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Royston, Hertfordshire, England



Latitude: 52.04816, Longitude: -0.02406


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abey, Hannah  16 Sep 1838Royston, Hertfordshire, England I18010692
2 Ambrose, Florence Ann  Nov 1878Royston, Hertfordshire, England  I77402664228325
3 Anderson, Ann  1827Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664100076
4 Anderson, Lucy  1829Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664100294
5 Anderson, Lucy  1833Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664102866
6 Bowskill, Bertie  1889Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748483447
7 Bowskill, Elizabeth  1877Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748483440
8 Bowskill, Eric  1920Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748483450
9 Bowskill, Joseph  1886Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748483446
10 Bowskill, Mary  1880Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748483442
11 Bowskill, Thelma  1919Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748483449
12 Bowskill, Wilfred  1883Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748483444
13 Carrington, Arthur  1856Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484097
14 Carrington, John  1863Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484100
15 Carrington, Mary  1860Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484099
16 Carrington, Richard  1850Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484094
17 Carrington, William  1854Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484096
18 Church, Charles  1839Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484219
19 Church, George  1846Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484221
20 Church, Mary  1849Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484230
21 Church, Thomas  1832Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484218
22 Church, William  1836Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484196
23 Darbyshire, Ian  Sep 1970Royston, Hertfordshire, England I86459
24 Debney, Kate  1846Royston, Hertfordshire, England I713077
25 Edwards, Constance Edith Annie  1909Royston, Hertfordshire, England I0700419030
26 Green, John Luther  1853Royston, Hertfordshire, England I7098277602
27 Handley, Sonja Gay Samson   I77402109329040
28 Hay, Sarah  1856Royston, Hertfordshire, England I3500301705
29 Henderson, Daisy  30 Aug 1886Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402437046934
30 Parker, Francis J  1879Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664228322
31 Parker, George E  1881Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664228323
32 Parker, May Ambrose  1898Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664228326
33 Parker, Nancie J  1879Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664228321
34 Parker, Thomas Henry  1873Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664228319
35 Parker, William Richard  1874Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664228320
36 Parker, WilliamM  1883Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664228324
37 Wedd, Peter  1715Royston, Hertfordshire, England I3500308747


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, Mary  1846Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484089
2 Carrington, James  1857Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484086
3 Carrington, Richard  1872Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484082
4 Church, Stephen  1854Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748484216
5 Cooling, Gladys Florence Louise  1994Royston, Hertfordshire, England I3500642010
6 Jennings, Sarah  1933Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748483438
7 Parker, Charles  Dec 1916Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664228313
8 Poulter, John Howlett  1954Royston, Hertfordshire, England I1748483182
9 STOVOLD, Sarah  Mar 1919Royston, Hertfordshire, England I77402664228317


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Abey, Hannah  1841Royston, Hertfordshire, England I18010692
2 Abey, John  1841Royston, Hertfordshire, England I18010707
3 Abey, John  1841Royston, Hertfordshire, England I18010707


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hughes-Hallett / Hamilton  12 Jul 1883Royston, Hertfordshire, England F672631023
2 Loveday / Nodder  1892Royston, Hertfordshire, England F1345573507
3 Pease / Coldwell  Sep 1709Royston, Hertfordshire, England F28025570
4 Wedd / Howard  1914Royston, Hertfordshire, England F1345573789