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Gateshead, County Durham, England



Location : Latitude: 54.9594826, Longitude: -1.6149902


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane  1819Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664101412
2 Adamson, John  13 Sep 1787Gateshead, County Durham, England I77400352428059
3 Allon, ElizabethMorrison  1834Gateshead, County Durham, England I480043319
4 Backhouse, Edmund  23 Jul 1899Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664088570
5 Barrass, Edward  7 Sep 1873Gateshead, County Durham, England I1750248456
6 Bell, Margaret  Abt 1695Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109395
7 Bilcliffe, Kate S  1911Gateshead, County Durham, England I480062938
8 Broadbelt, Ann  21 Jul 1807Gateshead, County Durham, England I98560528
9 Brough, EdithMay  Abt 1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832381
10 BUCKLEY, Annie  1885Gateshead, County Durham, England I122022857
11 BUCKLEY, Lily  1883Gateshead, County Durham, England I122022856
12 BUCKLEY, Polly  1880Gateshead, County Durham, England I122022855
13 Bulman, Joseph  Abt 1897Gateshead, County Durham, England I38015768
14 Caffery, Denise   I77402664104384
15 Caffery, Ellen  1884Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664099905
16 Caffery, Joan   I77402664104536
17 Caffery, Lily   I77402664104532
18 Caffery, Margaret  1890Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664099908
19 Caffery, Minnie  1887Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664099906
20 Caffery, Owen   I77402664104535
21 Caffery, Owen   I77402664104606
22 Caffery, Sharon A   I77402664104607
23 Caffery, Shaun   I77402664104608
24 Caffery, Susan   I77402664104605
25 Carey, Edward   I77402664099547
26 Carey, Frederick William  Abt 1909Gateshead, County Durham, England I07998292901
27 Cashman, Sarah Jane  1855Gateshead, County Durham, England I1749982984
28 Chapman, Gladys Evelyn  1915Gateshead, County Durham, England I80204
29 Corkan, Mary A   I77402664099607
30 Crinnall, William John  07 Jan 1859Gateshead, County Durham, England I76756233
31 Denham, AbigailMargaret  Nov 1783Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109612
32 Downing, Bennett  Abt 1897Gateshead, County Durham, England I1748857599
33 Downing, Walter England  Abt 1899Gateshead, County Durham, England I1748857603
34 Elliott, Alice  Abt 1882Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832794
35 Elliott, Arthur Victor  Abt 1890Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832795
36 Elliott, Elizabeth  Abt 1855Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832798
37 Elliott, Florence E  Abt 1892Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832799
38 Elliott, Henry Carrick  Abt 1888Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832800
39 Elliott, Herbert Alan  Abt 1894Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832801
40 Elliott, Hilda Winifred  Abt 1895Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832802
41 Elliott, John Henry  Abt 1868Gateshead, County Durham, England I802
42 Elliott, Joseph  Abt 1865Gateshead, County Durham, England I801
43 Elliott, Joseph  Abt 1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832807
44 Elliott, Mary Agnes  2 Jan 1841Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499999186
45 Elliott, Mary Jane  Abt 1856Gateshead, County Durham, England I155
46 Elliott, Robert  Abt 1853Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832812
47 Elliott, Robert  Abt 1883Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832813
48 Elliott, Thomas  Abt 1863Gateshead, County Durham, England I800
49 Elliott, Thomas  Abt 1886Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499832817
50 Emerson, Martha Ann  Abt 1860Gateshead, County Durham, England I300237

