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Hampstead, Middlesex, England



Location : Latitude: 51.556661, Longitude: -0.178517


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1826Hampstead, Middlesex, England I480088845
2 Asprey, James Frederick Courtney  28 Jun 1920Hampstead, Middlesex, England I77402664093354
3 Axe, Lily Rose  04 Oct 1927Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1750130828
4 Axe, Margaret L   I1750130827
5 Axe, Richard John   I480080531
6 Bellamy, Alice  1886Hampstead, Middlesex, England I480088219
7 Bellamy, Ethel  1880Hampstead, Middlesex, England I480088218
8 Bellamy, Frances  1880Hampstead, Middlesex, England I480088216
9 Bellamy, Katherine  1876Hampstead, Middlesex, England I480088215
10 Bland, Annie  1853Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748481149
11 Bland, Edward Joseph  1836Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748481146
12 Bland, Eleanor Jane  1840Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748481147
13 Bland, Elizabeth  1844Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748481144
14 Bland, Henry  1842Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748481148
15 Bland, Henry Edward  4 Oct 1867Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500305045
16 Bland, Jane  1848Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748481131
17 Bland, Marianne  1831Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748481145
18 Boustead, Terry Martin  25 Nov 1936Hampstead, Middlesex, England I77400352426376
19 Broad, Dorothy May  21 Nov 1919Hampstead, Middlesex, England I77402664228482
20 Brown, Amelia  25 Apr 1845Hampstead, Middlesex, England I39701
21 Cox, Louise  Abt 1862Hampstead, Middlesex, England I7098358754
22 Durrant, Frederick  1880Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500302571
23 Durrant, William H  1881Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500302561
24 Feltham, Ian  14 Feb 1954Hampstead, Middlesex, England I77402664083458
25 Fitzgerald, JamesMaurice  Dec 1893Hampstead, Middlesex, England I77402101175141
26 Haig, Rose Helen  11 Dec 1853Hampstead, Middlesex, England I11186
27 Herklots, Charles Lyon  31 Jul 1882Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99221
28 Herklots, Gerard Andteas  20 Oct 1875Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99213
29 Herklots, Mary Alice  10 Sep 1873Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99212
30 Herklots, Violet Constance  13 Jun 1878Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99218
31 Hipwell, Ann  1850Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312865
32 Hipwell, Elizabeth  1867Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312874
33 Hipwell, George  1873Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312885
34 Hipwell, John  1820Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312794
35 Hipwell, John  1847Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312864
36 Hipwell, William  1827Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312791
37 Hipwell, William  1852Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312866
38 Hipwell, William  1855Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312867
39 Hodges, Bernard Raphael  Jun 1896Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294166
40 Kelsey (Kelly?), Robert Oates  Jan 1871Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748585308
41 Margetts, Alexander E   I18030095
42 Margetts, Alexander Robert S  1 Dec 1906Hampstead, Middlesex, England I18030093
43 Margetts, Kathleen Beatrice  Abt 1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I18023911
44 Margetts, Stanley  1 Dec 1908Hampstead, Middlesex, England I18023912
45 Margetts, Stanley F   I18031220
46 McPartlan, Patricia  Sep 1971Hampstead, Middlesex, England I95513
47 Meads, Beatrice B  Abt 1890Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500306665
48 Meads, Harry B  Abt 1889Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500306664
49 Newton, Wilfred Arthur  Abt 1890Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748841088
50 Pease, Anne Purefoy Rosa  Aug 1906Hampstead, Middlesex, England I18040045

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hart-Davis, Sidney Osborn Hart  19 Feb 1860Hampstead, Middlesex, England I7738396772


