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Fulham, Middlesex, England



Latitude: 51.5312, Longitude: -0.26874


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1811Fulham, Middlesex, England I18027905
2 Axe, Aldred John  01 Mar 1911Fulham, Middlesex, England I480038915
3 Axe, Carolyn L   I1748697567
4 Axe, Doris Agnes Elizabeth  07 Jan 1914Fulham, Middlesex, England I480089297
5 Axe, Frank George  23 Jul 1908Fulham, Middlesex, England I480038914
6 Axe, Rosemary Muriel   I480080514
7 Axe, Thomas William  1909Fulham, Middlesex, England I480080499
8 Benfell, Joshua  Abt 1839Fulham, Middlesex, England I3500305013
9 Bonehill, William Arthur  23 Aug 1922Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750123417
10 Brown, Florence J  Abt 1878Fulham, Middlesex, England I18030511
11 Brown, George H  Abt 1875Fulham, Middlesex, England I18030510
12 Chapman, Elsie  Abt 1897Fulham, Middlesex, England I1748849022
13 Dale, Alfred  Abt 1895Fulham, Middlesex, England I3500304841
14 Drewett, Albert  1905Fulham, Middlesex, England I1748479274
15 Fairbairn, Kathleen Lavinia  11 Mar 1901Fulham, Middlesex, England I5902
16 Fairbairn, Sidney  Abt 1903Fulham, Middlesex, England I5939
17 French, Arthur  1872Fulham, Middlesex, England I77402664102606
18 Gallant, Mary  Abt 1880Fulham, Middlesex, England I1748479273
19 Hewett, Ernest Leslie Cleverly  15 May 1904Fulham, Middlesex, England I7391
20 Hewett, Frederick George Lionel  25 Apr 1909Fulham, Middlesex, England I80424
21 Hogan, TeresaMary  Sep 1879Fulham, Middlesex, England I28317
22 Lainchbury, Horace  Abt 1899Fulham, Middlesex, England I18030797
23 Lambert, Harriet Elizabeth  1868Fulham, Middlesex, England I1748485379
24 Macer, Ernest Edwin  Jun 1902Fulham, Middlesex, England I7098358996
25 Margetts, Blanche Marion  Abt 1893Fulham, Middlesex, England I18032322
26 Margetts, Ethel Kathleen   I18031167
27 Margetts, EthelM  1 Dec 1895Fulham, Middlesex, England I18024837
28 Margetts, Florence May  1 Jun 1898Fulham, Middlesex, England I18032351
29 Margetts, Frances Amy  Abt 1900Fulham, Middlesex, England I18024248
30 Margetts, Hilda Kathleen  1 Sep 1893Fulham, Middlesex, England I18032350
31 Margetts, Inger Phyllis  1 Jun 1900Fulham, Middlesex, England I18024838
32 Margetts, Leonard Hugh   I18032426
33 Margetts, Wilfred  1 Apr 1892Fulham, Middlesex, England I18024836
34 McKnight, Eric  1897Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750122790
35 McKnight, Herbert  1892Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750122788
36 McKnight, Norman  1894Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750122789
37 Perkins, Adelaide Frances  22 Aug 1901Fulham, Middlesex, England I77402664228084
38 Peters, Charles Robert  26 Sep 1886Fulham, Middlesex, England I4419
39 Pitchforth, Annie Matilda  1908Fulham, Middlesex, England I77402664096480
40 Podd, Lillian  1897Fulham, Middlesex, England I3500301780
41 Powys, Isobel  25 Mar 1906Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750055538
42 Roome, Annie Bertha  1879Fulham, Middlesex, England I713061
43 Simmonds, Mary Gladys  Jun 1895Fulham, Middlesex, England I77402664086821
44 Strickland, Winifred Alice  12 Oct 1875Fulham, Middlesex, England I102267
45 Tepper, Derek C  1935Fulham, Middlesex, England I77402664086246
46 Thomas, Albert  Sep 1880Fulham, Middlesex, England I34728
47 Thomas, Cecil Stanley William  Jun 1877Fulham, Middlesex, England I34727
48 Thomas, Charles George  1903Fulham, Middlesex, England I13324
49 Thomas, Francis Henry A  Dec 1895Fulham, Middlesex, England I38770
50 Thomas, Ivy Violet R  Dec 1899Fulham, Middlesex, England I38771

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Roberts, Geraldine Pamela   I26016


