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Country : Latitude: 56.2189231, Longitude: -3.9550781


Traditional Counties of Great Britain Map
Traditional Counties of Great Britain Map
The purpose of this map is to give a reasonably accurate large-scale representation of the 86 Counties of Britain. No claim to small-scale planimetric accuracy is made. For the sake of convenience and practicality only the major (i.e. most sizeable) detached parts are shown (specifically those of Flintshire, Lancashire, Dunbartonshire and Worcestershire). All other detached parts are shown as part of the County in which they locally lie. Due to the fragmentary nature of Cromartyshire, it is shown as a single geographical area with Ross-shire, the combined area being labelled "Ross-shire and Cromartyshire"


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  Abt 1861Scotland I89835
2 Agnes   I0542993837
3 Alexander I King of the Scots  Abt 1077/8Scotland I1748535428
4 Anleta Thora Princess of Scots  Abt 988Scotland I1748534708
5 Beatrix  Abt 1188Scotland I1750019066
6 Beatrix Alexandra  1870Scotland I18039970
7 Claricia Princess of Scots  Abt 1116Scotland I1748534565
8 Constantine I King of the Picts  Abt 836Scotland I1748534409
9 Daughter of Gospatric II  Bef 1129Scotland I1750019063
10 David Earl of Huntingdon, Prince of Scots  1144Scotland I1748534571
11 David I King of the Scots  Abt 1080/5Scotland I1748535426
12 Donald I King of the Picts  Abt 812Scotland I1748534704
13 Donald II King of the Picts and Alba  Abt 862Scotland I1748534408
14 Douglas  Scotland I1750685298
15 Duncan 4th Earl of Angus  Abt 1184Scotland I1750019060
16 Dunclina Princess of Alba  Abt 960Scotland I1748540161
17 Edmund Prince of Scots  Abt 1070Scotland I1748535706
18 Edward Prince of Scots  Abt 1068Scotland I1748535705
19 Elizabeth  1769Scotland I50478
20 Elizabeth  1823SCOTLAND I77402664106162
21 Eochaid King of Lodham  Scotland I1748535517
22 Eochaidh  Scotland I1748536335
23 Erca Princess of Lodham  Scotland I1748536324
24 Ethelred Prince of Scots  Abt 1072Scotland I1748535707
25 Helen  Abt 1796Scotland I1748584947
26 Helena  Abt 1208Scotland I1750043380
27 Hodierna Princess of Scots  Abt 1117Scotland I1748534710
28 Isabella Princess of Scots  Bef 1210Scotland I1749991111
29 Isabella  1796Scotland I1750120775
30 Isabella  1891Scotland I51391
31 Jane  Abt 1822Scotland I1748903498
32 Jane  Abt 1824Scotland I96517
33 Jane  1839Scotland I77402109329122
34 Janet  Abt 1800Scotland I5955
35 John   I51000183
36 Kate  Abt 1860Scotland I18000723
37 Malcolm Prince of Scots  Abt 1114Scotland I1748534564
38 Malcolm 5th Earl of Angus  Bef 1214Scotland I1750019040
39 Malcolm I King of Scots  Abt 897Scotland I1748540163
40 Malcolm IV'the Maiden' King of Scots, Earl of Northumberland and Huntingdon  20 Mar 1141Scotland I1748534569
41 Margaret Princess of Scots  Abt 1193Scotland I1749991106
42 Margaret  1841SCOTLAND I77402664101694
43 Margaret  Abt 1848Scotland I14978
44 Margaret  Abt 1866Scotland I6918
45 Marion  1833SCOTLAND I77402664098653
46 Marion  Abt 1836Scotland I96852
47 Mary Princess of Scots  Abt 1084Scotland I1748535711
48 Mary  1791SCOTLAND I77402664098497
49 Mary Beatrice  1830Scotland I77402664099461
50 Maud (Matilda) Countess of Angus  Abt 1224Scotland I1750019039

