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Poplar, Middlesex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.516249, Longitude: -0.076432


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1851Poplar, Middlesex, England I77402664103385
2 Mary  1825Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738450484
3 Anderson, Alexander  1888Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500307142
4 Anderson, Elizabeth  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500307144
5 Anderson, Frederick  1889Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500307143
6 Anderson, Maria  1894Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500307147
7 Anderson, Mary  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500307145
8 Anderson, William  1892Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500307146
9 Ashley, Robert Thomas  1848Poplar, Middlesex, England I77402664099389
10 Atheis, Richard George  May 1897Poplar, Middlesex, England I18042930
11 Aylett, Alice Maud  Abt 1880Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821601703
12 Aylett, ElizaM  Abt 1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597959
13 Aylett, Emma E  Abt 1879Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597956
14 Banks, Annie  Abt 1879Poplar, Middlesex, England I141243442
15 Banks, Frederick T  Abt 1876Poplar, Middlesex, England I141243398
16 Banks, Mary A  Abt 1873Poplar, Middlesex, England I141243329
17 Barron, Louisa  Abt 1886Poplar, Middlesex, England I479777353
18 Barron, Lydia Catherine  11 Feb 1866Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738448521
19 Biggs, Alfred C  1840Poplar, Middlesex, England I51906
20 Blackburn, Lucy May  Sep 1899Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352426008
21 Blaker, Charles  1853Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500302063
22 Blaker, Elizabeth  1884Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748480692
23 Blaker, Mary A  1882Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500302066
24 Boustead, Elizabeth Doris  24 Sep 1904Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352426340
25 Boustead, Melvyn  1946Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352427081
26 Brassett, Florence Emily  Abt 1900Poplar, Middlesex, England I18030299
27 Brennan, Agnes  1864Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748487250
28 Brennan, Eliza  1863Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748487249
29 Brennan, James  1858Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748487248
30 Brennan, John  1856Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748487247
31 Brennan, Mary Ann  1855Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748487246
32 Burstow, Phyllis ,Florence  11 Jun 1917Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352435395
33 Cameron, Sarah Ann  1829Poplar, Middlesex, England I39718
34 Chipperfield, Arthur  Abt 1896Poplar, Middlesex, England I50916888
35 Chipperfield, EllenM  Abt 1892Poplar, Middlesex, England I56286880
36 Chipperfield, Ernest  Abt 1890Poplar, Middlesex, England I31970189
37 Chipperfield, Ethel  Abt 1887Poplar, Middlesex, England I8684436
38 Chipperfield, Frank Eason  24 Aug 1900Poplar, Middlesex, England I11750360
39 Chipperfield, Henry  Abt 1893Poplar, Middlesex, England I88019081
40 Chipperfield, Reginald  Abt 1899Poplar, Middlesex, England I42732794
41 Chipperfield, Sidney C  Abt 1894Poplar, Middlesex, England I78191705
42 Chipperfield, Thomas  Abt 1889Poplar, Middlesex, England I39639686
43 Church, Thomas  1876Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748484225
44 Clark, Lily  Dec 1901Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500523162
45 Coleman, Jane  1838Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738448809
46 Cormack, Louisa  1872Poplar, Middlesex, England I18042813
47 Cousins, Elizabeth ,Sarah  1 Apr 1920Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352436077
48 Cousins, George   I77400352436081
49 Cousins, May ,E  Abt 1922Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352436078
50 Cousins, Sarah ,L  Abt 1927Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352436080

