Brabyn, Stephen Wellington  1 Mar 1857Feock, Cornwall, England I18027233
20 Brabyn, Thomas  1824Feock, Cornwall, England I18027280
21 Brabyn, Thomas John  1 Dec 1854Feock, Cornwall, England I18022767
22 Brabyn, William Henry  1 Mar 1862Feock, Cornwall, England I18027286
23 Brabyn, William Leslie  Mar 1896Feock, Cornwall, England I18043307
24 Brabyn, William Wellington  1 Sep 1847Feock, Cornwall, England I18029432
25 Dunstan, Charles Edwin  1 Mar 1870Feock, Cornwall, England I18023192
26 Dunstan, Edward John  1 Mar 1874Feock, Cornwall, England I18023193
27 Dunstan, Emily  1 Mar 1857Feock, Cornwall, England I18023184
28 Dunstan, Eva  1 Mar 1859Feock, Cornwall, England I18023186
29 Dunstan, Hester Ada  1 Sep 1878Feock, Cornwall, England I18023194
30 Dunstan, James H  1 Jun 1866Feock, Cornwall, England I18023190
31 Dunstan, Johanna  1 Sep 1850Feock, Cornwall, England I18022960
32 Dunstan, John  1821Feock, Cornwall, England I18022927
33 Dunstan, John  1 Mar 1848Feock, Cornwall, England I18022961
34 Dunstan, Kate  1 Mar 1855Feock, Cornwall, England I18023183
35 Dunstan, Leonora  1 Mar 1853Feock, Cornwall, England I18023182
36 Dunstan, Mary Eliza  Jul 1842Feock, Cornwall, England I18022964
37 Dunstan, Nelly  1 Jun 1866Feock, Cornwall, England I18023188
38 Dunstan, Nicholas  1 Sep 1844Feock, Cornwall, England I18022962
39 Dunstan, Thomas  1 Sep 1865Feock, Cornwall, England I18023187
40 Dunstan, William Bryant  1 Sep 1846Feock, Cornwall, England I18022963
41 Dunstan, William Bryant  1 Mar 1859Feock, Cornwall, England I18023185
42 Dunstan, William Thomas  1 Mar 1868Feock, Cornwall, England I18023191
43 Hitchens, George  1888Feock, Cornwall, England I18022952
44 Kellow, William Henry  1849Feock, Cornwall, England I18027269
45 Wellington, Amelia Ann  Jun 1846Feock, Cornwall, England I18023189
46 Wellington, Lavinia Ellen  1825Feock, Cornwall, England I18029431


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brabyn, William Leslie  Sep 1896Feock, Cornwall, England I18043307


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Moat, John  1871Feock, Cornwall, England I07747307220
2 Moat, Sarah  1871Feock, Cornwall, England I08249247412


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brabyn / Crowle  21 May 1812Feock, Cornwall, England F28021229