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Prescot, Lancashire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.42917388, Longitude: -2.805633545


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Birch, William James  1923Prescot, Lancashire, England I73438
2 Darlington, John  21 Oct 1890Prescot, Lancashire, England I77402664086522
3 Ellis, Jane  1882Prescot, Lancashire, England I41272
4 Ellison, Delma  1926Prescot, Lancashire, England I73440
5 Ellison, William  Between Jul-Sep 1898Prescot, Lancashire, England I73439
6 Fletcher, Keith  1949Prescot, Lancashire, England I81244
7 Gilsenan, Mary  Jun 1913Prescot, Lancashire, England I87319
8 Gilsenan, Matthew  Mar 1916Prescot, Lancashire, England I87324
9 Gilsenan, Philip  Sep 1911Prescot, Lancashire, England I87323
10 Hayes, Peter D  Sep 1936Prescot, Lancashire, England I87320
11 Hayes, Sheila A  Mar 1940Prescot, Lancashire, England I87316
12 Logan, Norman Valance  1908Prescot, Lancashire, England I1750403409
13 Logan, Richard Hugh  2 Sep 1902Prescot, Lancashire, England I1750403408
14 Menzies, Edith Caroline  Abt 1869Prescot, Lancashire, England I1750166342
15 Menzies, EthelMary  Abt 1870Prescot, Lancashire, England I1750166343
16 Menzies, Eveline L  Abt 1873Prescot, Lancashire, England I1750166344
17 Mutch, James  Abt 1806Prescot, Lancashire, England I1748918969
18 Naylor, Martha  27 Mar 1878Prescot, Lancashire, England I480040601
19 O'Malley, Josephine Ada  May 1909Prescot, Lancashire, England I43615
20 Parry, Isabel D  1915Prescot, Lancashire, England I77400352426846
21 Rimmer, Esther  Oct 1876Prescot, Lancashire, England I5000563
22 Scales, Edgar Robinson  24 Dec 1878Prescot, Lancashire, England I480040603
23 Scales, Margaret Naylor  Sep 1906Prescot, Lancashire, England I480040477
24 Simcox, Arthur Vivian  1901Prescot, Lancashire, England I53641
25 Simcox, Charles Leslie  1905Prescot, Lancashire, England I53646
26 Simcox, Doris  1903Prescot, Lancashire, England I53645
27 Simcox, Edna  1903Prescot, Lancashire, England I53642
28 Storey, OliverMartin  1914Prescot, Lancashire, England I41755
29 Walker, Jessie  Dec 1916Prescot, Lancashire, England I53779
30 Walker, Kathleen  Mar 1919Prescot, Lancashire, England I53780
31 Whitter, Bertha  Jun 1921Prescot, Lancashire, England I77402664079772
32 Willis, Richard Athertond'Anyers  Abt Aug 1871Prescot, Lancashire, England I1750066421
33 Winter, Mark Ian   I87317


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashworth, Rhoda  Jan-Mar 1958Prescot, Lancashire, England I121013462
2 Birch, GladysMary  Between Apr-Jun 1957Prescot, Lancashire, England I77400352429255
3 Birch, James Bradbury  Oct 1902Prescot, Lancashire, England I77400352429253
4 Ellison, William  Between Jan-Mar 1930Prescot, Lancashire, England I73439
5 Margetts, Thomas  1 Sep 1862Prescot, Lancashire, England I18030019
6 Maw, Edith  Jan-Mar 1966Prescot, Lancashire, England I666302
7 Menzies, Henry  Septr 1873Prescot, Lancashire, England I1750166334
8 O'Brien, Thomas  1864Prescot, Lancashire, England I40000103
9 Scales, William George  23 Jul 1929Prescot, Lancashire, England I480040854
10 Terry, Annie Mary  23 Feb 1950Prescot, Lancashire, England I48674
11 Terry, Dora  24 Feb 1956Prescot, Lancashire, England I48672
12 Wilde, Sarah Jane  1914Prescot, Lancashire, England I480040853


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 O'Brien, Thomas  25 Aug 1864Prescot, Lancashire, England I40000103


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Backhouse / Davies  Apr 1885Prescot, Lancashire, England F3333815950
2 Beecham / Sawell  Sep 1879Prescot, Lancashire, England F28025307
3 Birch / Roberts  1917Prescot, Lancashire, England F16515
4 Dain / Margetts  1 Mar 1854Prescot, Lancashire, England F28023235
5 Ellison / Birch   F16516
6 Gilsenan / McEnroe  Sep 1909Prescot, Lancashire, England F20950
7 Hayes / Gilsenan  Jun 1936Prescot, Lancashire, England F20949
8 Hugo / O'Brien  29 Oct 1877Prescot, Lancashire, England F40000041
9 Hurst / Naylor  Sep 1929Prescot, Lancashire, England F15103
10 Knight / Sharples  Jun 1900Prescot, Lancashire, England F672335866
11 Margetts / Tanner  1 Dec 1868Prescot, Lancashire, England F28022613
12 Margetts / Tanner  1 Dec 1868Prescot, Lancashire, England F28023764
13 PICKERING / FLOCKTON  Between Jan & Mar 1851Prescot, Lancashire, England F122013206
14 Rogers / Rouse  1913Prescot, Lancashire, England F1944438143
15 Scales / Naylor  24 Jul 1902Prescot, Lancashire, England F1829482
16 Shepherd / Holding  24 Apr 1911Prescot, Lancashire, England F672928291
17 Simcox / Pimblett  Jun 1900Prescot, Lancashire, England F11323
18 Tebb / Fox  Sep 1869Prescot, Lancashire, England F672928179
19 Winter / Hayes   F20948