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Elizabeth  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500307144
2 Anderson, Mary  1892Poplar, Middlesex, England I3500307145
3 Axe, Mary Ann  Between Apr-Jun 1935Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748695294
4 Aylett, Henry  Sep 1892Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597955
5 Bland, Henry  Between Jul-Sep 1870Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738448536
6 Boss, John Thomas  1 Feb 1925Poplar, Middlesex, England I1016727451
7 Boustead, Ernest  Between Jul-Sep 1929Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738448489
8 Boustead, Howard  Between Jan-Mar 1915Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738448481
9 Boustead, John  23 Jan 1935Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738448508
10 Brennan, James  1 Jan 1879Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748487242
11 Brown, Emma Jane  Dec 1883Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821610662
12 Charlton, Mary Ann  Abt 1924Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352436219
13 Chipperfield, Charles  1900Poplar, Middlesex, England I85470746
14 Church, Charles  1876Poplar, Middlesex, England I1748484219
15 Glanfield, Alice Martha  1889Poplar, Middlesex, England I260561000
16 Glanfield, Stephen  1885Poplar, Middlesex, England I260557517
17 Goddard, Edwin Charles Coulson  Between Jul-Sep 1901Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738448494
18 Harden, LydiaMartha  Abt 1878Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352435761
19 Heard, Ada  Sep 1928Poplar, Middlesex, England I18023252
20 Heard, Phoebe  Mar 1872Poplar, Middlesex, England I18023218
21 Heard, Rosina  1 Sep 1882Poplar, Middlesex, England I18023253
22 Heard, Walter  1 Mar 1919Poplar, Middlesex, England I18023219
23 Hertzner, Edith Beatrice S  1933Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352427720
24 Hines, Charles Henry  5 Sep 1943Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750124651
25 HODGES, Runavor Phoebe  Dec 1981Poplar, Middlesex, England I122023856
26 Jones, Rowland  31 Mar 1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I7739821360
27 Kayley, Charlotte Jane  1925Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352435810
28 Kayley, James  7 Nov 1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352435801
29 Lawrence, Eli  Jan-Mar 1874Poplar, Middlesex, England I7739815628
30 LeGras, Louis  Dec 1919Poplar, Middlesex, England I69855
31 LeGrove, John Richard Measday  Apr 1885Poplar, Middlesex, England I55143
32 Margetts, ElizabethMary  1 Mar 1896Poplar, Middlesex, England I18023862
33 Norcott, William  Abt 1898Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352435310
34 Preston, Isaac Henry  Apr-Jun 1893Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738450480
35 Roof, Edward William  2 Mar 1910Poplar, Middlesex, England I19788
36 Slight, William Samuel  1916Poplar, Middlesex, England I202804221
37 Slow, Rebecca  1880Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750123342
38 Squire, Alice Maud  Jun 1933Poplar, Middlesex, England I7738450479
39 Stolzman, Mary A  Between Jan-Mar 1915Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352427083
40 Sutton, Dorothy Martha L  1925Poplar, Middlesex, England I77400352427710
41 Thomas, Agnes Florence  Jun 1970Poplar, Middlesex, England I19533
42 Thomas, Edward Walter  Jun 1971Poplar, Middlesex, England I19566
43 Thomas, Eleanor Theodosia  1842Poplar, Middlesex, England I39956
44 Thomas, Eliza Elizabeth  1910Poplar, Middlesex, England I19670
45 Thomas, George  Mar 1896Poplar, Middlesex, England I20410
46 Thomas, George  Jun 1941Poplar, Middlesex, England I19651
47 Thomas, Hugh  Dec 1938Poplar, Middlesex, England I37024
48 Thomas, Jessie Ann  7 Mar 1956Poplar, Middlesex, England I14103
49 Thomas, John Holdsworth  1887Poplar, Middlesex, England I77402664228451
50 Thomas, Thomas George  7 Jul 1948Poplar, Middlesex, England I19880

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Thomas, Robert William  1871Poplar, Middlesex, England I31451


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Chipperfield, Charles  Poplar, Middlesex, England I85470746
2 Walker, Thomas (Tom)  Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750245451


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Aylett, Alice Maud  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821601703
2 Aylett, ElizaM  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597959
3 Aylett, Emma E  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597956
4 Aylett, Emma E  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597956
5 Aylett, Frederick  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821601700
6 Aylett, Henry  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597955
7 Aylett, Henry  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597955
8 Aylett, Rose  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597106
9 Aylett, William Stanley  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821597105
10 Brown, Emma Jane  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821610662
11 Rouse, Eliza  1871Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750123343
12 Rouse, Eliza  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750123343
13 Rouse, George  1871Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750120482
14 Rouse, George  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750120482
15 Rouse, George  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750120482
16 Rouse, George R  1871Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750123346
17 Rouse, Harry  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750123349
18 Rouse, Kate  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750123350
19 Sheas, Eliza  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750123348
20 Sheas, George  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750123347
21 Simmonds, Arethusa  Poplar, Middlesex, England I77402664112080
22 Simmonds, Arethusa  Poplar, Middlesex, England I77402664112080
23 Slow, Rebecca  1871Poplar, Middlesex, England I1750123342
24 Stanley, Ellen Jane  1881Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821596149
25 Stanley, Ellen Jane  1891Poplar, Middlesex, England I07821596149


