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March, Cambridgeshire, England



Latitude: 52.55123, Longitude: 0.0896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1797March, Cambridgeshire, England I104000469
2 Ann  1842March, Cambridgeshire, England I77402664100285
3 Anderson, Mary  Jan 1820March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039671
4 Aubury, Susan Ann  1847March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039685
5 Austin, Sandra L   I3500639999
6 Best, Caroline  19 Nov 1864March, Cambridgeshire, England I39301
7 Beveis, Ellen  Apr 1851March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039764
8 Bowers, Ann  1827March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039703
9 Bowers, Edward Clifford  Abt 1909March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039742
10 Bowers, Frederick Harold  Oct 1904March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039739
11 Bowers, George Henry  Mar 1909March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039741
12 Bowers, Grace Roberts  Sep 1878March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039728
13 Bowers, Henry  1842March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039704
14 Bowers, Henry Butler  Abt 1842March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039698
15 Bowers, JackMatthias  Apr 1907March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039740
16 Bowers, Johanna Green  Mar 1871March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039723
17 Bowers, Leonard R   I18039743
18 Bowers, Leslie Charles  Abt 1903March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039738
19 Bowers, Matthias Roberts  Apr 1876March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039727
20 Bowers, Phyllis I  Oct 1914March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039744
21 Bowers, Reginald William  Jun 1898March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039735
22 Bowers, Samuel  1826March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039702
23 Bowers, Sidney Clifford  Abt 1901March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039737
24 Bowers, Stanley Robert  Mar 1900March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039736
25 Brownlow, Elizabeth  Abt 1882March, Cambridgeshire, England I30024
26 Brownlow, Elizabeth  Abt 1890March, Cambridgeshire, England I30025
27 Brownlow, Ellen  Abt 1870March, Cambridgeshire, England I30027
28 Brownlow, George  Abt 1888March, Cambridgeshire, England I30043
29 Brownlow, Maude  Abt 1884March, Cambridgeshire, England I30102
30 Brownlow, Robert  Abt 1867March, Cambridgeshire, England I30116
31 Brownlow, Samuel  Abt 1874March, Cambridgeshire, England I30123
32 Brownlow, Samuel  Abt 1885March, Cambridgeshire, England I30124
33 Butler, Alfred  1850March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039700
34 Butler, Ambrose  Sep 1838March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039713
35 Butler, Charles  Abt 1844March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039706
36 Butler, Charles  Mar 1853March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039707
37 Butler, Elizabeth  Jun 1846March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039699
38 Butler, Elizabeth Green  Mar 1838March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039697
39 Butler, Emily  Jun 1849March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039716
40 Butler, George  1806March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026774
41 Butler, George  Jul 1808March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026775
42 Butler, George  Jul 1841March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039718
43 Butler, George  Feb 1843March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039719
44 Butler, Henry  Jun 1811March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026776
45 Butler, Henry  Jan 1835March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039712
46 Butler, Martin Busnell  1818March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026773
47 Butler, Sarah Ann  Jul 1839March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039705
48 Butler, Susan Ann Elizabeth  Jul 1846March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039720
49 Butler, Susannah  1855March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039714
50 Butler, Susannah  1858March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039701

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Key, Mary Alice  Q3 1865March, Cambridgeshire, England I107466


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Mary  Mar 1892March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039671
2 Bowers, Edward Clifford  Mar 1910March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039742
3 Bowers, Frederick Harold  1976March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039739
4 Bowers, Grace Roberts  Dec 1894March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039728
5 Bowers, Henry Butler  Mar 1903March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039698
6 Bowers, Julia  Sep 1886March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039694
7 Bowers, Matthias Roberts  Aug 1961March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039727
8 Bowers, Reginald William  Mar 1899March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039735
9 Bowers, Sidney Clifford  Jun 1903March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039737
10 Bowers, Stanley Robert  Jun 1903March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039736
11 Butler, Charles  Dec 1844March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039706
12 Butler, George  Apr 1808March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026774
13 Butler, George  Feb 1842March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039718
14 Butler, George  Aug 1849March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039719
15 Butler, George  Mar 1899March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026775
16 Butler, Henry  Mar 1883March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026776
17 Butler, Sarah Ann  Dec 1839March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039705
18 Butler, Susan Ann Elizabeth  Aug 1849March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039720
19 Christmas, Mahala  1 Mar 1888March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026594
20 Colebrook, Elizabeth  Feb 1845March, Cambridgeshire, England I18038056
21 Cox, James Lovell  Jun 1947March, Cambridgeshire, England I18041869
22 Gilson, Minnie  21 Sep 1895March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026484
23 Goddard, Edwin Charles Coulson  Between Jan-Mar 1974March, Cambridgeshire, England I7738448495
24 Goddard, Frederick Robert John  Between Jan-Mar 1980March, Cambridgeshire, England I7738448497
25 Goddard, William Ernest Howard  Jun 1988March, Cambridgeshire, England I7738448496
26 Green, Sarah  Apr 1840March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039691
27 Gross, Frederick  May 1985March, Cambridgeshire, England I77402109324097
28 Holden, Ann  1844March, Cambridgeshire, England I18021385
29 Reed, Sarah  6 Jul 1837March, Cambridgeshire, England I18026778
30 Roberts, Arthur Charles  Dec 1883March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039684
31 Roberts, George William  Sep 1946March, Cambridgeshire, England I99214
32 Roberts, James  Aug 1826March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039769
33 Roberts, RobertMatthias  Sep 1892March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039670
34 Roberts, William  1833March, Cambridgeshire, England I18021508
35 Roberts, William  Sep 1897March, Cambridgeshire, England I18039672
36 Wiseman, Lily Annie  Between Jul-Sep 1957March, Cambridgeshire, England I55471


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Austin / Kelsey   F1345769389
2 Bowers / Green  Nov 1867March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025765
3 Bowers / Pomfret  Sep 1897March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025768
4 Butler / Bowers  Sep 1843March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025759
5 Butler / Green  Aug 1834March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025762
6 Butler / Green  May 1837March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025757
7 Christmas / Holmes  1 Mar 1889March, Cambridgeshire, England F18120010
8 Giddings / Roberts  Sep 1876March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025781
9 Gilson / Holden  1 Apr 1820March, Cambridgeshire, England F28021079
10 Minett / Bowers  Dec 1892March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025767
11 Newell / Reed  16 Oct 1833March, Cambridgeshire, England F28022702
12 Reed / Cobb  Nov 1812March, Cambridgeshire, England F28021147
13 Roberts / Anderson  Nov 1838March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025751
14 Roberts / Aubury  Oct 1869March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025753
15 Roberts / Beveis  May 1871March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025780
16 Roberts / Moss  Jun 1881March, Cambridgeshire, England F28025754
17 Snell / Gilson  15 Nov 1804March, Cambridgeshire, England F28021135
18 Yardy / Newell  16 Oct 1866March, Cambridgeshire, England F28022218