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Prestwich, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.53350610380213, Longitude: -2.2764587367419153


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1839Prestwich, Lancashire, England I1748846582
2 Alvey, Mary Dorothy  1905Prestwich, Lancashire, England I80267
3 Alvey, William Henry  28 Mar 1906Prestwich, Lancashire, England I80268
4 Axe, Gladys Boughey  28 May 1907Prestwich, Lancashire, England I1750348172
5 Axe, James Eric  18 Nov 1908Prestwich, Lancashire, England I1750348173
6 Blackwell, Ida R  1904Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402664099506
7 Bolton, Thomas James  Abt 1891Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402664084488
8 Boyle, Kate Georgina  1903Prestwich, Lancashire, England I18011133
9 Burton, William  1836Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77400352436056
10 Casson, Christopher T  Mar 1912Prestwich, Lancashire, England I3500447347
11 Chesney, Arthur  1911Prestwich, Lancashire, England I1750403771
12 Clark, Ann  Abt 1797Prestwich, Lancashire, England I1748957425
13 Clark, Charles  Abt 1858Prestwich, Lancashire, England I3499892097
14 Clark, Ellen  Abt 1852Prestwich, Lancashire, England I3499892098
15 Clark, William H  Abt 1855Prestwich, Lancashire, England I3499892096
16 Finnigan, Bernard  1912Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402109324446
17 Finnigan, Bertha  1914Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402109324447
18 Finnigan, George  Sep 1898Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402109324445
19 Finnigan, John  Dec 1896Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402109324444
20 Finnigan, Mary  1916Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402109324448
21 Gamble, Henry  Abt 1851Prestwich, Lancashire, England I3499832913
22 Hall, Peter N   I77402664110555
23 Landing, Harold  25 Mar 1920Prestwich, Lancashire, England I80441
24 Landing, Mabel (Molly)  1 Nov 1923Prestwich, Lancashire, England I80443
25 Manyon, Harold Bertram  Sep 1882Prestwich, Lancashire, England I7738644637
26 McGregor, John Robert  1879Prestwich, Lancashire, England I3363
27 PICKSTONE, William Fox  3Q 1867Prestwich, lancashire, England I122015958
28 Pleasance, John Percy  Abt 1892Prestwich, Lancashire, England I5095
29 Pleasance, Mary Eleanor  Abt 1889Prestwich, Lancashire, England I57020
30 Poyser, George Percy  Mar 1880Prestwich, Lancashire, England I121002882
31 Purvis, Dorothy Mary  20 Feb 1922Prestwich, Lancashire, England I95237
32 Ratcliffe, Isaac  Q1 1857Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402664087842
33 Ratcliffe, Jacob  30 Jan 1823Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402664093762
34 Redfern, Roy Samuel  1 Dec 1919Prestwich, Lancashire, England I121003364
35 Rigby, Christiana  Sep 1891Prestwich, Lancashire, England I13356
36 Screeton, Mabel   I890191
37 Yates, Mary Jane  Abt 1858Prestwich, Lancashire, England I1748950718


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Rowland  Jun 1888Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402664087985
2 Bracegirdle, Hugh  Q3 1881Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402664092798
3 Brettle, Thomas  Abt Dec 1904Prestwich, Lancashire, England I47676
4 Brierley, Frances  Q2 1890Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402664089568
5 East, Frederick George  Between Apr-Jun 1906Prestwich, Lancashire, England I79227
6 Fish, George Gofton  25th Oct 1899Prestwich, Lancashire, England I121001075
7 Gordon, Mary  1906Prestwich, Lancashire, England I122002090
8 Hatfield, Mary Ann  Mar 1901Prestwich, Lancashire, England I19580
9 Milner, Emily  Between Jul-Sep 1898Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402109324402
10 Palfrey, Caroline  1891Prestwich, Lancashire, England I1750403126
11 Peduzzi, James  10 Mar 1922Prestwich, Lancashire, England I480041543
12 Ratcliffe, Jacob  Q1 1898Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402664093762
13 Reston, Charles  Jun 1909Prestwich, Lancashire, England I96391
14 Wilson, Hannah  Dec 1884Prestwich, Lancashire, England I94123


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Egerton, Arthur George 5th Earl of Wilton  Prestwich, Lancashire, England I7739174252
2 Egerton, Seymour Edward Frederic 6th Earl of Wilton  17 Oct 1927Prestwich, Lancashire, England I7739198186
3 Egerton, Seymour John Grey 4th Earl of Wilton  7 Jan 1898Prestwich, Lancashire, England I7739198174


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ratcliffe, Jacob  1841Prestwich, Lancashire, England I77402664093762


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / McIntyre  1914Prestwich, Lancashire, England F672538224
2 Bean / Jones  Sep 1887Prestwich, Lancashire, England F814
3 Caunt / Wade  Sep 1896Prestwich, Lancashire, England F21944
4 Caunt / Wilson  Mar 1878Prestwich, Lancashire, England F21945
5 Cockshott / Walker  Sep 1888Prestwich, Lancashire, England F3309
6 Elden / Swift  Between Jan and Mar 1896Prestwich, Lancashire, England F672807225
7 Grime / Hall  22 Apr 1716Prestwich, Lancashire, England F22000354
8 Grundy / Johnson  30 Dec 1816Prestwich, Lancashire, England F18000552
9 Knowles / Quigley  Between Oct and Dec 1878Prestwich, Lancashire, England F672338738
10 Leigh / Peduzzi  1923Prestwich, Lancashire, England F672538226
11 Lyons / Peduzzi  1923Prestwich, Lancashire, England F1829921
12 Malcolm / Grime  28 Jul 1805Prestwich, Lancashire, England F22000158
13 Peduzzi / McIntyre  1914Prestwich, Lancashire, England F1829920
14 Poyser / Longland  Mar 1879Prestwich, Lancashire, England F121002165
15 Purvis / Buckwright  1886Prestwich, Lancashire, England F1389288535
16 Ratcliffe / Agger  Jul 1896Prestwich, Lancashire, England F3333816159
17 Ridley / Peduzzi  1904Prestwich, Lancashire, England F1829874
18 Rostron / Rigby  18 May 1834Prestwich, Lancashire, England F766
19 Rutter / Spilman  Between Jul and Sep 1903Prestwich, Lancashire, England F672416028
20 Screeton / Melling  1899Prestwich, Lancashire, England F9890118
21 Stephenson / Heathcote  Between Jan and Mar 1900Prestwich, Lancashire, England F1345479927
22 Taylor /   21 Apr 1924Prestwich, Lancashire, England F672538227
23 Taylor / Peduzzi  21 Apr 1924Prestwich, Lancashire, England F1829923
24 Temperton / Johnson  1891Prestwich, Lancashire, England F3333821098
25 Walker / Cockshott  Jun 1896Prestwich, Lancashire, England F3311
26 Wilburn / Holdich  Between Oct and Dec 1893Prestwich, Lancashire, England F1345479959