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Blakey, George Douglas Guthrie  24 Feb 1836Gateshead, County Durham, England I15443680
2 Denham, Thomas  27 Dec 1694Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109615
3 Elliott, Mary Agnes  31 Jan 1841Gateshead, County Durham, England I3499999186
4 Gibson, Dorothy  26 Sep 1693Gateshead, County Durham, England I14894520
5 Gibson, Elizabeth  14 May 1691Gateshead, County Durham, England I58636448
6 Gibson, Lyonel  24 Apr 1700Gateshead, County Durham, England I81057925
7 Gibson, Ralph  24 Nov 1667Gateshead, County Durham, England I22762598
8 Gibson, Ralph  17 May 1697Gateshead, County Durham, England I44406492
9 Gibson, Robert  28 Jul 1695Gateshead, County Durham, England I16353755
10 Lisle, John Thomas  21 Sep 1862Gateshead, County Durham, England I300011
11 Lonsdale, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1781Gateshead, County Durham, England I42363322
12 MitchelL, Isabell  29 Mar 1868Gateshead, County Durham, England I16937428
13 Punshon, George  8 Aug 1819Gateshead, County Durham, England I300214
14 Punshon, Joshua  17 Feb 1822Gateshead, County Durham, England I300156
15 Punshon, William  28 May 1824Gateshead, County Durham, England I300213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Walcher Bishop of Durham  14 May 1080Gateshead, County Durham, England I1750044192
2 Bagley, Sylvester Alexander  5 Jan 1923Gateshead, County Durham, England I122017052
3 BENNETT, Elizabeth Leybourne  18 Feb 1906Gateshead, County Durham, England I122022238
4 Blakey, James  1890Gateshead, County Durham, England I97879227
5 Blakey, Margaret  Abt Jan 1936Gateshead, County Durham, England I12702096
6 Blakey, William  02 Oct 1855Gateshead, County Durham, England I72364817
7 Brown, William  Abt 1873Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402409720424
8 Caffery, Owen  1870Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664098345
9 COLTMAN, Sarah  1880Gateshead, County Durham, England I122022839
10 COLTMAN, Thomas  7 Apr 1860Gateshead, County Durham, England I122022838
11 Ferens, Mary  12 Mar 1868Gateshead, County Durham, England I122022834
12 FitzRalph de Greystoke, Ralph Lord Greystoke  14 Jul 1323Gateshead, County Durham, England I1750019097
13 Hancox, Maria  1921Gateshead, County Durham, England I56855
14 Korsman, Verna L  Mar 2013Gateshead, County Durham, England I18041111
15 Lawson, Margery  14 Jun 1883Gateshead, County Durham, England I480042732
16 Lisle, John Thomas  Between Apr 1928 and Jun 1928Gateshead, County Durham, England I300011
17 Lock, Herbert Charles  Between Apr 1948 and Jun 1948Gateshead, County Durham, England I300030
18 Mather, Robert Nicholson  1873Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664101759
19 Mitchell, Jean (LISLE)  Between Oct 1947 and Dec 1947Gateshead, County Durham, England I300125
20 Pease, Alice  Aug 1867Gateshead, County Durham, England I18039969
21 Punshon, Joshua  4 Dec 1887Gateshead, County Durham, England I300156
22 ROBINSON, Matthew  1872Gateshead, County Durham, England I122022840
23 Stead, John  Bef 28 Oct 1942Gateshead, County Durham, England I97016830
24 Tyson, William James  13 Jun 1917Gateshead, County Durham, England I24535520
25 Walker, Harold  Sep 1991Gateshead, County Durham, England I86997
26 Watson, Ivy  28 Dec 2001Gateshead, County Durham, England I86996
27 White, Thomas  Between Oct-Dec 1872Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664107710


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blakey, Margaret  08 Jan 1936Gateshead, County Durham, England I12702096
2 Stead, John  28 Oct 1942Gateshead, County Durham, England I97016830


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Robson, Herny  27 Oct 1815Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664101410
2 Robson, Jane  19 Apr 1818Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664101407
3 Robson, Margaret  26 Jan 1827Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664101411
4 Robson, Mary  28 Sep 1823Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664101409
5 Robson, Thomas  5 Nov 1820Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664101408


