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Salford, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.50363, Longitude: -2.33858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1871Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123953
2 Esther Ann  Abt 1820Salford, Lancashire, England I7028
3 Harriet Elizabeth  Abt 1853Salford, Lancashire, England I1748957942
4 Mary  1839Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122758
5 Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1820Salford, Lancashire, England I551
6 Sarah  Abt 1830Salford, Lancashire, England I15468
7 Abdy, Gervase  1869Salford, Lancashire, England I0769152033
8 Abdy, John  10 Jun 1873Salford, Lancashire, England I0769152089
9 Abdy, Robert Henry  1871Salford, Lancashire, England I0769152073
10 Abrahams, Samuel  1867Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664092658
11 Allen, James  Dec 1866Salford, Lancashire, England I77400352428938
12 Allen, John  Dec 1855Salford, Lancashire, England I77400352428935
13 Allen, Joseph  Mar 1859Salford, Lancashire, England I77400352428936
14 Allen, Mary Elizabeth  Jun 1861Salford, Lancashire, England I77400352428937
15 Ashes, Alfred  1863Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123182
16 Ashes, Elizabeth  1839Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123189
17 Ashes, Henry  1876Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123191
18 Ashes, Henry Septimus  1870Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123184
19 Ashes, Richard  1854Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123180
20 Ashes, Sarah  1837Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123188
21 Ashes, Theresa  1873Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123185
22 Ashes, WALTER  1894Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123200
23 Ashes, William  1859Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122931
24 Ashley, Eva  1893Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664099392
25 Ashley, Mary Elizabeth  1882Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664099390
26 Ashley, Pheobe Alice  1877Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664099383
27 Atkinson, Eliza Ann  Abt 1845Salford, Lancashire, England I6893
28 Atkinson, Mary E  Abt 1857Salford, Lancashire, England I7029
29 Barlow, Thomas (Tom) Harold C  Dec 1882Salford, Lancashire, England I77402101175753
30 Beesley, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Salford, Lancashire, England I08556593976
31 Bielby, Herbert  Abt 1880Salford, Lancashire, England I81895
32 Blakeston, Jayne C   I77402664109426
33 Boardman, James Robert  23 Apr 1888Salford, Lancashire, England I7739801735
34 Booth, Rebecca Baker  1879Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664100191
35 Borthwick, Selina  Abt 1890Salford, Lancashire, England I1748861876
36 Botham, Ann  9 Mar 1834Salford, Lancashire, England I48327
37 Botham, Jane  Abt 1836Salford, Lancashire, England I1748952218
38 Botham, Jane  13 Dec 1835Salford, Lancashire, England I1750135840
39 Botham, John  Abt 1829Salford, Lancashire, England I1748952216
40 Botham, John Junior  26 Mar 1829Salford, Lancashire, England I1750135844
41 Botham, Mary  Abt 1844Salford, Lancashire, England I1748952220
42 Botham, Mary Elizabeth  Mar 1844Salford, Lancashire, England I1750135842
43 Botham, Matthew Henry  Abt 1846Salford, Lancashire, England I1748952221
44 Botham, Matthew Henry  Abt 1846Salford, Lancashire, England I1750135843
45 Botham, Sarah  15 Jun 1837Salford, Lancashire, England I1750135841
46 Botham, Sarah  Abt 1838Salford, Lancashire, England I1748952219
47 Botham, William  8 Jan 1832Salford, Lancashire, England I1750135839
48 Bower, Samuel  1870Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664097626
49 Broadhurst, Florence Brooks  Abt Feb 1862Salford, Lancashire, England I1750064971
50 Burgess, Charles  1878Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664096981