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Claricia Princess of Scots  Scotland I1748534565
2 Hodierna Princess of Scots  Scotland I1748534710
3 Isabel Princess of Castile and Leon  23 Dec 1392Scotland I1748540521
4 Malcolm Prince of Scots  Scotland I1748534564
5 Rachel  Abt 1850Scotland I3339
6 Arnot, Walter  Scotland I21003862
7 AUCHENLECK, Isobel  Abt 1790Scotland I4539
8 Avenal, Queen Isabel  Scotland I7098277679
9 Beggs, Agnes  Abt 1855Scotland I1970
10 BILSLAND, Mary  Abt 1913Scotland I3340
11 Bisset, Ann  Bef 1851Scotland I77402664111244
12 Bisset, Annie  1 Nov 1843Scotland I77402664111240
13 BLACK, Helen  Scotland I122025110
14 Bowes-Lyon, FergusMichael Claude 17th Earl of Strathmore  1987Scotland I71534
15 Boyd, Elizabeth  Bef 1498SCOTLAND I21014919
16 Buchanan, Ann  1555Scotland I21015129
17 Campbell, Anne  1636Scotland I21013884
18 Campbell, HelenMargaret  1660Scotland I18002902
19 CARRADUS, Thomas  Abt 1836Scotland I122018889
20 de Berwick, Marian  Bef 19 Oct 1478Scotland I1750051295
21 de Munro, Robert 8th Baron of Foulis  1369Scotland I8943
22 Douglas, Janet  1437Scotland I1750046442
23 Douglas, Marjory  6 Mar 1542Scotland I21004946
24 Drummond, Agnes Countess of Eglinton  21 Jan 1589/90Scotland I7739122740
25 Drummond, Jean  Mar 1568Scotland I1750120688
26 Dunkeld, King William I  4 Dec 1214Scotland I7098277678
27 Elliott, Andrew  May 1797Scotland I1750061655
28 Erskine, Mary  1613Scotland I21014915
29 Fleming, Margaret  Scotland I21013880
30 Foliot, Sir Richard 2nd Baron Lord Foliot  Bef 23 Jul 1317Scotland I1750050981
31 Fraser, Agnes  29 Jan 1594Scotland I21015125
32 Gordon, Elizabeth  1525Scotland I1750120719
33 Gray, Barbra  Abt 1888Scotland I1972
34 Hayes, Florence Gertrude  Scotland I47408
35 Home, Margaret  May 1598Scotland I7739130377
36 Home, Margaret  1650Scotland I21015028
37 Johnstone, Agnes  1782Scotland I21014236
38 Keith, Janet  25 Aug 1547Scotland I1750120717
39 KERR, William  1798Scotland I4538
40 Knox, John  1386Scotland I21015119
41 Knox, Marcus Alexander  1625Scotland I21014375
42 Knox, Uchtred  Scotland I21010829
43 Knox, Uchtred  13 Jun 1553Scotland I21014060
44 Knox, William  1650Scotland I21013883
45 Livingstone, James 1st Lord Livingston of Callendar  Bef 7 Nov 1467Scotland I1750047677
46 Lockwood, Anita Jill  Scotland I744962
47 Lyle, Robert  14 Jan 1495Scotland I21014923
48 MacCulloch of Plaids, Christian  Scotland I8938
49 MacDonald, Agnes  Scotland I8980
50 MacDonald, Lady  Scotland I8982

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooper, Daniel Thomas  1844Scotland I1750133870


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Ethelred (Æthelred) II'the Unready' King of England  1000Scotland I1748534022
2 Bruce, Robert I'the' King of Scots  Jun 1329Scotland I1748568513
3 MacAilpín (MacAlpin), Kenneth I(Cináed) King of the Picts  Abt 842Scotland I1748534299
4 MacDonald, Alexander King of the Hebrides, Lord of the Isles,10th Earl of Ross  1424Scotland I1750049368
5 Plantagenet, Edward I'Longshanks (Longlegs) ,Hammerofthe Scots' King of England, Duke of Aquitaine, Lord of Ireland  Aug 1296Scotland I1748540465
6 Stuart, Anne Queen of Great Britain and Ireland  01 May 1707Scotland I1750120035
7 Stuart, Mary I Queen of Scots  1579Scotland I1749983855


