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Maidstone, Kent, England



Latitude: 51.27034, Longitude: 0.52384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ellen  Abt 1825Maidstone, Kent, England I1749373421
2 Axe, Jayden Alan D  2002Maidstone, Kent, England I1750124429
3 Bailey, Ann Eleanor  Abt 1821Maidstone, Kent, England I480088843
4 Barfoot, Ada  1885Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403376
5 Barfoot, Agnes  1881Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403383
6 Barfoot, Edward  1857Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403120
7 Barfoot, Frances  1843Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404717
8 Barfoot, Horace  1896Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403377
9 Barfoot, Jane  1842Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404716
10 Barfoot, Jerry  1860Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403381
11 Barfoot, John  1850Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403382
12 Barfoot, John  1888Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403378
13 Barfoot, Kate  1893Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403379
14 Barfoot, Lilian Lavinia  8 Mar 1898Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403117
15 Barfoot, Olive  1882Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403384
16 Barfoot, Rosa  1890Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403380
17 Barfoot, Sarah  1837Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404715
18 Barfoot, Thomas  1846Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404718
19 Bates, Charles Arthur  1864Maidstone, Kent, England I7738448524
20 Brabyn, Benjamin John   I18022825
21 Brewster, Emily Rose   I18037837
22 Brewster, Thomas Robert   I18037836
23 Brown, Brian   I73657
24 Brown, Frederick Horace  Dec 1908Maidstone, Kent, England I73661
25 Brown, Mandy L   I73659
26 Brown, Michael   I73656
27 Brown, Vincent B   I73660
28 CALLOWAY, Rebecca  1842Maidstone, Kent, England I77402664105842
29 Carter, Ada Florence  31 Aug 1885Maidstone, Kent, England I700851
30 Carter, May  22 May 1899Maidstone, Kent, England I700132
31 Carter, Victor William  11 Jun 1897Maidstone, Kent, England I700884
32 Church, Henry James  1877Maidstone, Kent, England I77402664104480
33 Copper, Dorothy LouisaM  1900Maidstone, Kent, England I77400352427706
34 Costello, Frederick  1879Maidstone, Kent, England I1748483443
35 Cradduck, Susanna  Oct-Dec -38Maidstone, Kent, England I02066361746
36 Deall, Sarah V  1832Maidstone, Kent, England I12880
37 Dunkerton, Jane  Abt 1824Maidstone, Kent, England I3500309322
38 Finley, Brian J  Jun 1938Maidstone, Kent, England I85619
39 Garrod, Avis Joan  19 May 1924Maidstone, Kent, England I30202
40 Garrod, DorisMary  16 Mar 1926Maidstone, Kent, England I30203
41 Garrod, Harry   I30204
42 Gillard, Bronica Francesca   I85460
43 Gillard, James William   I77402511138136
44 Gillard, SimonMatthew   I85409
45 Glew, Janet Irene   I480066886
46 Griffiths, Amy Bethany   I51364416
47 Griffiths, Samuel James   I15271090
48 Griffiths, Thomas James   I8086137
49 Hancox, Stuart A  Oct 26 1960Maidstone, Kent, England I55893
50 Heneage, Lucy  24 Feb 1586/1587MAIDSTONE, Kent, England I1749994666

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Post, Arthur  26 Aug 1580Maidstone, Kent, England I18002991
2 Post, Jan  5 Nov 1579Maidstone, Kent, England I18003028
3 Swinnock, John  06 Mar 1685Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404893
4 Thomas, James Gabriel  19 Jan 1806Maidstone, Kent, England I1529
5 Urmston, Adelaide Majolier Brabazon  16 Mar 1892Maidstone, Kent, England I102467
6 Walter, Alfred Ernest Henry Urmston  7 Oct 1888Maidstone, Kent, England I102437


