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Newdigate, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.16651, Longitude: -0.29006


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beadle, Ann  1835Newdigate, Surrey, England I1748490032
2 Chantler, Henry  1847Newdigate, Surrey, England I1748478017
3 Chantler, James  1868Newdigate, Surrey, England I1748477576
4 Chantler, Nathaniel  1842Newdigate, Surrey, England I1748477571
5 Charman, Jane  1 Oct 1877Newdigate, Surrey, England I1748484947
6 Fuller, Ernest  1893Newdigate, Surrey, England I1748479444
7 Gray, Ruth  Abt 1756Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310634
8 Palmer, Ann  1784Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310454
9 Risbridger, John  1740Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310412
10 Risbridger, Sarah  1744Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310414
11 Risbridger, Thomas  1747Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310415
12 Risbridger, William  Abt 1720Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310411
13 Risbridger, William  1742Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310413
14 Tidy, Harriett  1809Newdigate, Surrey, England I1748488500
15 Tullett, Daniel  1785Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310453
16 Tullett, Daniel  1812Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310493
17 Tullett, Elizabeth  1776Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310588
18 Tullett, Elizabeth  1797Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310432
19 Tullett, Henry  1746Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310586
20 Tullett, Isaac  1810Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310455
21 Tullett, James  1756Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310633
22 Tullett, Jenny  1781Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310452
23 Tullett, John  1744Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310426
24 Tullett, John  1772Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310430
25 Tullett, John  1799Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310434
26 Tullett, Mary  1752Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310632
27 Tullett, Mary  1770Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310429
28 Tullett, Richard  1748Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500304869
29 Tullett, Richard  1780Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310597
30 Tullett, Sarah  1769Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310425
31 Tullett, Sarah  1773Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310587
32 Tullett, Sarah  1778Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310450
33 Tullett, Solomon  1812Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310514
34 Tullett, William  1741Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310423
35 Upton, Ellen  1835Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500304373
36 Upton, John  1833Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500304374
37 Weller, Elizabeth  1775Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310431
38 Weller, Frederic  1823Newdigate, Surrey, England I1748479447
39 Wolf, Ann  1720Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310409
40 Wolf, Charity  1724Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310416
41 Wolf, Elizabeth  1715Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500304872
42 Wolf, John  1718Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310408
43 Wolf, Mary  1713Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310407
44 Wolf, Mary  1729Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310418
45 Wolf, Richard  1711Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310406
46 Wolf, Sarah  1722Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310410
47 Wolf, Thomas  1726Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310417
48 Wolf, William  1731Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310419
49 Worsfold, Elizabeth  1849Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310505
50 Worsfold, Jane  1846Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310500

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Palmer, Ann  1868Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310454
2 Tullett, Henry  1752Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310586
3 Tullett, John  1812Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310426
4 Tullett, Richard  1797Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310597
5 Tullett, Sarah  1773Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310587
6 Wolf, Charity  1738Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310416
7 Wolf, Elizabeth  1791Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500304872
8 Wolf, Mary  1728Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310407
9 Wolf, Richard  1719Newdigate, Surrey, England I3500310406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Newdigate, Thomas  Newdigate, Surrey, England I1750050003


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Duffell / Sawyers  26 Apr 1846Newdigate, Surrey, England F672133558
2 Tullett / Charlwood  1769Newdigate, Surrey, England F1345574211
3 Tullett / Palmer  1807Newdigate, Surrey, England F1345574220
4 Tullett / Weller  1797Newdigate, Surrey, England F1345574213