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Henry  Between Apr-Jun 1874Salford, Lancashire, England I77400352428924
2 Ashes, Richard  1869Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123178
3 Ashes, Walter  1905Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123181
4 Ashes, William  1882Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123172
5 Barber, Doreen  17 May 1979Salford, Lancashire, England I3500640478
6 Barrick, Thomas William Gordon  1893Salford, Lancashire, England I122002099
7 Betts, James Oliphant  1897Salford, Lancashire, England I101788
8 Botham, Ann  Jun 1885Salford, Lancashire, England I48327
9 Botham, John  Dec 1871Salford, Lancashire, England I47616
10 BRISLAND, Edwin Albert  Dec 1955Salford, Lancashire, England I122021427
11 Charleton, Mary  Apr 1859Salford, Lancashire, England I121002870
12 Clark, Demiah  1909Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664096310
13 Colledge, Dorothy Mary  Between Jan-Mar 1891Salford, Lancashire, England I77400352428931
14 Corlass, Jane C  1900Salford, Lancashire, England I121002871
15 Coy, Joseph Robert  1907Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664095899
16 Dolby, Elizabeth  Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123179
17 Dunn, Maria  1915Salford, Lancashire, England I53294
18 Dwyer, Anniss Ann  March 1880Salford, Lancashire, England I121004748
19 Gilson, Charles  1 Jun 1892Salford, Lancashire, England I18026006
20 Hinde, Mary  Dec 1905Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123173
21 Holmes, Sarah Ann  1920Salford, Lancashire, England I890158
22 Kearns, Zipporah  Dec 1975Salford, Lancashire, England I06863234718
23 Kershaw, Eliza Jane  21Aug1978Salford, Lancashire, England I77400352428950
24 Knipe, Edward  Salford, Lancashire, England I77400352428948
25 LAYTON, ANNEELIZABETH  Sep 1921Salford, Lancashire, England I121002856
26 LAYTON, FRANK  21 Jan 2006Salford, Lancashire, England I121003139
27 Layton, George  29 Dec 1979Salford, Lancashire, England I121002074
28 LAYTON, IRENE  Jul 2005Salford, Lancashire, England I121003140
29 Layton, John  3 March 1969Salford, Lancashire, England I121002075
30 Layton, Thomas  27 December 1945Salford, Lancashire, England I121002072
31 LAYTON, WILLIAM  April 1915Salford, Lancashire, England I121002857
32 Ledger, Harriet  1884Salford, Lancashire, England I890148
33 Lund, Frederick  Aug 1908Salford, Lancashire, England I479721285
34 McConnochie, Eleanor Jane  Mar 1952Salford, Lancashire, England I102350
35 Metcalf, Emily Jane  Sep 1981Salford, Lancashire, England I121002284
36 Metcalf, Louisa  Mar 1965Salford, Lancashire, England I121002073
37 Morgan, George  1882Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122929
38 Newton, Isabella  1905Salford, Lancashire, England I1750120412
39 Pinchin, Norman W  Between Apr-Jun 1924Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664086729
40 Poyser, Jane  1880Salford, Lancashire, England I121002892
41 Poyser, Joseph  31 Dec 1895Salford, Lancashire, England I121002788
42 Poyser, Samual  April 1868Salford, Lancashire, England I121002869
43 Ridley, MargaretMary  Mar 1997Salford, Lancashire, England I480041911
44 Roberts, Ethel  9 April 2007Salford, Lancashire, England I121002372
45 Rothery, John Samuel Wilkinson  Mar 1876Salford, Lancashire, England I1750135779
46 Royle, Edward  1840Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664097744
47 Salisbury, Americus  26 Oct 1877Salford, Lancashire, England I1750120425
48 Salisbury, Lily  25 Sep 1937Salford, Lancashire, England I480193195
49 Sanderson, Dorothy May  Between Jan-Mar 1980Salford, Lancashire, England I39076
50 Screeton, Robert Charles  1923Salford, Lancashire, England I890119

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Pearce, Mary Euphemia  Abt 1877Salford, Lancashire, England I1750858674


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Maw, John Henry Cornelius  1901Salford, Lancashire, England I1750150312
2 Pearce, Mary Euphemia  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750858674


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Layton, John  Dec 1938Salford, Lancashire, England I121002075
2 Vasey, Harold  Jun 1936Salford, Lancashire, England I121002085


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Broomhead, Frederick  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I1750403836
2 Fish, Daniel  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1748861870
3 Fish, Jane  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1748861868
4 Maw, John Henry Cornelius  1901Salford, Lancashire, England I1750150312
5 Owen, Elizabeth Jane  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1748861864