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Asser / Willmore  1 Sep 1922Poplar, Middlesex, England F28025126
2 Aylett / Brown  2 Apr 1877Poplar, Middlesex, England F1943987379
3 Barratt / Margetts  1 Mar 1910Poplar, Middlesex, England F28023320
4 Bennett / Hunt  Dec 1927Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026692
5 Boustead / Broughton  Between Jul-Sep 1933Poplar, Middlesex, England F1944438220
6 Brassett / Margetts  1 Jun 1899Poplar, Middlesex, England F28022503
7 Brennan / Hutton  27 Jul 1878Poplar, Middlesex, England F1345571075
8 Cadman / Stew  11 Jan 1840Poplar, Middlesex, England F1944440680
9 Cawkwell / Norvell  Between Jul-Sep 1898Poplar, Middlesex, England F14645
10 Chipperfield / Marriott  06/12/1890Poplar, Middlesex, England F84881082
11 Chipperfield / Savill  18/07/1885Poplar, Middlesex, England F51303288
12 Crowson / Dalby  1846Poplar, Middlesex, England F29894
13 Davies / Morgan  1856Poplar, Middlesex, England F29921
14 Diett / Hunt  1930Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026695
15 Gaskin / Pinkstone  1939Poplar, Middlesex, England F1944438418
16 Griggs / Trimingham  Jun 1912Poplar, Middlesex, England F28025408
17 Heard / Braybrooke  Aug 1890Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026665
18 Heard / Cormack  Dec 1893Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026666
19 Heard / Griggs  Jun 1924Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026682
20 Heard / Moxham  1 Dec 1897Poplar, Middlesex, England F28021260
21 Heard / Webb  1 Apr 1926Poplar, Middlesex, England F28024370
22 Hertzner / Pinkstone  20 Dec 1913Poplar, Middlesex, England F1944438420
23 Hunt / Hamshere  1935Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026697
24 Hunt / Heard  Aug 1894Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026668
25 Hunt / Williams  Mar 1917Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026691
26 James / Hunt  1936Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026698
27 Juster / Boustead  Between Apr-Jun 1931Poplar, Middlesex, England F1944438218
28 Lacey / Hunt  Dec 1933Poplar, Middlesex, England F28026696
29 LeGras / Mountain  Dec 1917Poplar, Middlesex, England F15018
30 LeGrove / Hollier or Sparrow  Jun 1883Poplar, Middlesex, England F11527
31 Lunn / Margetts  1 Jun 1896Poplar, Middlesex, England F28022502
32 Margetts / Allen  1 Jul 1898Poplar, Middlesex, England F19020419
33 Margetts / Brown  1 Sep 1913Poplar, Middlesex, England F28021901
34 Margetts / Burns  1 Dec 1921Poplar, Middlesex, England F28021736
35 Margetts / Canty  1 Jun 1893Poplar, Middlesex, England F28021308
36 Margetts / Crabb  1 Dec 1927Poplar, Middlesex, England F28021720
37 Margetts / Farman  1 Mar 1928Poplar, Middlesex, England F28023286
38 Margetts / Gibson  1 Dec 1925Poplar, Middlesex, England F28021715
39 Margetts / Jones  1 Jun 1915Poplar, Middlesex, England F28023318
40 Margetts / Leaney  1 Jun 1937Poplar, Middlesex, England F28023287
41 Margetts / Prosser  1 Mar 1887Poplar, Middlesex, England F28023283
42 Margetts / Robertson  1 Mar 1926Poplar, Middlesex, England F28022512
43 Margetts / Russell  1 Dec 1885Poplar, Middlesex, England F28023356
44 Margetts / Taylor  1 Jun 1908Poplar, Middlesex, England F28022511
45 Margetts / Tozer   F28023390
46 Margetts / Truman  1 Dec 1923Poplar, Middlesex, England F28024275
47 Margetts / White  1 Dec 1887Poplar, Middlesex, England F28024551
48 Martin / Tiencker  1 Dec 1896Poplar, Middlesex, England F28025122
49 Mills / Margetts  1 Dec 1914Poplar, Middlesex, England F28023387
50 Page / Thomas  1884Poplar, Middlesex, England F1166

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