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carr, Joseph Asher  1 Apr 1910Fulham, Middlesex, England I44000021
2 Cleverly, Christiana  Between Jul-Sep 1965Fulham, Middlesex, England I77402664094264
3 Court, Alice Mary Drury  6 Jul 1921Fulham, Middlesex, England I88003
4 Green, Alexander A  Mar 1935Fulham, Middlesex, England I77402664089601
5 Hewett, Frederick  17 Jan 1953Fulham, Middlesex, England I80423
6 Hewett, Frederick George Lionel  Between Oct-Dec 1974Fulham, Middlesex, England I80424
7 Hipwell, Eliza  1965Fulham, Middlesex, England I3500312884
8 Hughes-Hallett, Charles Frederick  22 Jun 1900Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750065153
9 Maw, Frederick Harvey  Septr 1877Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750347912
10 Powys, Mary Ada  9 Oct 1877Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750046787
11 Robins, Oliver Horsey  1 Sep 1911Fulham, Middlesex, England I18023699
12 Smith, Kate Walsh  24 Nov 1903Fulham, Middlesex, England I7739099210
13 Smith, Rose Hannah Ellen  1935Fulham, Middlesex, England I38743
14 Tepper, Marjorie  Between Apr-Jun 1928Fulham, Middlesex, England I77402664086244
15 Thomas, Alfred  Jun 1876Fulham, Middlesex, England I2297
16 Thomas, Herbert Richard  1943Fulham, Middlesex, England I77402664226670
17 Thomas, Isobel Jane  Oct 1916Fulham, Middlesex, England I13644
18 Thomas, Matilda Lilian  26 Feb 2000Fulham, Middlesex, England I17705
19 Twisden, Annie  29 Jan 1908Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750047901
20 Willey, Octavius Dalby  1930Fulham, Middlesex, England I51872
21 Winchilsea, Daniel FINCH,7th Earl of K.G.  2 Aug 1769Fulham, Middlesex, England I122020109


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Carey, Elizabeth  1 May 1679Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750047303
2 Mordaunt, Colonel Charles  3 May 1762Fulham, Middlesex, England I7739098955
3 Mordaunt, John 1st Viscount Mordaunt  14 Jun 1675Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750047302


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jones, Alfred Frederick  1891Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750122859
2 Lye, Benjamin  02 Apr 1911Fulham, Middlesex, England I5000840
3 McKnight, Frederick K  1891Fulham, Middlesex, England I1750122784
4 Spittlehouse, Lily  02 Apr 1911Fulham, Middlesex, England I5000821


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Kate Simmonds  Mar 1900Fulham, Middlesex, England F1362
2 Axe / Smith  1908Fulham, Middlesex, England F1838967
3 BANTOCK / SCHWEITZER  9 Mar 1898Fulham, Middlesex, England F122014642
4 Belch / Weeks  1 Sep 1910Fulham, Middlesex, England F28025248
5 Bowler / Prince  Jun 1878Fulham, Middlesex, England F28026360
6 Brighton / Hicks  Jun 1899Fulham, Middlesex, England F1943986673
7 Bullock / Spearman  Jun 1889Fulham, Middlesex, England F17411
8 Butler / Hamilton  6 Jul 1713Fulham, Middlesex, England F672631138
9 Coggan / Davies  Dec 1883Fulham, Middlesex, England F2850
10 Fairbairn / Jamieson  29 Dec 1900Fulham, Middlesex, England F1094
11 Jupp / Saich  5 Jun 1897Fulham, Middlesex, England F1345573118
12 Margetts / Clifton  1 Mar 1910Fulham, Middlesex, England F28021340
13 Margetts / Wright  1 Dec 1882Fulham, Middlesex, England F28024673
14 PICKERING / ______________  Q4 1901Fulham, Middlesex, England F122015044
15 Powys-Keck / Dowson  27 Sep 1917Fulham, Middlesex, England F672618849
16 Robinson / Scudmore  1916Fulham, Middlesex, England F23888
17 Rouse / Newton  30 Oct 1794Fulham, Middlesex, England F1944438095
18 Schofield / Jones  Sep 1955Fulham, Middlesex, England F21658
19 Thomas / Chandler or Lee  Dec 1902Fulham, Middlesex, England F12522
20 Thomas / Leach  1914Fulham, Middlesex, England F1406
21 Wain / Smith  1 Apr 1925Fulham, Middlesex, England F1345574654
22 Westaway / Collier  1892Fulham, Middlesex, England F3333807429
23 Westaway / Smith  18 Mar 1916Fulham, Middlesex, England F3333811148
24 Westaway / Whisker  1891Fulham, Middlesex, England F3333809490
25 Worth /   1918Fulham, Middlesex, England F3333807612