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Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barbour, Hugh Thomas  19 Oct 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116816
2 Birkenshaw, Emily  26 Oct 1850Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116690
3 Bottom, Jane  1844Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116608
4 Bowling, Amy  25 Feb 1892Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116779
5 Bowling, Elsie  9 Nov 1890Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116778
6 Bowling, William Henry  1862Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116775
7 Bowling, Winifred Ida  27 Sep 1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116780
8 Brookes, Annie  1874Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116628
9 Chafer, Ethel  1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116720
10 Chafer, Frank  1892Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116719
11 Chafer, Joseph Henry  1866Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116697
12 Copley, Mary  1844Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116555
13 Crookes / Crooks, Ellen  1863Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116727
14 Darwin, William  1822Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116540
15 Dodgson, Ernest  15 Oct 1904Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116792
16 Dodgson, James William  1874Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116789
17 Dodgson, James William  1897Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116790
18 Dungworth, Ada  1874Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116683
19 Dungworth, Adaliza  1857Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116590
20 Dungworth, Adaliza (Twin)  1839Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116609
21 Dungworth, Albert  1880Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116702
22 Dungworth, Annie Elizabeth  1869Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116615
23 Dungworth, Charles  20 Aug 1839Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116580
24 Dungworth, Charles  15 Oct 1866Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116691
25 Dungworth, Charles  1889Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116715
26 Dungworth, Clara  1863Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116680
27 Dungworth, Clara Ann  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116611
28 Dungworth, Dinah Mary Ann  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116588
29 Dungworth, Eliza  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116581
30 Dungworth, Eliza  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116679
31 Dungworth, Elizabeth  1833Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116603
32 Dungworth, Elizabeth  1859Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116591
33 Dungworth, Elizabeth  1872Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116696
34 Dungworth, Emily  1859Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116678
35 Dungworth, Emily  30 Nov 1862Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116687
36 Dungworth, Emma  1847Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116586
37 Dungworth, Emma  1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116681
38 Dungworth, Esther  22 May 1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116685
39 Dungworth, Frederick (Twin)  1839Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116607
40 Dungworth, George Arthur  1881Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116714
41 Dungworth, Grace  9 Jun 1878Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116701
42 Dungworth, Hannah  1868Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116693
43 Dungworth, Harriet  1853Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116589
44 Dungworth, Harry  1890Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116716
45 Dungworth, Henry  1844Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116582
46 Dungworth, James Frederick  1857Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116676
47 Dungworth, Joe  1849Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116584
48 Dungworth, Joe  23 Oct 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116689
49 Dungworth, John  24 Mar 1837Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116579
50 Dungworth, Joseph  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116592

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Chafer, Joseph Henry  7 Mar 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116697
2 Dungworth, Dinah Mary Ann  15 Feb 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116588
3 Dungworth, Lydia  16 Jan 1877Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116700
4 Dungworth, Thomas  9 Jun 1783Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116479
5 Lee, Emily Suckley  24 Feb 1850Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116529
6 Lee, Samuel  Apr 1855Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Birkenshaw, Emily  Feb 1933Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116690
2 Bowling, William Henry  1930Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116775
3 Chafer, Ethel  Dec 1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116720
4 Chafer, Frank  Nov 1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116719
5 Chafer, Joseph Henry  1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116697
6 Dent, Sarah Ann  Dec 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116542
7 Dodgson, James William  Oct 1904Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116789
8 Dodgson, James William  Apr 1925Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116790
9 Dungworth, Adaliza  1884Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116590
10 Dungworth, Adaliza (Twin)  1893Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116609
11 Dungworth, Annie Elizabeth  Feb 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116615
12 Dungworth, Charles  May 1930Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116691
13 Dungworth, Dinah Mary Ann  Nov 1932Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116588
14 Dungworth, Eliza  May 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116679
15 Dungworth, Eliza  Jan 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116581
16 Dungworth, Emily  1859Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116678
17 Dungworth, Emily  Apr 1902Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116687
18 Dungworth, Emma  1870Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116681
19 Dungworth, Emma  Aug 1920Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116586
20 Dungworth, Esther  1890Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116685
21 Dungworth, Frances  Jan 1877Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116486
22 Dungworth, Frederick (Twin)  1885Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116607
23 Dungworth, Harriet  Apr 1931Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116589
24 Dungworth, Harry  1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116716
25 Dungworth, Henry  Feb 1892Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116485
26 Dungworth, Henry  Feb 1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116582
27 Dungworth, James Frederick  Sep 1923Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116676
28 Dungworth, Joe  1949Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116689
29 Dungworth, John  Apr 1878Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116488
30 Dungworth, Jonathan  Feb 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116487
31 Dungworth, Kate  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116616
32 Dungworth, Lydia  Sep 1880Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116700
33 Dungworth, Mary  1836Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116604
34 Dungworth, Mary  Feb 1839Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116605
35 Dungworth, Mary Jane  May 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116614
36 Dungworth, Mary Jane  1905Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116593
37 Dungworth, Nellie  Feb 1917Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116717
38 Dungworth, Rose  1870Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116682
39 Dungworth, Thomas  Aug 1855Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116479
40 Dungworth, Thomas  1882Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116484
41 Dungworth, Thomas  Nov 1889Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116587
42 Dungworth, Tom  Nov 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116613
43 Forster, Charles Herbert  1972Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116710
44 Forster, Ethel Maud  Aug 1902Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116713
45 Forster, Minnie  1969Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116712
46 Fountain, Eliza Myers  Feb 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116825
47 Fountain, Eliza Myers  Feb 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116831
48 Fountain, Elizabeth  Jan 1905Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116827
49 Fountain, Elizabeth  Jan 1905Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116833
50 Fountain, Florence Myers  Dec 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116824

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lee, Samuel  6 May 1855Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK I116532


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Astling / Dungworth  1878Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29786
2 Baines / Gibbs  1958Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29704
3 Gibbs / Dancer  1925Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29706
4 Harte / Gibbs  1945Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29703
5 Kirk / Gibbs  1930Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29707
6 Major / Whitaker  1917Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29700
7 McFarlane / Hill  1912Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29838
8 Myers / Hague  1877Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29634
9 Myers / Moore  1932Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29698
10 Myers / Whitaker  1900Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29676
11 Nodder / Hill  1888Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29812
12 Sweet / Myers  1935Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK F29699