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Country : Latitude: 56.2189231, Longitude: -3.9550781


Traditional Counties of Great Britain Map
Traditional Counties of Great Britain Map
The purpose of this map is to give a reasonably accurate large-scale representation of the 86 Counties of Britain. No claim to small-scale planimetric accuracy is made. For the sake of convenience and practicality only the major (i.e. most sizeable) detached parts are shown (specifically those of Flintshire, Lancashire, Dunbartonshire and Worcestershire). All other detached parts are shown as part of the County in which they locally lie. Due to the fragmentary nature of Cromartyshire, it is shown as a single geographical area with Ross-shire, the combined area being labelled "Ross-shire and Cromartyshire"


Matches 101 to 150 of 450

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Brown, Agnes Nancy  Abt 1738Scotland I1750711012
102 Brown, Archibald  Abt 1812Scotland I43202
103 Brown, Isabella  1826Scotland I77402664095784
104 Browne, John Jackson  Abt 1855Scotland I59938
105 Bruce, of Carrick, Margery 3rd Countess of Carrick  1296Scotland I1748568516
106 Budge, John  Abt 1874Scotland I07920094172
107 Burns, John  Abt 1853Scotland I1750347974
108 Burton, Sarah Ann  1853Scotland  I103600
109 Cairns, Alison  5 Jul 1825Scotland I1748519873
110 Cameron, Christina  1821Scotland I18028636
111 Cameron, Jeanette  19 May 1825Scotland I709718
112 Campbell, Allan  Scotland I77402109329572
113 Campbell, Archibald  Bef 1610Scotland I21015030
114 Campbell, HelenMargaret  1605Scotland I18002902
115 Chrystie, Margaret  1706Scotland I43296
116 Clarke, Edward  Abt 1806Scotland I1750243728
117 Clarke, Thomas  1854Scotland I18039825
118 Conn, Hugh  1785Scotland I77402664111534
119 Cooper, Daniel Thomas  Abt 1843Scotland I1750133870
120 Craigie, James Ian   I33604
121 Crawford, Malcolm  Abt 1574Scotland I1750702521
122 Crawford, Patricia   I3500312573
123 Crawford, Vallance Henry Allen  22 JanScotland I77402664094985
124 Cross, Ebenezer  Abt 1811Scotland I67022
125 Dalby, Edith  1858Scotland I52094
126 Davidson, Janet  Scotland I1750666680
127 de Dunbar, Cecilia  Bef 1278Scotland I1749991029
128 de Huntington, Ada Princess of Scots  Abt 1146Scotland I1748533923
129 de Munro, Robert 8th Baron of Foulis  1320Scotland I8943
130 de Strathbogie, David 12th Earl of Atholl, 3rd Baron Strabolgi  Abt 1332Scotland I1749991095
131 de Strathbogie, Elizabeth  Bef 1361Scotland I1749991056
132 de Umfreville, Gilbert  23 May 1303Scotland I1749991147
133 de Umfreville, Gilbert 10th Earl of Angus  Abt 1310Scotland I1749991063
134 Devlin, Drew   I51000034
135 Dismore, SharonMargaret   I7001646017
136 Docherty, William  Abt 1880Scotland I1748693235
137 Donald, James A  1877SCOTLAND I77402664104935
138 Douglas, Ann  1851Scotland I77402664089646
139 Douglas, Archibald 6th Earl of Angus  1490Scotland I1749983803
140 Douglas, Margaret the Fair Maid of Galloway  1430Scotland I1749991027
141 Douglas, William 1st Earl of Douglas  Abt 1327Scotland I1750054588
142 Duff, James 5th Earl Fife  6 Jul 1814Scotland I7738368095
143 Dunkeld, King William I  1143Scotland I7098277678
144 Dunkeld, Princess Isabel  Abt 1159Scotland I7098277677
145 Durie, Mary  Bef 1833Scotland I69938
146 Elliott, Andrew  1728Scotland I1750061655
147 Elliott, Henry  1863Scotland I77402664095461
148 Erskine, James  Scotland I44995
149 Fairweather, Jean  Scotland I83684
150 Ferens, Francis EdwinMarshall  Abt 1894Scotland I122024655

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