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New York State, USA



Latitude: 43.2994285, Longitude: -74.2179326


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Alida  May 1866New York State, USA I00000883
2 Adams, Austin  27 Jun 1844New York State, USA I00000914
3 Adams, HelenMartha Catherine  18 May 1843New York State, USA I00001058
4 Adams, Joseph H  Abt 1867New York State, USA I00000871
5 Arnold, Marietta  Jun 1843New York State, USA I00000772
6 Banks, Lydia  Abt 1861New York State, USA I00000587
7 Barker, Jane S  1840New York State, USA I21010319
8 Barker, John  1830New York State, USA I21010324
9 Barker, John C  Abt 1831New York State, USA I00000496
10 Barker, Joseph Ward  Apr 1855New York State, USA I00000178
11 Barker, Sophia  Mar 1825New York State, USA I21010313
12 Beck, FrancesM  Abt 1858New York State, USA I00000972
13 Beck, Mary  Abt 1832New York State, USA I00000963
14 Becker, Jacob Alvin  Abt 1838New York State, USA I21013995
15 Becker, Melissa Jane  24 Nov 1834New York State, USA I21014018
16 Bent, Annie Leslie  25 Mar 1836New York State, USA I00000284
17 Bent, Emma Jane  05 Jul 1842New York State, USA I00000222
18 Bent, Henry W  1846New York State, USA I00000490
19 Brown, Alice G  05 Jan 1860New York State, USA I00000304
20 Brown, Bessie E  Jul 1888New York State, USA I00000987
21 Brown, Caroline  Abt 1850New York State, USA I00000689
22 Brown, Chancy W  Aug 1896New York State, USA I00000876
23 Brown, Charlotte G  14 Jan 1842New York State, USA I00000524
24 Brown, Dorothy MC   I00000701
25 Brown, Earl C  Abt 1905New York State, USA I00000933
26 Brown, Edward'Edwin P'  Oct 1852New York State, USA I00000661
27 Brown, Eliza J  Abt 1855New York State, USA I00000690
28 Brown, Elizabeth  Abt 1824New York State, USA I00000299
29 Brown, Emeline  Abt 1847New York State, USA I00000691
30 Brown, Ernest R  Abt 1907New York State, USA I00000932
31 Brown, Estella  Mar 1875New York State, USA I00000164
32 Brown, George J  Abt 1822New York State, USA I00000696
33 Brown, George Washington  1849New York State, USA I00000662
34 Brown, Hezekiah  Sep 1870New York State, USA I00000163
35 Brown, James  1844New York State, USA I00000577
36 Brown, James L  May 1846New York State, USA I00000918
37 Brown, John H  Abt 1848New York State, USA I00000962
38 Brown, Josephine  Abt 1858New York State, USA I00000706
39 Brown, Kathryn B   I00000702
40 Brown, Lottie D  Abt 1872New York State, USA I00000934
41 Brown, Lucille H  25 Jan 1909New York State, USA I00000970
42 Brown, Maggie  Jul 1898New York State, USA I00000960
43 Brown, Mary Jane  23 Jun 1839New York State, USA I00000575
44 Brown, Maude Catherine  Feb 1885New York State, USA I00000272
45 Brown, MerlynMike Glen  16 Mar 1913New York State, USA I00000968
46 Brown, Merton J  01 Jan 1882New York State, USA I00000969
47 Brown, Pauline   I00001037
48 Brown, Sally Sarah  Abt 1826New York State, USA I00000638
49 Brown, Sara  Apr 1848New York State, USA I00000952
50 Brown, Stephen  04 Nov 1797New York State, USA I00000050

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Van Aalstein, Eva  9 Jun 1706New York State, USA I18004388


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashcroft, Henry  7 Nov 1955New York State, USA I8204
2 Barker, Joseph  21 Dec 1879New York State, USA I21010330
3 Brown, Sylvester  10 Jun 1852New York State, USA I00000576
4 Butler, Lovica  5 Sep 1890New York State, USA I18002609
5 Cowles, Submit  15 Feb 1851New York State, USA I21010329
6 Gillies, Wright Jr  31 Jan 1890New York State, USA I00000754
7 Hancox, Addie Nichols  9 Mar 1874New York State, USA I57097
8 Hancox, Francis Allen  111 Aug 1876New York State, USA I57104
9 Hancox, Frederick Benjamin  26 Jun 1948New York State, USA I57112
10 Hancox, George F  1943New York State, USA I57136
11 Hancox, Harry James  29 Jul 1872New York State, USA I57092
12 Hancox, Hubert  13 Mar 1901New York State, USA I56824
13 Hancox, Hubert D  1956New York State, USA I57134
14 Hancox, John Hubert  2 Jan 1871New York State, USA I57079
15 Hancox, Ruth  1947New York State, USA I57130
16 Hancox, William Edwin  26 Mar 1874New York State, USA I57091
17 Hicks, Samantha  Jun 1833New York State, USA I18000376
18 King, Betsey M  New York State, USA I21010856
19 Knox, Edwin Raymond  Abt 1956New York State, USA I21014104
20 Leisler, Jacob  16 May 1691New York State, USA I86780
21 Leslie, William  22 Aug 1839New York State, USA I00000345
22 Magill, Juliette Mc Allister  30 Jan 1914New York State, USA I00000449
23 Magill, Lillian  07 May 1927New York State, USA I00000230
24 O'Brien, Katherine Baroness Clifton (of Leighton Bromswold)  11 Aug 1706New York State, USA I529397
25 Raybould, Hannah  15 Feb 1911New York State, USA I57075
26 SCHERMUND, Catherine  1 Feb 1958New York State, USA I8208
27 Valkenburg, Joahem Lambertse Van  1720New York State, USA I18004391
28 Van Aalstein, Eva  1731New York State, USA I18004388
29 Van Aalstein, Joachim  DeceasedNew York State, USA I18004378
30 Van Kuykendaal, Tryntie Luurszen  New York State, USA I18004052
31 Van Valkenburg, Eva  DeceasedNew York State, USA I18004431
32 Van Valkenburg, Jannetje  DeceasedNew York State, USA I18004373
33 Van Valkenburgh, Joachim Lambertse  1706New York State, USA I18004417
34 Wallick, William Lafayette  29 Jul 1910New York State, USA I00000536
35 Westaway, Mark  11 Jan 1940New York State, USA I77402109326892


