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Phillack, Cornwall, England



Latitude: 50.19533, Longitude: -5.413


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clemmens, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1837Phillack, Cornwall, England I61348
2 Dunstan, Wesley  1 Dec 1876Phillack, Cornwall, England I18022955
3 Dunstan, William John  1 Dec 1873Phillack, Cornwall, England I18022954
4 EVA, Theresa Ann  7 Jun 1840Phillack, Cornwall, England I122022299
5 Hockin, Emily  Abt 1824Phillack, Cornwall, England I1748853027
6 Hoskings [Hockin(g)], Catherine  Abt 1785Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664110834
7 May, Peter  1860Phillack, Cornwall, England I18023014
8 Sincock, Albert E  1864Phillack, Cornwall, England I44830
9 Sincock, Alfred  1866Phillack, Cornwall, England I44831
10 Sincock, Emma G  1861Phillack, Cornwall, England I44829
11 Sincock, James Alfred  13 Oct 1855Phillack, Cornwall, England I45775
12 Sincock, John  1858Phillack, Cornwall, England I45776
13 Sincock, Joseph  Abt 1843Phillack, Cornwall, England I45889
14 Sincock, Joseph  1860Phillack, Cornwall, England I45778
15 Sincock, Mary  1858Phillack, Cornwall, England I44828
16 Sincock, Mary J  Abt 1848Phillack, Cornwall, England I45890
17 Sincock, Thomas  Abt 1825Phillack, Cornwall, England I45883
18 Sincock, Thomas  1859Phillack, Cornwall, England I45777
19 Sincock, William  Feb 1821Phillack, Cornwall, England I45881
20 Thomas, George H  Abt 1863Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664227834
21 Uren, Ann  1826Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664110842
22 Uren, Edmund  1816Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664110837
23 Uren, Elizabeth  1813Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664110836
24 Uren, Jane  1825Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664110841
25 Uren, John  1811Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664110835
26 Uren, Mary  1824Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664110840
27 Uren, Richard  1821Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664110839
28 Uren, William  1818Phillack, Cornwall, England I77402664110838
29 WILLIAMS, Mary Ellen  29 Apr 1857Phillack, Cornwall, England I122022300
30 WILLIAMS, Triza Jane  12 May 1858Phillack, Cornwall, England I122022301


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hockin, Emily  22 Aug 1824Phillack, Cornwall, England I1748853027


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Oates / George  11 Dec 1852Phillack, Cornwall, England F1345606144
2 Uren / Hoskings [Hockin(g)]  23 Jul 1810Phillack, Cornwall, England F3333823191
3 WILLIAMS / EVA  29 Nov 1856Phillack, Cornwall, England F122014077