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Isle of Man



Latitude: 54.23611, Longitude: -4.54806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Deborah  1817ISLE OF MAN I77402664099645
2 Ella  1913Isle of Man I1750129207
3 Isabel  Abt 1213Isle of Man I122022515
4 Isabella  1915Isle of Man I77402102183101
5 Bradley, Sheila Kathleen   I0692165532
6 Brew, Ann  1792Isle of Man I480042290
7 CAINE, Catherine Christian  Abt 1853Isle of Man I122022827
8 Ceasar, Barbara  1622Isle of Man I40000337
9 Christian, Alice  1640Isle of man I77402101175096
10 Christian, Catherine  1650 -1662Isle of Man I77402101175073
11 Corkan, Edith E  1899ISLE OF MAN I77402664099655
12 Corkan, Henry  1792ISLE OF MAN I77402664099646
13 Corkan, Henry  1846ISLE OF MAN I77402664099397
14 Corkan, James  1857Isle of Man I77402664099400
15 Corkan, John H  1888ISLE OF MAN I77402664099654
16 Corkan, Margaret A  1869ISLE OF MAN I77402664099656
17 Corkan, Matilda  1855ISLE OF MAN I77402664099651
18 Corkan, Thomas  1844ISLE OF MAN I77402664099647
19 Corkan, Willam  1852Isle of Man I77402664099648
20 Corkhill, Catherine  1721Isle of Man I77402101175038
21 Corkhill, Isobel  Isle of Man I77402101175087
22 Cottier, Jane Eliza  5 Oct 1848Isle Of Man I3500306733
23 Garrett, William  1751Isle of Man I40000385
24 James, Ann  1829isle of man I77402101174995
25 Joughin, Mary  1751Isle of man I77402101175029
26 Kaighin, Jony  1638Isle of Man I77402101175294
27 Kissack, Ann  1819Isle of Man I480042293
28 Kissack, Edward  1812Isle of Man I1749980869
29 Kissack, John  1777Isle of Man I1749980826
30 Lace, Alyes  1638Isle of man I77402101175295
31 Lace, Catherine  1785isle of Man I77402101175033
32 Lace, Daniel  1787Isle of Man I77402101175034
33 Lace, Garret  Isle of Man I77402101175352
34 Lace, Gilbert  1642Isle of Man I77402101175298
35 Lace, Gilbert  1650Isle of Man I77402101175302
36 Lace, Jane  1791isle of Man I77402101175036
37 Lace, John  1642Isle of Man I77402101175299
38 Lace, Jony  1638isle of man I77402101175296
39 Lace, Margaret  1644Isle of Man I77402101175300
40 Lace, Margaret  1784Isle of man I77402101175003
41 Lace, Mary  1790Isle of Man I77402101175035
42 Lace, Michael  1646Isle of Man I77402101175301
43 Lace, Thomas  1640Isle of Man I77402101175297
44 Lace, Tyhomas  1781Isle of Man I77402101175032
45 Moutrie, Douglas  Abt 1920Isle of Man I77402102183097
46 Moutrie, Jimmy  Abt 1890Isle of Man I77402102183094
47 Moutrie, Mona  Abt 1915Isle of Man I77402102183095
48 Oakden, Daniel  Abt 1881Isle of Man I77402102183079
49 Quayle, William  22 Apr 1866Isle of Man I3500609005
50 Searle, Milton  Abt 1888Isle of Man I77402102183091

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Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Isabel  1252Isle of Man I122022515
2 Christian, Alice  1705Isle of Man I77402101175096
3 De La Pryme, Abraham  1740Isle of Man I55853
4 Joughin, Mary  1825Isle of Man I77402101175029
5 Lace, A;lys  1719Isle of man I77402101175098
6 Lace, Alyes  1700Isle of man I77402101175295
7 Lace, Donold  1559Isle of Man I77402101175354
8 Lace, Ewan  1749Isle of Man I77402101175052
9 Lace, Gilbert  1657Isle of man I77402101175298
10 Lace, John  1700Isle of Man I77402101175299
11 Lace, Jony  1706Isle of man I77402101175296
12 Lace, Margaret  1706Isle of Man I77402101175300
13 Lace, Margaret  1841Isle of man I77402101175003
14 Lace, Michael  1700Isle of Man I77402101175301
15 Lace, Thomas  1710Isle of Man I77402101175297
16 Pepper, JamesMichael  1972Isle of Man I1748515242
17 Yewdall, William  1980Isle of Man I77402102183068
18 Yewdall, William David  3 Jan 1987Isle of Man I77402102183104


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Searle / Yewdall  Isle of Man F3333770462
2 Shimmin / Lace  Abt 1734Isle of Man F18000516