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Denham, Thomas  27 Dec 1694Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109615
2 Denham, Thomas  20 Apr 1718Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664110462
2 Elizabeth  1871Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664110462
3 Elizabeth  1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664110461
4 Elizabeth  1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664110462
5 Mary  7 Apr 1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I300241
6 Backhouse, Charles  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664093022
7 Backhouse, Charles  02 Apr 1911Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664093022
8 Backhouse, Charles Henry  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664090784
9 Backhouse, Edmund  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664088570
10 Backhouse, Edmund  02 Apr 1911Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664088570
11 Backhouse, George William  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664090783
12 Backhouse, Hugh  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664090427
13 Backhouse, James  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664089725
14 Backhouse, Mabel  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664091242
15 Backhouse, Sarah Eleanor  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664090785
16 Backhouse, Sarah Eleanor  02 Apr 1911Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664090785
17 Bell, Christiana Jane  1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109377
18 Bell, Christiana Jane  1871Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109377
19 Bell, Christiana Jane  1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109377
20 Bell, Christiana Jane  1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109377
21 Bell, Christiana Jane  1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109377
22 Bell, Christiana Jane  1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664109377
23 Emerson, Martha Ann  7 Apr 1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I300237
24 Lisle, George  7 Apr 1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I300239
25 Lisle, Sarah  7 Apr 1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I300236
26 Lisle, Thomas  7 Apr 1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I300233
27 Millar, Eleanor  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664088211
28 Millar, Eleanor  02 Apr 1911Gateshead, County Durham, England I77402664088211
29 Molloy, Daniel  Abt 1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I94855597
30 Molloy, Hilda  Abt 1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I94113734
31 Molloy, Isabella  Abt 1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I38789978
32 Molloy, Isabella  Abt 1891Gateshead, County Durham, England I38789978
33 Molloy, John  Abt 1881Gateshead, County Durham, England I60111792
34 Molloy, John  Abt 1891Gateshead, County Durham, England I60111792
35 Pantry, Walter  Gateshead, County Durham, England I06325158031
36 Ridley, Ann  7 Apr 1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I300244
37 Ridley, Jane  7 Apr 1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I300245
38 Ridley, Thomas  7 Apr 1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I300234
39 Ridley, Thomas  7 Apr 1861Gateshead, County Durham, England I300250
40 Thompson, Agnes  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England I122020953


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bean / Taylor  Abt Sep 1893Gateshead, County Durham, England F90056114
2 BENNETT / Russell  21 Jun 1878Gateshead, County Durham, England F122012941
3 Breckons / Lonergan  Mar 1976Gateshead, County Durham, England F28026171
4 Buxton / Woodward  27 Jun 1918Gateshead, County Durham, England F01826472
5 CAFFERY /   1 Jun 1860Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333820789
6 Caffery / ARMSTRONG  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333820326
7 Caffery / Foster  1933Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333820690
8 Caffery / French   F3333821418
9 Candlish / Caffery   F3333821527
10 Carr / Keeney  1879Gateshead, County Durham, England F1830437
11 Crane / Caffery   F3333821485
12 Cumiskey / Hayton   F19020927
13 ELLIOTT / HART  1 Dec 1865Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333820735
14 Elliott / Hedley  Between Jul and Sep 1893Gateshead, County Durham, England F1345467900
15 Elliott / Smith  Between Oct and Dec 1880Gateshead, County Durham, England F1345467904
16 Graham / Jaques  5 Jan 1845Gateshead, County Durham, England F5329
17 Hancox /   Jun 1888Gateshead, County Durham, England F31854
18 Hayllar / Ferry  4 Mar 1856Gateshead, County Durham, England F672131424
19 Hopper / COLTMAN  10 Sep 1854Gateshead, County Durham, England F122014266
20 Hutchinson / Caffery   F3333821480
21 Jurgenson / Nielson  Abt Jun 1862Gateshead, County Durham, England F29229
22 Korsman / Lonergan   F19020916
23 Lawler /   1874Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333820841
24 Lea / Edmonds   F1944423769
25 Lisle / Mitchell  Between Jul 1928 and Sep 1928Gateshead, County Durham, England F300027
26 Lumley / Grey  1861Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333820578
27 Lumley / Lumley  1921Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333822220
28 Lumley / Reed  1863Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333820558
29 Lumley / Temperley  1864 Q2Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333819338
30 Lumley / THIRLAWAY  1888Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333820528
31 Ormston / Clark  Between Jul and Sep 1888Gateshead, County Durham, England F672323791
32 Ormston / Rawson  Jun 1896Gateshead, County Durham, England F672319696
33 Pease / Davidson  Sep 1889Gateshead, County Durham, England F28025631
34 Punshon / Parkinson  4 Jul 1818Gateshead, County Durham, England F300043
35 Raine / Allen  27 Jan 1774Gateshead, County Durham, England F3333822605
36 Unknown / Thompson   F23518
37 Ward / Cranney  1884Gateshead, County Durham, England F672538453
38 Watson / Offord  22 Mar 1944Gateshead, County Durham, England F6107
39 Wilson / Caffery   F3333821486
40 Winch / Hewitt  1901Gateshead, County Durham, England F1830210
41 Woodward / Woodward  3 May 1913Gateshead, County Durham, England F01826471
42 Yeardley / Heslop  Sep 1923Gateshead, County Durham, England F22440


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Unknown / Thompson   F23518