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Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England



Location : Latitude: 53.931048, Longitude: -0.78066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ellen  Abt 1836Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I59712
2 Appleton, George Henry  Sep 1894Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739820816
3 Baker, Florence Lily  6 Aug 1925Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I82276
4 Barlow, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750244605
5 Barlow, EthelMary  Abt 1879Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750244608
6 Barlow, George Edward Patterson  Abt 1876Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750244606
7 Barlow, Percival Smith  Abt 1878Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750244607
8 Barlow, Walter  Abt 1883Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750244609
9 Bedford, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1889Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748847651
10 Bedford, Annie  Abt 1868Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750250281
11 Bedford, Hilda  Abt 1891Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748847652
12 Bedford, IdaMay  Abt 1895Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748847654
13 Bedford, Lillian  Abt 1900Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748847655
14 Bedford, Tom  Abt 1887Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748847653
15 Blanchard, Elizabeth  Abt 1823Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I44411
16 Brown, Hannah  Abt 1801Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748861758
17 Butler, Ann  Abt 1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I3499891572
18 Cograve, Elizabeth  Abt 1851Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I07973837764
19 Collett, Caroline  1902Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I17594
20 Cook, Thomas  1855Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664100498
21 Coward, Edwin  Abt 1885Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I16767
22 Coward, Emily  Abt 1886Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I16768
23 Coward, Henry  Abt 1883Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I16766
24 Dunning, Margaret  1879Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832761
25 Dykes, John  Sep 1901Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I89312
26 Fallowfield, Alexander  Abt 1581Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25999
27 Fallowfield, Ann  Abt 1571Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I26001
28 Fallowfield, Jane  12 Jun 1690Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I26004
29 Fallowfield, John  Abt 1574Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I26000
30 Fallowfield, John  Abt 1579Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I26003
31 Fallowfield, Keziah  24 Sep 1684Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I26006
32 Fallowfield, Mary  8 Jun 1688Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I26007
33 Fallowfield, Nicholas  Abt 1583Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25992
34 Fallowfield, Petronel  Abt 1588Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25997
35 Fallowfield, Petronel  Abt 1592Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25998
36 Fallowfield, Robert  Abt 1585Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25996
37 Fallowfield, Thomas  Abt 1577Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25995
38 Fallowfield, William  Abt 1578Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I26002
39 Fallowfield, William  2 Mar 1656Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25987
40 Farrar, Maria Elizabeth  1844Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I479779421
41 Fewster, Elizabeth  1822Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I700713
42 Fewster, Mary Ann  1844Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I700289
43 Fryer, Matilda  15 Oct 1818Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I77402109324780
44 Gray, Edward Leslie  14 Oct 1916Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I077402664081428
45 Hodge, Mary Ann  1816Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832445
46 Iveson, Elizabeth  Abt 1837Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897608
47 Iveson, George  Abt 1834Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897604
48 Iveson, Mary  Abt 1831Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897598
49 Iveson, Robert  Abt 1840Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897609
50 Iveson, Robert  Abt 1840Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750223713

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Fallowfield, Elizabeth  16 Dec 1682Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25986
2 Fallowfield, William  6 Mar 1656Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25987
3 Iveson, Elizabeth  5 Jul 1837Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897608
4 Iveson, George  3 Nov 1834Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897604
5 Iveson, Mary  3 Dec 1779Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748916987
6 Iveson, Mary  3 Dec 1779Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I3499833253
7 Iveson, Mary  10 May 1831Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897598
8 Iveson, Robert  19 Jun 1774Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897567
9 Iveson, Robert  30 Mar 1840Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897609
10 Iveson, Robert  30 Mar 1840Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750223713
11 Kelsey, Rhoda  23 Dec 1860Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750128710
12 Rackham, Sam  3 Mar 1843Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750249974
13 Smeathman, Charles  11 Feb 1703Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I31574
14 Smeathman, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1702Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25021
15 Smeathman, John  1 Jul 1705Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I31575
16 Smeathman, Thomas  12 Feb 1709Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I31577
17 Smoothman, Benjamin  20 Jan 1707Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I31576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Appleton, James Kelsey  9 Dec 1926Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739805143
2 Branton, Lucy  14 Nov 1978Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I90759
3 Clark, Jane  1850Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750249971
4 Fallowfield, Alexander  Abt 1582Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25999
5 Fallowfield, John  Abt 1576Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I26000
6 Fallowfield, Nicholas  Abt 1616Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25992
7 Fallowfield, William  Abt 1611Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I26002
8 Fallowfield, William  Abt 1721Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I25987
9 Hopwood, Ada  8 Sep 1942Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750404660
10 Hurt, PhyllisMary  31 May 1994Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I46279
11 Kelsey, Arthur  Dec 1865Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832650
12 Kelsey, Frances Recabina  Jun 1846Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832131
13 Kelsey, George  Sep 1886Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832092
14 Kelsey, Mark  Dec 1897Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832626
15 Kelsey, William  Dec 1924Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832586
16 Pickup, Lydia Violet  1992Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748861929
17 Rackham, Sam  1843Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750249974
18 Rhodes, Richard  23 May 1931Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I3499831783
19 Scarr, William Henry  14 Nov 1978Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I90763
20 Scott, Jane  Mar 1889Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832093
21 Skelton, Mary  Mar 1908Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748748509
22 Smeathman, John  1 Jul 1705Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I31575
23 Smith, Ann  Sep 1858Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832110
24 Smoothman, Benjamin  25 Jan 1707Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I31576
25 Thorpe, Susanna  23 Aug 1858Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832114
26 Welbourne, Maria  1877Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bew, Barbara  Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750053697


