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Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England



Location : Latitude: 53.624718, Longitude: -0.684373


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tamar  Abt 1822Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I11465
2 Bates, Mary  1828Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7098358510
3 Belton, William  Abt 1821Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750243279
4 Blackbourn, Ann  26 Nov 1817Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010227
5 Blackbourn, Annie  8 Apr 1856Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011213
6 Blackbourn, Anthony  1810Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011040
7 Blackbourn, Anthony William  1847Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011217
8 Blackbourn, George  1816Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011039
9 Blackbourn, George  2 Sep 1849Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011216
10 Blackbourn, Henry  6 Nov 1853Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011214
11 Blackbourn, James  21 Sep 1844Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011218
12 Blackbourn, John  12 May 1850Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011215
13 Carline, Watson  1816Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I77402664085082
14 Champion, Robert  1776Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I07292183419
15 Champion, William  Abt 1836Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I07290431429
16 Ellis, Millecent  1785Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I77400352426748
17 Gelder, Alice  Abt 1823Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595196
18 Gelder, Ann  Abt 1817Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595194
19 Gelder, Ann Hannah Hill  Abt 1781Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595218
20 Gelder, Benjamin  Abt 1776Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595189
21 Gelder, Catherine  Abt 1785Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595216
22 Gelder, Elizabeth  Abt 1771Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595215
23 Gelder, Elizabeth  Abt 1813Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595193
24 Gelder, Hannah  Abt 1775Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595217
25 Gelder, Hannah  Abt 1819Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595195
26 Gelder, Joseph  Abt 1774Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595220
27 Gelder, Lucretia  1837Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I77402101175622
28 Gelder, Mary Ann  Abt 1858Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595207
29 Gelder, Rachel  Abt 1778Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595219
30 Gelder, Richard  Abt 1772Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595221
31 Gelder, Thomas  Abt 1814Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595181
32 Gelder, Thomas  Abt 1860Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595208
33 Gelder, William  Abt 1826Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595197
34 Gelder, William  Abt 1846Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595202
35 Godferey, Mary Ann  Abt 1810Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I37520
36 Godfrey, Mary Ann  Abt 1810Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748844501
37 Hare, Eliza  1864Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750127439
38 Hornsby, Elizabeth Ann  1843Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I0765715061
39 Hornsby, Emma  Abt 1824Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I37798
40 Hornsby, Jane  Abt 1821Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I37283
41 Huntington, John  Abt 1664Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739796533
42 Huntington, Thomas  Abt 1615Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739796535
43 Knipe, Alice Annie  1876Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7098358360
44 Knipe, Beatrice Louisa  1880Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7098358362
45 Knipe, Elizabeth  1878Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7098358361
46 Knipe, John Edwin  1882Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7098358363
47 Lamming, Annie  Abt 1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I31749
48 Lamming, Charles Arthur Binns  Abt 1878Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I31752
49 Lamming, Fanny  Abt 1867Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I31753
50 Lamming, George  Abt 1877Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I31755

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Barley, John  30 Mar 1764Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I3499894518
2 Belton, William  30 Nov 1821Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750243279
3 Ellis, Millecent  15 May 1785Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I77400352426748
4 Gelder, Alice  23 Nov 1823Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595196
5 Gelder, Ann  5 Mar 1817Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595194
6 Gelder, Ann Hannah Hill  19 Aug 1781Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595218
7 Gelder, Benjamin  31 Mar 1776Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595189
8 Gelder, Catherine  7 Mar 1785Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595216
9 Gelder, Elizabeth  30 Jun 1771Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595215
10 Gelder, Elizabeth  9 May 1813Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595193
11 Gelder, Hannah  29 Jan 1775Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595217
12 Gelder, Hannah  18 Jul 1819Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595195
13 Gelder, Joseph  9 Jan 1774Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595220
14 Gelder, Lucretia  25 Feb 1837Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I77402101175622
15 Gelder, Rachel  1 Feb 1778Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595219
16 Gelder, Richard  20 Dec 1772Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595221
17 Gelder, Thomas  25 Dec 1814Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595181
18 Gelder, William  31 Dec 1826Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595197
19 Godferey, Mary Ann  4 Dec 1810Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I37520
20 Hornsby, Jane  22 May 1821Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I37283
21 Huntington, John  14 Feb 1664Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739796533
22 Huntington, Thomas  18 Oct 1615Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739796535
23 Morley, Martha  20 Jul 1806Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750139776
24 Storr, Ann  20 Dec 1801Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I85843
25 Storr, George  18 Oct 1802Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I85842
26 Storr, John  29 Jan 1801Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I85841
27 Wadd, Mary  22 Jan 1787Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1016727428
28 Wadd, Samuel  09 Jan 1792Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1016727429


