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Northamptonshire, England



Latitude: 52.27299, Longitude: -0.87555


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1538Northamptonshire, England I18003616
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1708Northamptonshire, England I7738368256
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1740Northamptonshire, England I7738368243
4 Elizabeth  Abt 1770Northamptonshire, England I7738368136
5 Frances?  Abt 1870Northamptonshire, England I77402664225822
6 Abbutt, Sarah  1615Northamptonshire, England I18000741
7 Baldry, Lorna   I1496711797
8 Berkeley, Elizabeth Grace  Abt 1811Northamptonshire, England I18028719
9 Brook  1800Northamptonshire, England I480094796
10 Burgess, Jane  Abt 1818Northamptonshire, England I77402664225786
11 de Clermont, Adeliza  Abt 1056Northamptonshire, England I1748533932
12 Dewyleby, Alice  1325Northamptonshire, England I21005414
13 Drakelowe, Eleanor  1374Northamptonshire, England I21005457
14 Drakelowe, Thomas  1320Northamptonshire, England I21005416
15 Fairbrother, Charlotte  1866Northamptonshire, England I700873
16 Foxlee, Thomas  1847Northamptonshire, England I77402664111713
17 Greene, Mary  Northamptonshire, England I21005945
18 Grimes, Sarah  1830Northamptonshire, England I77402664099341
19 Groombridge, Charlotte Rose   I89986
20 Hall, Sheila  17 Jan 1933Northamptonshire, England I480043648
21 Hawkes, Ellen Elizabeth  1877Northamptonshire, England I66596
22 Hawkes, Emily Jane  1888Northamptonshire, England I66600
23 Hawkes, Ernest William  1881Northamptonshire, England I66598
24 Hawkes, Florence Lucy  1874Northamptonshire, England I66595
25 Hawkes, John Henry  1879Northamptonshire, England I66597
26 Hawkes, Jonas Richard  1886Northamptonshire, England I66599
27 Hawkes, Walter Horace George  1891Northamptonshire, England I66601
28 Hawkes Fortman, Ann  1838Northamptonshire, England I66634
29 Hedge, William  27 Mar 1602Northamptonshire, England I21006100
30 Hornsby, Thomas  1808Northamptonshire, England I91336
31 Horton, Sir William PARR1st Lord Parrof  1483Northamptonshire, England I122019551
32 Houghton, Thomas  Northamptonshire, England I21005947
33 Hubbard, Joseph  1820Northamptonshire, England I7738450113
34 Isham, William  Abt 1587Northamptonshire, England I1750771183
35 James, Alice  1591Northamptonshire, England I23000139
36 King, James  1830Northamptonshire, England I92288
37 Labram, John  17 Mar 1674Northamptonshire, England I18003649
38 Labram, William  1774Northamptonshire, England I18003589
39 Labrum, Charles  Abt 1778Northamptonshire, England I18003577
40 Labrum, Mrs. John  Abt 1570Northamptonshire, England I18003655
41 Lane, William  1479Northamptonshire, England I122026581
42 Langston, John  1406Northamptonshire, England I21005366
43 Lawrence, John Casper  1836Northamptonshire, England I77402664099358
44 Leeson, Susannah  1792Northamptonshire, England I18021893
45 More, Isabel  1224Northamptonshire, England I121003818
46 Moseley, Moses  Abt 1842Northamptonshire, England I56334
47 Moseley, Sarah Ann  Abt 1839Northamptonshire, England I56340
48 Partridge, Brenda E   I480043451
49 Pike, William  Abt 1798Northamptonshire, England I07802264681
50 Rogers, Frances  Abt 1775Northamptonshire, England I1748965627

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Labram, William  1774Northamptonshire, England I18003589
2 Labrum, John  13 Oct 1644Northamptonshire, England I18000753
3 Labrum, Richard  13 Dec 1646Northamptonshire, England I18000754
4 Labrum, Sarah  4 Jul 1651Northamptonshire, England I18000756
5 Pell, Thomas  1536Northamptonshire, England I18003623
6 Watte, William  1537Northamptonshire, England I18003606
7 Wrighte, Joone  1539Northamptonshire, England I18003624