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Edelbert  Between Jul and Sep 1960Maidstone, Kent, England I77402664088975
2 Barfoot, Edward  1927Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403120
3 Barfoot, Lilian Lavinia  1974Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403117
4 Boorman, Mollie  25 Sep 2001Maidstone, Kent, England I17832
5 Carter, May  1981Maidstone, Kent, England I700132
6 Coggan, Joan  22 Jan 1999Maidstone, Kent, England I77402664226655
7 Cook, Louisa Caroline  1876Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404710
8 Couchman, Lilian  2002Maidstone, Kent, England I30171
9 Crabtree, Haydn  6 Dec 1966Maidstone, Kent, England I700131
10 Finley, Francis Benedict  Dec 1968Maidstone, Kent, England I85621
11 French, GladysMay  6 Feb 1997Maidstone, Kent, England I78818
12 Garrod, John  Abt 1998Maidstone, Kent, England I30206
13 Gillard, Leonard  13 Feb 2003Maidstone, Kent, England I77402511137942
14 Gillins, Alice  1783Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403386
15 Goodman, Arthur William  4 Mar 1958Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403116
16 Grant, Horace William  1989Maidstone, Kent, England I13515
17 Grigsby, Alexander  1575Maidstone, Kent, England I67528
18 Kenward, Matilda  1915Maidstone, Kent, England I3500305389
19 Kirk, Harold  18 Aug 1990Maidstone, Kent, England I86359
20 Le Grove, Charles Arthur  1970Maidstone, Kent, England I55057
21 Martin, Joseph  Maidstone, Kent, England I21001272
22 Mason, Martha  1831Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403179
23 Maw, Annie  Apr 1996Maidstone, Kent, England I1750184381
24 Nicolas, Ruth Isabella   I99136
25 Pocknell, Audrey Helen  31 Oct 1998Maidstone, Kent, England I77402511137996
26 Scott, Ethel Amelia  1 Sep 1997Maidstone, Kent, England I1750123359
27 Seth Smith, Grace Winning  1953Maidstone, Kent, England I102639
28 St. Leger, Katherine  Bef 28 Aug 1658Maidstone, Kent, England I1750703524
29 Swinnock, Harriet  1791Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404844
30 Swinnock, John  1741Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404893
31 Swinnock, John  1785Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403385
32 Swinnock, Lavinia (Elveannor)  Sep 1899Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403172
33 Swinnock, Martha  1783Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404843
34 Swinnock, Robert  1873Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404896
35 Swinnock, Thomas  Mar 1781Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403389
36 Swinnock, Thomas  1814Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403178
37 Swinnock, Thomas  Dec 1871Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403173
38 Taylor, Elizabeth  1917Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403745
39 Thomas, Ellen Eliza  Sep 1959Maidstone, Kent, England I77402664112042
40 Thomas, Humphrey  Mar 1874Maidstone, Kent, England I39412
41 Urmston, Arthur Brabazon  1939Maidstone, Kent, England I102461
42 Waters, Katie Maria  Mar 1971Maidstone, Kent, England I1750710817
43 Westaway, Sidney James  1932Maidstone, Kent, England I77402109332180
44 Whetstone, Sarah  1846Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403174
45 Whiting, Jessie  Jan 1993Maidstone, Kent, England I24894
46 Wilding, Joyce  16 Oct 2005Maidstone, Kent, England I771730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 French, GladysMay  Maidstone, Kent, England I78818
2 Gillins, Alice  07 Sep 1783Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403386
3 Kirk, Harold  Maidstone, Kent, England I86359
4 Swinnock, Harriet  8 Sep 1791Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404844
5 Swinnock, John  22 Sep 1741Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404893
6 Swinnock, John  09 Oct 1785Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403385
7 Swinnock, Thomas  25 Mar 1781Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403389
8 Swinnock, Thomas  21 Sep 1814Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403178

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Dorothy  Abt 1620Maidstone, Kent, England I18002733
2 Post, Richard  4 Feb 1616Maidstone, Kent, England I18002732


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Swinnock, Daniel  20 May 1777Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404845
2 Swinnock, John  06 Mar 1685Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404893
3 Swinnock, Robert  28 Feb 1813Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404896
4 Swinnock, Thomas  13 Jul 1794Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403173
5 Whetstone, Sarah  24 Feb 1799Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barfoot, Ada  1901Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403376
2 Barfoot, Edward  1901Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403120
3 Barfoot, John  1861Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403180
4 Barfoot, Lilian Lavinia  1920Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403117
5 Goodman, Arthur William  Between 1920 and 1955Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403116
6 Swinnock, Daniel  1841Maidstone, Kent, England I1750404845
7 Swinnock, Thomas  1841Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403173


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barfoot, Lilian Lavinia  Apr 1911Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403117
2 Hoare, Charles  Maidstone, Kent, England I1750046757
3 Swinnock, Lavinia (Elveannor)  1841Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403172
4 Swinnock, Thomas  1871Maidstone, Kent, England I1750403173


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barfoot / Cook  1875Maidstone, Kent, England F672928635
2 Bottle / Glew   F1833779
3 Brown / Lane  Jun 1958Maidstone, Kent, England F16575
4 Brown / McKee   F16577
5 Brown / Poffley  Mar 1937Maidstone, Kent, England F16576
6 Creasey / Le Grove  Dec 1954Maidstone, Kent, England F11520
7 Davies / Shaw  Mar 1960Maidstone, Kent, England F121002630
8 Davis / Le Grove   F11522
9 Doe? / Thomas  1838Maidstone, Kent, England F2537
10 Farbrother / Mills   F700106
11 Finley / Hook  Sep 1963Maidstone, Kent, England F20411
12 Goodman / Barfoot  Dec 1921Maidstone, Kent, England F672928173
13 Harris / Le Grove   F11521
14 Hendry /   12 Jul 1909Maidstone, Kent, England F3333812636
15 Hickmott / Cradduck  1861Maidstone, Kent, England F0672837579
16 Hook / Fairbrother   F700117
17 Hook / Mills  Sep 1933Maidstone, Kent, England F20409
18 Huxley / Thomas  Mar 1838Maidstone, Kent, England F2538
19 Larkin / Meopham  Jun 1886Maidstone, Kent, England F700
20 Margetts / Gebbels  1 Aug 1896Maidstone, Kent, England F28023368
21 Mills / Waterman  Sep 1912Maidstone, Kent, England F20410
22 Post / Lambe  2 Feb 1613Maidstone, Kent, England F18000998
23 Raschen / Urmston  1918Maidstone, Kent, England F23789
24 Sage / Best   F672147574
25 Thomas /   Abt 1804Maidstone, Kent, England F3333885255
26 Thomas / Alchin  24 Dec 1819Maidstone, Kent, England F2485
27 Thomas / Deall  Sep 1851Maidstone, Kent, England F556
28 Thomas / King  Mar 1862Maidstone, Kent, England F2468
29 Thomas / Ring  Abt 1855Maidstone, Kent, England F2465
30 Thomas / Taylor  11 Jan 1843Maidstone, Kent, England F2453
31 Thomas / Taylor  Mar 1843Maidstone, Kent, England F724
32 Torr / Holmes  Mar 1878Maidstone, Kent, England F31475
33 Waters /   Abt Dec 1857Maidstone, Kent, England F1944440496
34 Willink / Urmston  16 Feb 1893Maidstone, Kent, England F23785