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rachel  Mar 1957Hampstead, Middlesex, England I66293
2 Austin, Ann  1860Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312784
3 Backhouse, John Loftus  Sep 1963Hampstead, Middlesex, England I77402664093399
4 Bishop, Mary  1884Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748481143
5 Bland, Edward Henry  26 Apr 1890Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748481142
6 Butler, Emma  1887Hampstead, Middlesex, England I51907
7 Chantler, Ivy  1998Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748477605
8 Clover, Maria  1899Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312793
9 Dalby, Emma Jessica  1899Hampstead, Middlesex, England I51918
10 de Quency, Margaret (Margery)  Bef 30 Mar 1266Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1748534738
11 Edwards, Emma Louise  Between Jan-Mar 1960Hampstead, Middlesex, England I77400352429299
12 Feilding, William Basil Percy Earl of Denbigh  25 Jun 1865Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1750049936
13 Gibbons, Annie  5 Mar 1963Hampstead, Middlesex, England I07874463345
14 Hall, John Robert  18 Oct 1841Hampstead, Middlesex, England I102289
15 Herklots, Gerhard Andreas  1915Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99166
16 Herklots, Mary Alice  1962Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99212
17 Hipwell, Ann  1883Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312785
18 Hipwell, George  1 Jun 1892Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312783
19 Hipwell, William  1852Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312866
20 Hipwell, William  1908Hampstead, Middlesex, England I3500312791
21 Husband, Alice Margaret  1927Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99202
22 Kerry, Elizabeth Amelia  Jun 1922Hampstead, Middlesex, England I18023301
23 Lea, Emma Jane  1870Hampstead, Middlesex, England I102593
24 Lever, William Hesketh 1st Viscount Leverhulme  7 May 1925Hampstead, Middlesex, England I65155
25 Meggett, Matilda  1911Hampstead, Middlesex, England I77402664095927
26 Neave, Sheffield  Abt Aug 1868Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1750065563
27 Peach, Constance Gertrude  1911Hampstead, Middlesex, England I12093
28 Pease, Joseph Gerald  Mar 1928Hampstead, Middlesex, England I18039376
29 Ponsonby, Arthur Cornwallis  25 Apr 1918Hampstead, Middlesex, England I7739179086
30 Pougatch, Selman  Dec 1959Hampstead, Middlesex, England I66292
31 Powles, Margaret Emily  1965Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99521
32 Prance, Helen Jane  1891Hampstead, Middlesex, England I102599
33 Sculpher, Eliza  Mar 1933Hampstead, Middlesex, England I10213
34 Shaw, Elsie Marie  2 Aug 1963Hampstead, Middlesex, England I88765
35 Smith, Maud Ellen  1867Hampstead, Middlesex, England I102596
36 Thomas, Dorothy Emily  1918Hampstead, Middlesex, England I15283
37 Thomas, Florence Ashton  5 Mar 1922Hampstead, Middlesex, England I77402664228106
38 Thornborough, Alfred  1923Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99223
39 Vigors, ThomasMercer Cliffe  1908Hampstead, Middlesex, England I100143
40 Woodd Smith, BerthaMarian  1954Hampstead, Middlesex, England I102595


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Butler, Rev Thomas 6th Viscount Ikerrin  8 Mar 1720Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1750065108
2 Hamilton, Margaret  Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1750065106
3 Ponsonby, Arthur Cornwallis  29 Apr 1918Hampstead, Middlesex, England I7739179086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Maw, Julia  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1750857146


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kelsey, Margaret  5 Apr 1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1750139657


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Daniels, Esther  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545348855
2 Daniels, William  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294172
3 Haskin-Eyles-Styles, Sir John 4th Baronet, of Hampstead  Hampstead, Middlesex, England I83335
4 Hodges, AgnesMargaretta  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294173
5 Hodges, Bernard Raphael  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294166
6 Hodges, Esther Elizabeth  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294169
7 Hodges, James  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294167
8 Hodges, Joseph Aloysius  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294168
9 Hodges, Mary  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294171
10 Hodges, Richard John  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294174
11 Hodges, Theresa  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I08545294170
12 Roberts, Annie Mary E  1881Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99290
13 Roberts, Catherine  1881Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99288
14 Roberts, John William  1881Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99289
15 Roberts, William George  1881Hampstead, Middlesex, England I99238
16 Smith, Harriet  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1750120956
17 Symons, Lucy C  1901Hampstead, Middlesex, England I1750120955


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradsell / Brock  1882Hampstead, Middlesex, England F672133922
2 Bullass /   1885Hampstead, Middlesex, England F672668493
3 Cunningham / Barron  1928Hampstead, Middlesex, England F23659
4 Dalby / Dean  1874Hampstead, Middlesex, England F29903
5 Farmery / Hadad  Abt 1932Hampstead, Middlesex, England F29055
6 Finch / Wallace  Jun 1914Hampstead, Middlesex, England F1389326912
7 Glew / Everitt  Sep 1927Hampstead, Middlesex, England F14527
8 Hall / Longley  9 Apr 1807Hampstead, Middlesex, England F23742
9 Herklots / Husband  1872Hampstead, Middlesex, England F23203
10 Jennings / Pumphrey  Mar 1958Hampstead, Middlesex, England F806763
11 Kavanagh / Clifford  7 Feb 1865Hampstead, Middlesex, England F542654
12 Lancaster / Lowe  Sep 1898Hampstead, Middlesex, England F21804
13 Margetts / Crumpton  1 Dec 1927Hampstead, Middlesex, England F28021709
14 Margetts / Sinnock  1 Sep 1900Hampstead, Middlesex, England F28023243
15 Meggett / Abey  1909Hampstead, Middlesex, England F3333819227
16 Mundy / Stollery  13 Jul 1865Hampstead, Middlesex, England F1345770912
17 Pain / Maw  Juntr 1905Hampstead, Middlesex, England F673124868
18 Selling / Davies  27 Apr 1909Hampstead, Middlesex, England F3333813990
19 Smith / Prance  1872Hampstead, Middlesex, England F23838
20 Taylor / Robinson  Dec 1927Hampstead, Middlesex, England F22000262
21 Templeman / Wiley   F91127
22 Willoughby / Fenwick  Jun 1961Hampstead, Middlesex, England F18051097