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Fewster, Mary Ann  1 May 1844Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I700289
2 Walsh, Francis  29 Jul 1828Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1750345943


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Dunning, William  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832760
2 Iveson, George  1841Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897572
3 Iveson, Robert  1841Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897569
4 Kelsey, Ann  5 Apr 1891Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832104
5 Kelsey, Ann  5 Apr 1901Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832104
6 Kelsey, Ann  2 Apr 1911Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832104
7 Kelsey, George  6 Jun 1841Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832092
8 Kelsey, George  30 Mar 1851Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832092
9 Kelsey, George  7 Apr 1861Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832092
10 Kelsey, George  2 Apr 1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832103
11 Kelsey, George  2 Apr 1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832092
12 Kelsey, George  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832092
13 Kelsey, Henry Anthony  2 May 1888Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832090
14 Kelsey, John  7 Apr 1861Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832106
15 Kelsey, John  2 Apr 1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832106
16 Kelsey, John  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832106
17 Raine, Rickabina  5 Apr 1901Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832122
18 Rhodes, Richard  1841Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I3499831782
19 Rhodes, Richard  1861Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I3499831782
20 Rhodes, William  1841Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I3499831788


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dunning, Margaret  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832761
2 Iveson, John  1841Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I1748897583
3 Kelsey, Ann  2 Apr 1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832104
4 Kelsey, Ann  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832104
5 Kelsey, Edith Eleanor  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832118
6 Kelsey, Frederick Smith  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832119
7 Kelsey, George  7 Apr 1861Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832103
8 Kelsey, George Henry  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832117
9 Kelsey, HannahMargaret  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832746
10 Kelsey, Henry Anthony  7 Apr 1861Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832090
11 Kelsey, Henry Anthony  2 Apr 1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832090
12 Kelsey, Jane  30 Mar 1851Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832108
13 Kelsey, John  30 Mar 1851Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832106
14 Kelsey, John Edward  2 Apr 1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832116
15 Kelsey, John Edward  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832116
16 Kelsey, Ricabina  30 Mar 1851Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832109
17 Kelsey, Susannah  7 Apr 1861Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832105
18 Kelsey, Walter Sidney  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832120
19 Scott, Jane  7 Apr 1861Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832093
20 Scott, Jane  2 Apr 1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832093
21 Scott, Jane  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832093
22 Smith, Ann  1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I2635
23 Stubbs, Mary  2 Apr 1871Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832115
24 Stubbs, Mary  3 Apr 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England I7739832115


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Appleton / Kelsey  Apr-Jun 1885Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944362654
2 Barlow / Patterson  Between Jul and Sep 1875Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672806570
3 Bates / Brown  Abt 1877Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F43768956
4 BATTY / Marshall  16 Apr 1924Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F122011276
5 Bielby / Bean  Dec 1879Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F19267
6 Buttle / Pegg  Dec 1860Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672293402
7 Carlton / Kelsey  Sep 1857Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423516
8 CARLTON / KETTLEWELL  7 Feb 1749Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F122013666
9 Chapman / Cook  Between Apr and Jun 1859Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672325019
10 Chapman / Dean  Between Jan and Mar 1865Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672325020
11 Cook / Carr  Jun 1893Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F31752
12 Coulson / Iveson  23 Sep 1817Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1345467592
13 Coulson / Iveson  23 Sep 1817Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672327721
14 Cox / Holtby  1849Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F100179
15 Crossley / Freebury  26 Jul 1876Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F90722
16 Dunning / Kelsey  Mar 1878Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423518
17 Fallowfield /   Abt 1680Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F6966
18 Fallowfield / Bullock  Abt 1569Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F6970
19 Fallowfield / Flint  9 Sep 1649Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F6967
20 Field / Kelsey  Jan-Mar 1861Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944362655
21 Garness / Dawson  Dec 1886Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F4862
22 Grainger / Kelsey  Jun 1863Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423517
23 Hart / Reynolds  Dec 1869Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F3172
24 Iveson / Dawson  Between Oct and Dec 1859Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672323779
25 Iveson / Snell  Between Jan and Mar 1856Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672323777
26 Iveson / Waud  21 Nov 1773Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672323769
27 Iveson / Young  Between Oct and Dec 1874Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672327725
28 Johnson / Kelsey  Apr-Jun 1881Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F672668500
29 Kelsey / Byas  10 Jan 1716Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423439
30 Kelsey / Hodge  22 Jun 1837Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423430
31 Kelsey / Jackson  Jun 1854Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423512
32 Kelsey / Kneeshaw  Dec 1923Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423511
33 Kelsey / Lyon  Jun 1902Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423479
34 Kelsey / Russell  Dec 1859Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423490
35 Kelsey / Scott  Sep 1860Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423335
36 Kelsey / Stubbs  Sep 1868Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423340
37 Kelsey / Stubbs  Oct-Dec 1868Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944362656
38 Kelsey / Winter  Jun 1885Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423510
39 King / Kelsey  Mar 1855Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423515
40 Leppington / Smeathman  23 Jan 1724Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F5979
41 Lister / Brumfield  Apr-Jun 1922Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944362296
42 Lyon / Kelsey  Jun 1884Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423475
43 Nothard / Wetherell  Jun 1922Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F618149
44 Nothard / Wetherell  Sep 1925Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F18836
45 Raine / Kelsey  Mar 1869Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423341
46 Rhodes / Clough  Between Jan and Mar 1864Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1345467128
47 Rhodes / Garside  25 Aug 1840Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1345467129
48 Rudd / Snowden  1920Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F19705
49 Sapcote / Kelsey  Sep 1870Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F1944423488
50 Silversides / Richardson  26 Nov 1841Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England F3333823163

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