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Mackay, Queensland Australia



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Antoney, Annie Jacinta Mary Elizabeth  24 Jun 1879Mackay, Queensland Australia I103268
2 Antoney, Daisy Elizabeth Young  15 Jun 1895Mackay, Queensland Australia I103274
3 Antoney, David William Lindsay  29 Mar 1902Mackay, Queensland Australia I103277
4 Antoney, Enoch Henry  28 Oct 1897Mackay, Queensland Australia I103275
5 Antoney, Frances Elizabeth  10 Jan 1894Mackay, Queensland Australia I103273
6 Antoney, Francis Albert  17 Dec 1899Mackay, Queensland Australia I103276
7 Antoney, Margaret Annie Daisy  5 Apr 1891Mackay, Queensland Australia I103271
8 Antoney, Thelma Dorene  30 Jan 1904Mackay, Queensland Australia I103278
9 Gohdes, Charles Antoney  8 Aug 1928Mackay, Queensland Australia I103309
10 Gohdes, Delphine Phyllis  11 Dec 1918Mackay, Queensland Australia I103306
11 Gohdes, Frances Jean  14 Jan 1926Mackay, Queensland Australia I103308
12 Gohdes, Frederick Herman  1891Mackay, Queensland Australia I103304
13 Gohdes, Mabel Dorothy  18 Sep 1916Mackay, Queensland Australia I103305
14 Gohdes, Marjorie Eunice  15 Jul 1923Mackay, Queensland Australia I103307
15 Shanks, Clive Raymond  27 May 1932Mackay, Queensland Australia I103299
16 Shanks, Cyril Tom Joseph  11 Apr 1917Mackay, Queensland Australia I103291
17 Shanks, Dorothy Grace  22 Oct 1921Mackay, Queensland Australia I103293
18 Shanks, Ernest Windross  11 May 1926Mackay, Queensland Australia I103296
19 Shanks, Francis George  21 Feb 1916Mackay, Queensland Australia I103290
20 Shanks, Frederick Albert  25 Jul 1923Mackay, Queensland Australia I103294
21 Shanks, Henry Garfield  Oct 1928Mackay, Queensland Australia I103297
22 Shanks, John Robert  1 Oct 1924Mackay, Queensland Australia I103295
23 Shanks, Margaret Elizabeth  26 Sep 1930Mackay, Queensland Australia I103298
24 Shanks, Mervyn  15 Oct 1918Mackay, Queensland Australia I103292


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Antoney, Daisy Elizabeth Young  24 Feb 1975Mackay, Queensland Australia I103274
2 Antoney, Manuel Silva  23 Dec 1961Mackay, Queensland Australia I103267
3 Antoney, Margaret Annie Daisy  22 Oct 1968Mackay, Queensland Australia I103271
4 Carson, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1946Mackay, Queensland Australia I103270
5 Gohdes, Frances Jean  20 Jan 1929Mackay, Queensland Australia I103308
6 Gohdes, Frederick Herman  20 Jun 1962Mackay, Queensland Australia I103304
7 Gohdes, Mabel Dorothy  14 Aug 1988Mackay, Queensland Australia I103305
8 McLaughlin, Annie Marie   I103279
9 Shanks, Cyril Tom Joseph  21 Jan 1918Mackay, Queensland Australia I103291
10 Shanks, Francis Marmaduke Windross  11 Jun 1957Mackay, Queensland Australia I103289
11 Shanks, Frederick Albert  19 Jun 1994Mackay, Queensland Australia I103294
12 Shanks, Henry Garfield  29 Nov 1929Mackay, Queensland Australia I103297


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Thomas / Antoney   18 May 1897Mackay, Queensland Australia F24047