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Ada  1 Aug 1985Northamptonshire, England I479777138
2 Drakelowe, Eleanor  1454Northamptonshire, England I21005457
3 Fogge, Jane  9 Nov 1506Northamptonshire, England I1750057246
4 Green, Anne  12 Apr 1523Northamptonshire, England I1750057245
5 Hancock, Hartley James A  1974Northamptonshire, England I59603
6 Hawkes, Emily Jane  1975Northamptonshire, England I66600
7 Hawkes, Florence Lucy  1951Northamptonshire, England I66595
8 Hawkes, George Richard  Jun 1915Northamptonshire, England I66592
9 Hawkes, John Henry  1955Northamptonshire, England I66597
10 Hawkes, Jonas Richard  1976Northamptonshire, England I66599
11 Hawkes, Rhoda Jane  17 Dec 1915Northamptonshire, England I66593
12 Hoo, Beatrice  1375Northamptonshire, England I121003904
13 Horton, Sir William PARR1st Lord Parrof  10 Sep 1547Northamptonshire, England I122019551
14 Lane, William  1546Northamptonshire, England I122026581
15 Lawrence, Gertrude  Abt 1949Northamptonshire, England I1747
16 Lawrence, Minnie J  Abt 1950Northamptonshire, England I1842
17 Salisbury, Mary  10 Jul 1555Northamptonshire, England I122019552
18 Sargeant, Rebecca  Aug 1868Northamptonshire, England I77402664227719
19 Vaux, Anne  14 Apr 1569Northamptonshire, England I1750061785
20 Vaux, William Thomas  1405Northamptonshire, England I21005472
21 Walker, Arthur  Abt 1955Northamptonshire, England I49863
22 Walker, Frederick  Abt 1920Northamptonshire, England I49849
23 Walker, John Austin  Abt 1940Northamptonshire, England I49860
24 Walker, John Thomas  Sep 1913Northamptonshire, England I49847
25 West, William Lord de la Warre  30 Dec 1595Northamptonshire, England I1750051110


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Abbutt, Sarah  10 Jan 1653Northamptonshire, England I18000741
2 Labrum, John  12 Jul 1699Northamptonshire, England I18000740
3 Labrum, Sarah  8 Dec 1653Northamptonshire, England I18000756

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Labrum, John  Abt 1560Northamptonshire, England I18000744


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Vials, John  1806Northamptonshire, England I77402664110335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 de Waterville, Geoffrey  Northamptonshire, England I1750057912
2 Loder, AdelaMaria  Northamptonshire, England I7739203436
3 Peverel, Simon  Northamptonshire, England I1750063606
4 Proby, Anne  Northamptonshire, England I7739213688
5 Proby, Reverend Baptist John  Northamptonshire, England I7739213681
6 Proby, Caroline  Northamptonshire, England I7739213686
7 Proby, Catherine  Northamptonshire, England I7739213678
8 Proby, Joshua John Brownlow  Northamptonshire, England I7739213684
9 Proby, Mary  Northamptonshire, England I7739213685
10 Proby, Susan  Northamptonshire, England I7739213687
11 Purefoy, Elizabeth  Northamptonshire, England I1750064089


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Bone  Jul 1898Northamptonshire, England F3333816620
2 Backhouse /   Jul 1859Northamptonshire, England F3333816558
3 de Ros / de Stafford  1 Jan 1358/9Northamptonshire, England F672609087
4 Hawkes /   Abt 1828Northamptonshire, England F13845
5 Hawkes / Long  Abt 1870Northamptonshire, England F13849
6 Houghton / Bridgefoot  1871Northamptonshire, England F672538974
7 Houghton / Harbour  1850Northamptonshire, England F672538295
8 Houghton / Howitt  1862Northamptonshire, England F672538973
9 Labrum /   Abt 1808Northamptonshire, England F18001076
10 Labrum / Abbutt  8 Jan 1644Northamptonshire, England F18000473
11 Labrum / Cobb  7 Mar 1636Northamptonshire, England F18001098
12 Labrum / Labrum  Abt 1588Northamptonshire, England F18000475
13 Labrum / Snow  15 Aug 1780Northamptonshire, England F18000483
14 Labrum / Welch  Abt 1688Northamptonshire, England F18000470
15 McCorquodale / Spencer  17 May 1980Northamptonshire, England F15710
16 TYNDALE / DEFELBRigg  1414Northamptonshire, England F3333822834
17 Vaux / Drakelowe  1398Northamptonshire, England F21001332
18 Walker /   Abt 1810Northamptonshire, England F3333884332
19 Walker /   Abt 1881Northamptonshire, England F3333884339
20 Walker /   Abt 1887Northamptonshire, England F3333884340