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Pendleton, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.85243, Longitude: -2.37386


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashes, ELIZABETHANN  1888Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123198
2 Ashes, VERNON  1889Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123199
3 Ashes, Walter  1857Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123181
4 Ashes, WILLIAM  1886Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123197
5 BRADLEY, Mary Hannah  1860Pendleton, Lancashire, England I8619
6 Bromley, Sarah Ann  13 Nov 1879Pendleton, Lancashire, England I77402664110541
7 Burgess, Norman   I77402664097369
8 Burgess, Rhoda  1902Pendleton, Lancashire, England I77402664097094
9 Burgess, Ruth  1906Pendleton, Lancashire, England I77402664097368
10 Chapman, Mary  Abt 1847Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748957338
11 Dransfield, Eleanor  1887Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748490140
12 Dransfield, Emma  1883Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748490138
13 Dransfield, Tom  1884Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748490139
14 Fiefield, George  1869Pendleton, Lancashire, England I3500301461
15 Fiefield, Mary  Abt 1874Pendleton, Lancashire, England I3500301463
16 Fish, AgnesMary  Abt 1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861873
17 Fish, Daniel  Abt 1868Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861870
18 Fish, Daniel Rudolph  Abt 1895Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861875
19 Fish, Eliza Jane  Abt 1879Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861887
20 Fish, George Albert  Abt 1892Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861884
21 Fish, Herbert Spencer  Abt 1879Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861882
22 Fish, Jane  Abt 1865Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861868
23 Fish, Lilian  Abt 1882Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861888
24 Fish, Lilian Jane  Abt 1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861874
25 Fish, Mary  Abt 1863Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861867
26 Fish, Mary Spencer  Abt 1881Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861881
27 Fish, Rebecca Owen  Abt 1870Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861869
28 Fish, Robert James  Abt 1896Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748861885
29 Hesford, Benjamin  Abt 1833Pendleton, Lancashire, England I77400352426798
30 Ingall, Alice E  Abt 1897Pendleton, Lancashire, England I97284
31 LAYTON, ANNIE  1887Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002853
32 LAYTON, ELIZABETH  1885Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002854
33 LAYTON, GEORGE  1892Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002855
34 Layton, Thomas  April 1890Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002072
35 Martin, Sarah Amelia  Abt 1836Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750047617
36 McConnochie, Frederick  June 1882Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002784
37 Menzies, John Henry  Juntr 1839Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750166336
38 Menzies, William Jones  Juntr 1841Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750166337
39 Miller, Agnes  Abt 1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004708
40 Miller, Elizabeth  Abt 1889Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004707
41 Miller, John  Abt 1864Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004710
42 Miller, Sidney  Abt 1896Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004706
43 Moss, Harriett  1868Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123212
44 Moss, John Thomas  1877Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123214
45 Moss, Samuel  1873Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123213
46 Moss, Simeon James  22 Feb 1871Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123207
47 Pleasance, Eveline  Abt 1880Pendleton, Lancashire, England I57001
48 Rothery, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1861Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1748943439
49 Royle, Edward  1758Pendleton, Lancashire, England I77402664097744
50 Smethurst, Daniel  1796Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004696

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Holden, Radcliffe  4 May 1925Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002291
2 Slater, Charles  Jun 1883Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004717
3 Slater, Thomas  10 Aug 1915Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004713


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ashes, Henry  1881Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123191
2 Ashes, Henry  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123191
3 Ashes, Henry  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123191
4 Ashes, Richard  1871Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123180
5 Ashes, Richard  1881Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123180
6 Ashes, Richard  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123180
7 Ashes, Richard  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123180
8 Ashes, Walter  1871Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123181
9 Ashes, Walter  1881Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123181
10 Ashes, Walter  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123181
11 Ashes, Walter  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123181
12 Ashes, William  1871Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750122931
13 Ashes, William  1871Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123172
14 Ashes, William  1881Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750122931
15 Ashes, William  1881Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123172
16 Guest, Louisa  1871Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002905
17 Hinde, Mary  1871Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123173
18 Hinde, Mary  1881Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123173
19 Hinde, Mary  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123173
20 Hinde, Mary  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123173
21 Latham, Annie  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750122933
22 Layton, George  1914Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002074
23 McConnochie, Eleanor Jane  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I102350
24 McConnochie, Eleanor Jane  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I102350
25 McConnochie, Frederick  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002784
26 McConnochie, Frederick  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002784
27 McConnochie, Frederick  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002784
28 McConnochie, Lily  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002783
29 McConnochie, Mary  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002780
30 McConnochie, Mary  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002780
31 McConnochie, Thomas Herbert  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002785
32 McConnochie, Thomas Herbert  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002785
33 Metcalf, Charles Frederick  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002285
34 Metcalf, Dorris  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002283
35 Metcalf, Emily Jane  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002284
36 Metcalf, Frank  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002111
37 Metcalf, John Thomas  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002289
38 Metcalf, John William  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I102349
39 Metcalf, John William  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I102349
40 Metcalf, Louisa  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002073
41 Metcalf, Louisa  1914Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121002073
42 Miller, Agnes  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004708
43 Miller, Elizabeth  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004707
44 Miller, John  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004710
45 Miller, John  02 Apr 1911Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004710
46 Miller, Louisa  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004709
47 Miller, Sidney  1901Pendleton, Lancashire, England I121004706
48 Moss, Caroline  1871Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123196
49 Moss, Caroline  1881Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123196
50 Moss, Caroline  1891Pendleton, Lancashire, England I1750123196

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clegg / Redford  4.12.1937Pendleton, Lancashire, England F121002070