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Middleton, Jane  Between Jan-Mar 1904Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I49564
2 Morley, Martha  21 Feb 1807Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750139776
3 Morley, Martin  1805Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750139771
4 Spencer, Jane  03 Apr 1879Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750139763
5 Storr, Ann  13 Jul 1802Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I85843
6 Storr, George  14 Feb 1805Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I85842
7 Storr, John  4 Feb 1801Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I85841
8 Tate, James  1919Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90105
9 Temperton, Thomas  Between Jan-Mar 1917Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I3499889810
10 Wadd, Thomas  1827Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1016727439


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blackbourn, Ann  Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010227
2 Nutt, James  Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7738449569
3 Tate, James  7 Mar 1919Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90105


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Tate, James  9 May 1841Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90105


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Maw, Henry  1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I479749578


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bean, Henry  Abt 1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I20017
2 Drury, William  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750249742
3 Emerson, George  1851Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595200
4 Gelder, Benjamin  1841Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595189
5 Gelder, Benjamin  1851Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595189
6 Maw, Henry  1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I479749578
7 Waterhouse, John  1891Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748859885
8 Waterhouse, John  1901Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748859885


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I104000475
2 Blackbourn, Annie  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011213
3 Blackbourn, Annie  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011213
4 Blackbourn, Annie  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011213
5 Blackbourn, Anthony  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011040
6 Blackbourn, Anthony  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011040
7 Blackbourn, Anthony  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011040
8 Blackbourn, Anthony  1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011040
9 Blackbourn, Anthony William  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011217
10 Blackbourn, Anthony William  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011217
11 Blackbourn, Anthony William  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011217
12 Blackbourn, George  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011216
13 Blackbourn, George  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011216
14 Blackbourn, George  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011216
15 Blackbourn, Henry  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011214
16 Blackbourn, Henry  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011214
17 Blackbourn, Henry  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011214
18 Blackbourn, Henry  1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011214
19 Blackbourn, James  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011218
20 Blackbourn, James  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011218
21 Blackbourn, John  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011215
22 Blackbourn, John  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011215
23 Blackbourn, John  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011215
24 Blackbourn, John  1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011215
25 Branton, Hannah  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90063
26 Branton, Hannah  1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90063
27 Branton, Hannah  1901Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90063
28 Branton, Hannah  1911Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90063
29 Chafer, George  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010612
30 Chafer, Thomas  1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010149
31 Champion, Ann  1851Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I07317734765
32 Champion, Jane  1841Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I07292169465
33 Champion, Jane  1851Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I07292169465
34 Champion, Robert  1841Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I07292183419
35 Champion, Robert  1851Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I07292183419
36 Champion, William  1841Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I07290431429
37 Champion, William  1851Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I07290431429
38 Gelder, Benjamin  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595189
39 Gelder, William  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I7739595197
40 Stainton, Ann  1861Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011219
41 Stainton, Ann  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011219
42 Stainton, Ann  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011219
43 Tate, Annie  1891Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90873
44 Tate, Annie  1901Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90873
45 Tate, Charles  1891Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90874
46 Tate, Emily  1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90872
47 Tate, Emily  1891Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90872
48 Tate, Fanny  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I91012
49 Tate, Francis James  1871Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90876
50 Tate, Francis James  1881Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England I90876

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barrow / Gelder  9 Feb 1802Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England F1944315374
2 Blackbourn / Stainton  24 Apr 1844Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England F18010205
3 Mosley / Gelder  14 Apr 1803Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England F1944315368
4 Seaton / Drifill  5 Jun 1800Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England F1943964565
5 Tate / Harris  16 Jan 1823Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England F90296
6 Wadd / Gibson  27 Dec 1812Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England F517808862
7 Wadd / Watts  04 May 1762Flixborough, Lincolnshire, England F517808860