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Hatfield, Yorkshire



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Smith, Ann  1820Hatfield, Yorkshire I105969
2 Smith, Jane  1822Hatfield, Yorkshire I105960
3 Sterndale, Ann  1767Hatfield, Yorkshire I105996
4 Taylor, Alfred Ernest  1862Hatfield, Yorkshire I105965
5 Taylor, Ann  8 Nov 1791Hatfield, Yorkshire I105998
6 Taylor, Arthur Joshua  1857Hatfield, Yorkshire I105964
7 Taylor, Charles  1825Hatfield, Yorkshire I105953
8 Taylor, Charles  1849Hatfield, Yorkshire I105961
9 Taylor, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1793Hatfield, Yorkshire I105999
10 Taylor, Emily  1855Hatfield, Yorkshire I105963
11 Taylor, George  18 Dec 1799Hatfield, Yorkshire I106002
12 Taylor, George  1 Apr 1808Hatfield, Yorkshire I105947
13 Taylor, George  27 Dec 1811Hatfield, Yorkshire I105948
14 Taylor, George  1854Hatfield, Yorkshire I105972
15 Taylor, Isaac  1814Hatfield, Yorkshire I105949
16 Taylor, Isaac  1820Hatfield, Yorkshire I105952
17 Taylor, John  1 Sep 1790Hatfield, Yorkshire I105997
18 Taylor, John  1817Hatfield, Yorkshire I105951
19 Taylor, Joshua  1815Hatfield, Yorkshire I105950
20 Taylor, Maria  10 Apr 1801Hatfield, Yorkshire I106003
21 Taylor, Martha  30 Apr 1797Hatfield, Yorkshire I106001
22 Taylor, Mary  30 Sep 1794Hatfield, Yorkshire I106000
23 Taylor, Mary Jane  1850Hatfield, Yorkshire I105962
24 Taylor, Vincent  1827Hatfield, Yorkshire I105954


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bray, Ann  Nov 1878Hatfield, Yorkshire I105922
2 Smith, Ann  Sep 1874Hatfield, Yorkshire I105969
3 Smith, Jane  19 Dec 1908Hatfield, Yorkshire I105960
4 Sterndale, Ann  Oct 1853Hatfield, Yorkshire I105996
5 Taylor, Arthur Joshua  Feb 1858Hatfield, Yorkshire I105964
6 Taylor, Charles  Mar 1849Hatfield, Yorkshire I105961
7 Taylor, George  30 Jun 1801Hatfield, Yorkshire I106002
8 Taylor, George  30 Dec 1808Hatfield, Yorkshire I105947
9 Taylor, Isaac  Feb 1814Hatfield, Yorkshire I105949
10 Taylor, Isaac  Apr 1884Hatfield, Yorkshire I105952
11 Taylor, John  8 Dec 1808Hatfield, Yorkshire I105991
12 Taylor, John  Oct 1848Hatfield, Yorkshire I105997
13 Taylor, John  20 Apr 1873Hatfield, Yorkshire I105951
14 Taylor, Joshua  Feb 1860Hatfield, Yorkshire I105921
15 Taylor, Maria  Feb 1871Hatfield, Yorkshire I106003
16 Taylor, Martha  21 Jan 1799Hatfield, Yorkshire I106001
17 Taylor, Mary  13 Oct 1797Hatfield, Yorkshire I106000
18 Taylor, Mary Ann  20 Oct 1810Hatfield, Yorkshire I105946
19 Taylor, Mary Jane  30 Dec 1947Hatfield, Yorkshire I105962