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Colin 1st Earl of Argyll  1483-1488Scotland I1750055774
2 le Boteler, Sir Ralph  Scotland I1750056620
3 le Boteler, Sir Ralph  1301Scotland I1750056619
4 Lindsay, Alexander 4th Earl of Crawford  1445/6-1451Scotland I1750063013
5 Lindsay, Alexander 4th Earl of Crawford  1446-1452Scotland I1750063013
6 Lindsay, Alexander 4th Earl of Crawford  1453Scotland I1750063013
7 Lindsay, Sir David 1st Earl of Crawford  1404Scotland I1750061223
8 Lindsay, Sir David 1st Earl of Crawford  Bef. Oct 1404Scotland I1750061223
9 Lindsay, Sir David 1st Earl of Crawford  1606Scotland I1750061223
10 Lovel, Sir John 1st Baron, Lord Lovel  Scotland I1750050334
11 Maduit, Thomas  Scotland I1750062200
12 Maduit, Warin  1300Scotland I1750062202
13 Stirling of Cadder, Alexander  Scotland I7364
14 Stirling of Cadder, Alexander  Scotland I7364
15 Stuart, David  1715Scotland I1750709052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Depledge, Geoffrey T  Scotland I77402664079574
2 Douglas, Jane  Scotland I7739137811
3 Dundas, James  Scotland I1750051294
4 Erskine, Jean  Scotland I7739115891
5 Erskine, Mary  Scotland I7739130215
6 Gordon, Anne  Scotland I7739137744
7 Gordon, George 2nd Marquess of Huntly  Scotland I7739046361
8 Irwin, Marian  Scotland I3500287571
9 Lambton, Francis William  Scotland I7739286594
10 Stewart, Sir John of Ralston  Scotland I1750061226
11 Stewart, Margaret  Scotland I7739138907
12 Stuart, Elizabeth Electress Palatine and Queen of Bohemia, Princess of Scotland  Scotland I7739047221


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / de Kivelioc  26 Aug 1190Scotland F672152126
2 / Huntington  1113/1114Scotland F672152367
3 / Unknown  Abt 931Scotland F672154779
4 Bissit / Miller  1776Scotland F3333884414
5 Blair / Boyd  Abt 5 Jul 1589Scotland F1944136579
6 Colville / Arnot  1480Scotland F21000658
7 Colville / Logan  1457Scotland F21001914
8 Crawford /   Bef 1625Scotland F673061498
9 Cuningham / Boyd  Scotland F1944206112
10 Currie / Beatty  Abt 1820Scotland F619023
11 DARROCH / MURRAY  1 Feb 1794Scotland F122015441
12 Fraser /   Abt 1738Scotland F18001352
13 Gibbons / Scott  Scotland F19902
14 HARRIS / WHITELAW  Abt 1859Scotland F122012920
15 Hlodversson /   988/1008Scotland F672152048
16 KERR / AUCHENLECK  Abt 1768Scotland F3333886976
17 Knox / Dundas  1409Scotland F21005662
18 MacAilpín (MacAlpin) / Unknown  Abt 833Scotland F672151859
19 MacCrínáin / FitzBjorn  1030Scotland F672151693
20 MacKenneth / of Sigurd  Abt 983Scotland F672152008
21 Maxwell / Cunningham  8 Sep 1610Scotland F1944205530
22 Maxwell / Denniston  1402Scotland F21001238
23 McGregor / BELL  Abt 1854Scotland F3333886978
24 McGregor / BILSLAND  18 Aug 1871Scotland F3333886802
25 McGregor / McLachlan  31 May 1858Scotland F3333886836
26 McGregor / McLEAN  Abt 1835Scotland F3333886833
27 McGregor / SHEPHERD  Abt 1779Scotland F3333886974
28 Ross / Anderson  Scotland F3333823396
29 Sempill / Ross  1463Scotland F21002302
30 Steven / Cairns  12 Aug 1853Scotland F672144269
31 Stevenson / Scrimgeour  Abt 1878Scotland F3333884544
32 Unknown / Wight  Scotland F19745
33 URQUHART / RobertsON  Abt 1768Scotland F3333886977