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Alice  1901Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123953
2 Maria  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750121190
3 Maria  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750121190
4 Mary  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122758
5 Mary  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122758
6 Mary  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122758
7 Ashes, Richard  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123180
8 Ashes, Walter  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123181
9 Ashes, William  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122931
10 Ashes, William  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123172
11 Backhouse, George  1901Salford, Lancashire, England I77402664090762
12 Beesley, Elizabeth  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I08556593976
13 Beesley, Elizabeth  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I08556593976
14 Beggs, Mary Ann  1901Salford, Lancashire, England I1750120462
15 Burtwistle, William  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I08556593974
16 Burtwistle, William  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I08556593974
17 Burtwistle, William Taylor  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I08556597002
18 Burtwistle, William Taylor  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I08556597002
19 Butler, Olive Elizabeth  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I13421
20 Butler, Olive Elizabeth  1901Salford, Lancashire, England I13421
21 Edwards, Elizabeth  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122928
22 Edwards, Elizabeth  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122928
23 Edwards, Elizabeth  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122928
24 Edwards, Elizabeth  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122928
25 Edwards, Elizabeth  1901Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122928
26 Fish, Rebecca Owen  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1748861869
27 Graham, Isabella  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I1750120772
28 Guest, Louisa  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I121002905
29 Hinde, Mary  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123173
30 Metcalf, John  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I121002293
31 Metcalf, John William  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I102349
32 Mitchell, Charles Edward  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I1750120904
33 Mitchell, Mary  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750121191
34 Mitchell, Reuben  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750120908
35 Mitchell, Reuben  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750120908
36 Mitchell, Reuben  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750121192
37 Mitchell, Reuben  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750121192
38 Mitchell, Sarah  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750121193
39 Morgan, Ann  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123599
40 Morgan, Elizabeth Ann  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122930
41 Morgan, Emily  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122927
42 Morgan, Emily  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122927
43 Morgan, Emily  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122927
44 Morgan, Emily  1901Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122927
45 Morgan, George  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750122929
46 Morgan, George  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123596
47 Morgan, John R  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123600
48 Morgan, John R  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123600
49 Morgan, Joseph  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123598
50 Morgan, Mary  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I1750123597

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Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Fish  Between Jan and Mar 1896Salford, Lancashire, England F672315228
2 Ashes / Moss  1884Salford, Lancashire, England F672667893
3 Ashes / Swain  1876Salford, Lancashire, England F672667892
4 Botham / Twemlow  Dec 1857Salford, Lancashire, England F672725458
5 Burgess / Coy  Jun 1901 2D 288Salford, Lancashire, England F3333819477
6 Burtwistle / Beesley  1874Salford, Lancashire, England F1943987094
7 Caunt / Carter  Dec 1854Salford, Lancashire, England F21943
8 Fish / Borthwick  Between Jan and Mar 1921Salford, Lancashire, England F672315225
9 Fish / Hamer  Between Oct and Dec 1878Salford, Lancashire, England F672315229
10 Fish / Mundy  Between Apr and Jun 1878Salford, Lancashire, England F672315231
11 Fish / Thomason  Between Apr and Jun 1890Salford, Lancashire, England F672315224
12 Gilson / Kearns  Sep 1923Salford, Lancashire, England F1345770261
13 Grimes / Bennett  1 Mar 1901Salford, Lancashire, England F19020743
14 Herd / Allen  1881Salford, Lancashire, England F1944436644
15 Hesford / Kelly  Between Jan and Mar 1874Salford, Lancashire, England F1345467709
16 Hewson / White  Sep 1898Salford, Lancashire, England F4143
17 Hirst / Harby  Dec 1895Salford, Lancashire, England F650006
18 Hodson / Grantham  Sep 1905Salford, Lancashire, England F672310116
19 Holden / McConnochie  1921Salford, Lancashire, England F121002149
20 Kay / Howarth  Dec 1939Salford, Lancashire, England F21668
21 Keelty / James  1845 20 708Salford, Lancashire, England F3333819569
22 Kelly / Forrest  Between Apr and Jun 1878Salford, Lancashire, England F1345481044
23 Knipe / Unknown  Salford, Lancashire, England F19743
24 Layton / Metcalf  15 Mar 1913Salford, Lancashire, England F121002012
25 Margerrison / Botham  Dec 1858Salford, Lancashire, England F672725465
26 McCreesh / Threadgold  1921Salford, Lancashire, England F672669260
27 Parkin / Taylor  Jun 1886Salford, Lancashire, England F272526
28 Pitt / Screeton  1903Salford, Lancashire, England F9890110
29 Roberts / Fish  Between Jul and Sep 1916Salford, Lancashire, England F672315227
30 Rothery / Botham  Mar 1860Salford, Lancashire, England F29261
31 Rothery / Pindar  Sep 1874Salford, Lancashire, England F672725567
32 Salisbury / Whittaker  26 Dec 1908Salford, Lancashire, England F672667456
33 Spencer / Regan  21 Jan 1939Salford, Lancashire, England F1976842
34 Spencer / Salisbury  21 Feb 1931Salford, Lancashire, England F1976839
35 Threadgold / Garbutt  1916Salford, Lancashire, England F672669261
36 Threadgold / Haslam  1920Salford, Lancashire, England F672669262
37 Threadgold / Marsden   F672669266
38 Walker / Woodward  Apr-Jun 1894Salford, Lancashire, England F1944362653
39 Whiteley / Fish  Between Jan and Mar 1915Salford, Lancashire, England F672315226
40 Whiteoak / Botham  Mar 1861Salford, Lancashire, England F672725466