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hicks, Samantha  Jun 1833New York State, USA I18000376
2 Van Aalsteyn, Isaac  Jan 1746New York State, USA I18004353
3 Van Alstyne, Dirckje  Bef 1710New York State, USA I18004376
4 Van Slyck, Jacques  May 1690New York State, USA I18004435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Andresen, Johanna Katerina  New York State, USA I21010863
2 Andresen, Martin Christian  New York State, USA I21010331
3 Andresen, Martin Christian  19 Apr 1890New York State, USA I21010331
4 Andresen, Meta  New York State, USA I21013906
5 Antonov?, Frantiska  New York State, USA I21003841
6 Dyhrenfurth, Louis F  1864New York State, USA I00000504
7 Elliott, Eliza A  New York State, USA I00000293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barker, John C  Abt 1829New York State, USA I00000496
2 Beck, FrancesM  Abt 1857New York State, USA I00000972
3 Beck, Mary  Abt 1835New York State, USA I00000963
4 Brown, Bertha"Bertie"  Abt 1869New York State, USA I00000162
5 Brown, Bertha"Bertie"  Abt 1870New York State, USA I00000162
6 Brown, Bertha"Bertie"  Abt 1870New York State, USA I00000162
7 Brown, Caroline  Abt 1851New York State, USA I00000689
8 Brown, Eliza J  Abt 1856New York State, USA I00000690
9 Brown, Estella  Abt 1862New York State, USA I00000164
10 Brown, George J  Abt 1823New York State, USA I00000696
11 Brown, George J  Abt 1893New York State, USA I00000764
12 Brown, George Washington  Abt 1848New York State, USA I00000662
13 Brown, George Washington  Abt 1848New York State, USA I00000662
14 Brown, James F(red)  Abt 1863New York State, USA I00000052
15 Brown, Josiah Wilber  Jan 1838New York State, USA I00000311
16 Brown, Josiah Wilber  Abt 1840New York State, USA I00000311
17 Brown, MerlynMike Glen  Abt 1913New York State, USA I00000968
18 Brown, MerlynMike Glen  16 Aug 1913New York State, USA I00000968
19 Brown, William Henry  Jul 1859New York State, USA I00000705
20 Burns, Ernest JL  Abt 1906New York State, USA I00000630
21 Clark, IsaacM  Abt 1834New York State, USA I00000856
22 Coffin, Enoch L  1827New York State, USA I00000079
23 Coffin, Enoch L  1827New York State, USA I00000079
24 Gerow, Emma  Abt 1835New York State, USA I00001060
25 Gerow, Emma  Abt 1839New York State, USA I00001060
26 Gillies, EdithM  Abt 1870New York State, USA I00000771
27 Gillies, EdithM  1872New York State, USA I00000771
28 Gillies, Wright  Abt 1822New York State, USA I00000472
29 Griffin, Anna  Abt 1864New York State, USA I00001062
30 Griffin, Anna  Abt 1865New York State, USA I00001062
31 Griffin, John Nelson  Abt 1833New York State, USA I00000925
32 Howe, Harry  Abt 1884New York State, USA I00001035
33 Howe, Harry  Abt 1884New York State, USA I00001035
34 Howe, Samuel J  Abt 1857New York State, USA I00000948
35 Howe, Samuel J  Abt 1859New York State, USA I00000948
36 Hoyt, Elizabeth S  Abt 1892New York State, USA I00000570
37 Hunt, Hiram Benjamin  11 Aug 1844New York State, USA I00000309
38 Leslie, Harry  Apr 1850New York State, USA I00000083
39 Leslie, Harry  1852New York State, USA I00000083
40 Leslie, Minnie  1856New York State, USA I00000088
41 Leslie, Minnie  Abt 1856New York State, USA I00000088
42 Magill, Harry NW  1855New York State, USA I00000401
43 Magill, Juliette Mc Allister  Nov 1881New York State, USA I00000449
44 Maloy, Robert  Abt 1845New York State, USA I00001036
45 Maloy, Robert  Abt 1849New York State, USA I00001036
46 Maloy, Robert  Abt 1850New York State, USA I00001036
47 Maloy, Robert  Abt 1850New York State, USA I00001036
48 Miller-Jones, Clinton Alexander William  Abt 1908New York State, USA I00000307
49 Miller-Jones, Henry  Abt 1892New York State, USA I00000355
50 Miller-Jones, Olga  Sep 1897New York State, USA I00000351

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Robbins, James  1860New York State, USA I00000479
2 Robins, William  1860New York State, USA I00000168


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Webb, Augustus VH  New York State, USA I82967


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coffin / Dutton  Between 1832 and 1840New York State, USA F00000083
2 Simcock / Mayhew  1847New York State, USA F10412
3 Van Valkenburg / Van Slyck  Bef 1705New York State, USA F18001319


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Astor / Willing  5 Mar 1910New York State, USA F3333782751
2 Taylor / Harrison  New York State, USA F00000127